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The South Korean Romance Comedy TV series Full House Take 2 stars Hwang Jung-eum, Park Ki-woong, and Nam Ki-hoon. The TV series consisted of 16 different episodes but were divided into two seasons to lengthen the anticipation for the viewers. Each part of each episode lasts 30 minutes and are shown throughout Monday through Thursday. The show was originally aired on the TBS Channel 2, but was then aired on the SBS Plus channel afterwards. The show is still ongoing, as it aired first on October 22 2012 on the SBS Plus channel as well as the TBS Channel 22.

Full House Take 2 was jointly produced from the Korean, Japanese, and Chinese companies. It first aired on Japan's TBS-cable affiliate Channel as well as South Korea's cabled channel SBS Plus, but was then aired on various other channels around Asia. The term "sequel" was used loosely for this show because the series did share the exact same premise as the original 2004 Full House TV series made by Won Soo-yeon, as it was a hit show. However, according to the creator of Full House Take 2, Full House has a 100% different plot and set of characters as his show.

The hapkido teacher named Mr. Jang Man-ok (played by Hwang Jung-eum; this name means "full house" in the Hanja language) poses as this stylist for one of the top idol groups "TAKE ONE" and then decides to move into the band's highly luxurious house that is owned by superstar musician named Lee Tae-ik (played byNo Min-woo), a guy who inherited almost everything from his father. The love triangle then emerges as Lee had vied against his fellow band member named Won Kang-hwi (played by Park Ki-woong) to gain the affection of Jang. Basically, this hilarious love triangle does everything in their power to gain each others love. Who will win the one they love and will they get exactly what they wanted?

This TV series is still running and is one of the most watched shows in Korea according to the creator and director of the show.

Monday to Thursday 12:30 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 32 Episodes
October 21, 2012
Comedy, Korean Drama, Romance
Cast: Jeong-eum Hwang, Min-woo No, Gi-woong Park
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Full House Take 2 Full Episode Guide

  • Man Ok must make up with Grandpa and we find out what happens to everyone in the near future.

  • It's the day of the show and Kang Hwi can't see, will the show go on and will Kang Hwi be ok?

  • A turn of events lead to Take Two and Only One making their debut against each other on a TV show.

  • Its finally time for Tae Ik and Kang Hwi's solo debut but things don't go as planned.

  • While in China Tae Ik gets new resolve to start his musical comeback.

  • Tae Ik confronts Man Ok about their relationship in China. Kang Hwi finally visits his ailing father.

  • Man Ok goes to work for LJ without telling anyone after she finds out about Kang Hwi's blind spells.

  • Kang Hwi finds out where Tae Ik has been staying. Bum Soo gets started on solo Tae Ik's album.

  • Tae Ik and Man Ok continue to grow closer and Kang Hwi's vision appears to be getting worse.

  • Back in Korea Man Ok and Tae Ik try to get back to normal and Kang Hwi moves forward with U Entertainment.

  • Man Ok and Bum Soo find Tae Ik in Japan where Kang Hwi is making his return debut for U Entertainment.

  • After resigning from U Entertainment Tae Ik leaves Full House and Korea without telling anyone.

  • The fall out of the fake engagement causes Tae Ik to make a huge life and career decision.

  • The fake engagement is some how found out and the fall out may be bigger than expected.

  • Se Ryung continues to make herself comfortable as she is set on makeing Tae Ik hers once more.

  • Tae Ik must deal with the return of an old flame, Jin Se Ryung, and the final gets news about Kang Hwi.

  • With the engagement now official, Man Ok is forced to move into Full House for her own safety.

  • LJ comes up with a way to repair Tae Ik's reputation after the latest gossip about Take. One gives him an idea.

  • Kang Hwi is banned from Take One and must find out why this is happen. Tae Ik is shocked by the news.

  • Kang Hwi may pay the price for being a little reckless as Take One faces their biggest controversy.

  • Things between Man Ok and Tae Ik change after their rescue.

  • There is trouble on set at Tae Ik's commercial shoot and Man Ok is right in the middle of it all.

  • With her job on the line Man Ok must find the missing watch so Tae Ik can't fire her.

  • After she starts to earn Tae Ik's trust as their stylist Man Ok makes her her first mistake and its a big one.

  • Kwang Hwi and Man Ok manage to trick Tae Ik in to letting her be their stylist

  • After Man Ok finds herself in deep debt, Kwang Hi makes her an offer that could save her and her gym.

  • Man Ok ends up in a legal broil with Take One's management after a friend pulls off an unexpected marketing stunt.

  • Tae Ik ends up paying the price for Kang Hwi's stunt, while Man Ok's business is booming.

  • Lee Tae Ik and Won Kang Hwi's differing personalities put their overseas concert at risk.

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