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Airing on the KBS network, Hello! Miss is transcribed from the novel Five Kimchi Mandu, written by Lee Ji-wan. The Korean equivalent of a Romeo & Juliet type story, two Korean families, one with simple, traditional values and the other with a very contemporary outlook, hold grudges against each other over the ownership of the Jae Ahn Lee clan manor. Award-winning star Lee Da Hae (as Lee Su-ha) and Lee Ji Hoon (as Hwang Dong-gyu) are cast as rivals who fall in love against the wishes of their families.

Trouble arises when Hwang Dong-gyu's cousin and arch-rival Hwang Chan Min tries to snag the manor from Lee Su-ha's family while she is trying to save it from bankruptcy. In order to keep her home from falling into the hands of Dong-gyu's family, she opens it up to urban residents as a part of a traditional home-stay program. During the rivalry, Lee Su-ha discovers that both her love, Hwang Dong-gyu and his evil cousin, Hwang Chan Min, are descendents from servants that worked for her family during their monarchy.

Monday & Tuesday 9:55 PM e/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
March 19, 2007
Korean Drama
Cast: Da-hae Lee
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Hello! Miss Full Episode Guide

  • Dong Kyu works hard to get approval for his marriage. Finally, Dong Kyu successfully mimics the taste of traditional Man Doo with Su Ha's assistance.

  • Lee Myung Suk suggests the food department be removed, but Dong Kyu disputes her decision because the food department is really important to President Hwang.

  • Dong Kyu sees Su Ha and Chan Min sit side by side after the memorial ceremony. Chan Min proposes to Su Ha, embarrassing Dong Kyu.

  • When Dong Kyu discovers that President Hwang has bid on Hwa An Dang, he is disappointed at the president's behavior.

  • Dong Kyu comes to Hwa An Dang to help Su Ha, with the intention of speaking to her privately.

  • Kot Bun gives Hwa Lan a pillow with a house deed, which irritates Hwa Lan and provides more discomfort than necessary.

  • President Hwang completely misunderstands Dong Kyu's theme park plan, and he decides to buy Hwa An Dang to make his presence felt.

  • President Hwang sleeps in Sarang Chae where he really wanted to have one night's sleep. But, it is more uncomfortable than he had imagined...

  • President Hwang visits Sung An Gol for providing sponsorship, and he is visited by Dong Kyu and Chan Min.

  • Dong Kyu and Chan Min start a competition between them to win Su Ha's heart in earnest. But, Dong Kyu asks President Hwang what he can do for her because he is a beginner in love.

  • Su Ha and Dong Kyu are stranded on an island according to President Hwang's plan in an attempt to make them fall in love.

  • Su Ha is confined in her room because of a family quarrel, but she refuses to give up her strong will.

  • TOP group has a plan to make a new CF. Dong Kyu suggests the Hwa An Dang as a perfect place for their CF.

  • Jung Suk collapses because of heavy dieting and side effects, earning visits from Lee Myung Suk and editor Kwak in the hospital.

  • Jung Suk takes Su Ha to make a lot of money to the pyramid office, and the naive Su Ha tries to sell the products.

  • Dong Kyu falls deeply in love with Su Ha after seeing her in traditional Korean clothes, but when Su Ha realizes Dong Kyu came to buy Hwa An Dang, she shows her real attitude.

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