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Hanamaru Kindergarten is an animated comedy television series. It focuses on the antics of three children in a kindergarten class. There is a new kindgarten teacher in town. This teacher is young and new to teaching. Three of the students in class decide they want to be the teacher's favorite student. They vie for attention and notice as often as possible.

Small children can be determined to achieve goals in a ferocious, single minded way which is often startling. When three of these small children compete for the same goal the results are hilarious. For the teacher it is a trial as these students compete.

King Record Company Limited
1 Season, 12 Episodes
January 10, 2010
Cast: Erino Hazuki
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Hanamaru Kindergarten Full Episode Guide

  • Hiiragi-chan and Koume-chan are excited about the Christmas party at Anzu's house tomorrow. Exhausted from helping her mother decorate the tree, Anzu falls asleep. As she drifts off to sleep, she makes a wish to Santa Claus. When she wakes up, she finds herself in a different world.Students and teachers from Hanamaru Kindergarten have come to a gallery in Ginza to see Anzu's father's art show. A painting of Sakura and Anzu catches Tsuchida-sensei's eye. Sakura explains Tsuchida-sensei's role in the creation of the painting and begins to recount a high school memory while everyone's eyes are fixed on the beautiful work.

  • The suspicious man watching Koume from outside the kindergarten turns out to be her loving older brother Tomoyuki. Worried about Koume's recent behavior, the concerned Tomoyuki has come to the kindergarten to see how she has been doing. When Tsuchida-sensei learns her concerns are related to the footrace at the upcoming field day, he finds someone to help her.At the Hanamaru Kindergarten teachers' get-together, Tsuchida-sensei hits it off with Yamamoto-sensei while Kusano-sensei and Nishikaze-sensei listen to Kakogawa-sensei ramble, and the kindhearted kindergarten director watches over the tipsy teachers. After the get-together, Tsuchida-sensei, Yamamoto-sensei, Kusano-sensei, and Kawashiro-sensei go to karaoke.

  • The students return from their summer vacations and excitedly share their experiences with each other. Tsuchida-sensei asks his students to draw a picture of their summer vacations. While most students draw their exciting travels and trips to the beach, Aoi draws a picture of her fishmonger parents working.Tsuchida-sensei comes across a girl with a broken clog thong and helps her home, only to discover she is the daughter of the "Macho Clan." The next day, Hinagiku, the girl Tsuchida-sensei helped, appears at Hanamaru Kindergarten. She has transferred to the kindergarten in order to become Tsuchida-sensei's wife.

  • Hanamaru Kindergarten is opening its pool. Excited about her first visit to a pool with Tsuchida-sensei, Anzu hurries off to show him her swimsuit and "knock him out." Anzu is feeling pleased with herself when Tsuchida-sensei calls her cute when Yamamoto-sensei shows up in her swimsuit.Tsuchida-sensei's younger sister Satsuki comes to visit. However, Tsuchida-sensei forgets to leave a house key in his mailbox for Satsuki. When she sees the disheveled state of her brother, the already angry Satsuki explodes. Satsuki begins to wonder if her hopeless brother is doing a proper job at the kindergarten.

  • Anzu wants to have a fairytale romance with Tsuchida-sensei, but he breaks her heart when he calls it unrealistic. Following Hiiragi's advice, Anzu takes Tsuchida-sensei on the date of his dreams. Having set the time and place, Anzu instructs Tsuchida-sensei to meet her there.Tsuchida-sensei takes a day off to attend a relative's wedding, leaving Yamamoto-sensei in charge of the Sakura Class for a day. A determined Anzu offers her services to Yamamoto-sensei, who asks Anzu for various favors.

  • Today is Hanamaru Kindergarten's entrance ceremony, but new teacher Tsuchida-sensei sleeps in anyway. As he hurries to school, he runs into a little girl on the side of the road. Concerned for the girl all by herself, he talks to her. Thinking Tsuchida-sensei is hitting on her, the girl bursts with excitement. Afterwards, Tsuchida-sensei rushes to the kindergarten and anxiously participates in the entrance ceremony. The mother of Anzu, the little girl Tsuchida-sensei ran into on his way to kindergarten, turns out to be Sakura, his high school classmate. Returning home after the entrance ceremony, Anzu listens to her mother tell old stories about her high school days, and Anzu begins calling Tsuchida-sensei 'Tsuchi' just like her mother. As her parents are preparing for bed, Anzu watches her father give her mother a good night kiss. Sakura tells Anzu to get a kiss from her father too, but Anzu refuses, saying she will get one from her darling instead.

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