Global GUTS

On the Nickelodeon game show GUTS, children compete in a variety of physical activities to determine who is the best. In Global GUTS, children from all over the world join the show to compete against each other. Various games featured on the show include paddle boat races, obstacle courses, basketball shooting challenges, and team races. The players receive scores after each round. Several countries are represented in Global GUTS including Canada, Ireland, Mexico, and Australia.

1 Season, 7 Episodes
October 18, 1995
Cast: Mike O'Malley, Moira Quirk
Global GUTS

Global GUTS Full Episode Guide

  • The competition for the Aggro Crag is fierce, savage, and downright disgusting. Mike O'Malley describes the contestants' uniforms as boiling, radioactive, and paralyzing. Can our contestants survive wearing such lethal outfits? Who will be left standing? For that information, we'll have to go to Referee Mo. Mo!

  • Today's competitors from Mexico, Germany and the United States are determined to leave Orlando with a glowing slice of the Aggro Crag. Our competitors are nicknamed Jaguar, the Tick, and Wild Thing. There are no ifs, ands, or buts. These kids got guts. And Mike O'Malley has a large hockey jersey.

  • Does anyone stand a chance when one of our contestants is nicknamed "Psycho"? It's going to be a brutal massacre out there in the Extreme Arena during Skyball, Basic Training, and Hang Ten!

  • It's a photo-finish atop the Crag as contestants from Spain, Mexico, and Israel scale the molten volcano and dodge the falling sheet of snow. But first, can these fierce kids snag volleyballs roaring towards them in a round of Skyball? Who will prevail in an intense bout of Scrumble? What is Scrumble? We'll go to Mo for the official rules. Mo!

  • It's an international showdown to get a piece of that radical rock, the Super Aggro Crag! Will it be Felipe the Boulder, Alba the Comet, or Matt in the Hat? Who has the guts to survive the Monkey Bridge and Tarzan Swing? Which oversized jersey is Mike O'Malley wearing?

  • It's up to Adam the Fireball, Baruc the Sprinter, and Yelena "Primetime" to defend their goals from dozens of soccer balls blasting towards their heads at freight train speeds. Is anyone too injured to scale the Aggro Crag? Let's go to Mo for the official report. Mo!

  • It's a free-for-all brawl in the Extreme Arena as Yelena the Enforcer, Georg the Shark, and Roberto the Bold go head-to-head in the Slam-a-Jama court to see who can blow Mike O'Malley's socks off with the greatest thunderdunk of all time.

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