Holmes Inspection

Holmes Inspection is a home and garden series that first aired in 2009. The series is hosted by Mike Holmes. The general format of the series involves having the host go to current remodeling projects that have not been going very well. The host discovers that the previous builders had done terrible work, and he sets about making the project get back on track. The series also attempts to inform persons what they should look for when having a home remodeled.

Saturday 9:00 PM et/pt on HGTV
1 Season, 50 Episodes
October 3, 2010
Cast: Damon Bennett, Mike Holmes, Martin Wrobelewski, Gary Landry
Holmes Inspection

Holmes Inspection Full Episode Guide

  • Something smells rotten in a next-to-new townhouse.

  • Anca and Paul needed a home that would accommodate their three children. After losing out in three bidding wars, they settled for this tired townhouse with a single shower for everyone.

  • While Jaime and Vishal were house hunting, a family crisis occurred that meant Vishal’s mom needed a place to live too. A home inspector was hired to ensure they’d finally found an affordable home for everyone. As it turns out, he missed a lot of issues that would have made this family more comfortable. Mike Holmes will do a Holmes Inspection and Damon and the crew will bring this house up to Mike’s standards.

  • Anna and Terry traded in their starter bungalow for a larger one, with a big front porch and a wild, untended backyard. However, now they are dealing with grade issues and must repair the porch.

  • Eiman and Benafsha originally planned to buy a condo downtown in which they could start their lives together as a couple. Then they found a charmingly renovated bungalow for almost the same price. They agreed to the seller's condition that they skip the inspection and now they are paying the price.

  • Mitzi and Cory assumed they made an excellent investment when they bought their big house in a nice neighborhood. At first they loved living in their big house, near the grandparents, but more and more issues have surfaced that have them worried for their daughter's safety.

  • Ross and Lisa foolishly allowed a family friend to do their home inspection for the price of a case of beer. While he told them a few things needed attention, he missed more than he saw.

  • Reza and Liz purchased an eight-year-old house that has had pipes freeze in the master bathroom, cracks opened under their son's bedroom window and water leaking into the kitchen below. They need Mike to do a Holmes Inspection, and show them the many issues their inspector missed.

  • Kristen and Grant exceeded their budget when they purchased a downtown storefront property that had been beautifully renovated. Happy with the sparkling kitchen and bath, they were blind to signs of trouble.

  • Peter and Sharon decided with the birth of their third son, they needed more room. They found a place that passed inspection, but now they are dealing with all kinds of issues.

  • Sean and Carol bought their dream house next the the grandparents, but it turned more into a nightmare. Baby Liam's room is so cold. The roof is having issues and the living room is too cold.

  • Sean and Carol bought their dream house next the the grandparents, but it turned more into a nightmare. Baby Liam's room is so cold. The roof is having issues and the living room is too cold.

  • Mike Holmes checks out a home that is shared with little critters and he needs to find out how they are getting in and where the cold air is coming from.

  • Izabela and Waldemar thought they had found their dream home. But the first year in it has been misery and they are desperate for a Holmes inspection.

  • New parents Brian and Kelly move into a townhouse to shorten their commute and to spend more time with baby Hayden. When the cold weather began they discovered a flood in their backyard, six inches deep. They need Mike Holmes to do a thorough inspection to help them keep their heads above water.

  • Dan bought a townhouse hoping his friends would be able to enjoy the basement. But when a sewage backup ruins his new carpet, the advice he gets from a home inspector doesn't suit Mike Holmes so he takes matters into his own hands finding all sorts of problems.

  • Have Shawn and Francesca bought their dream house or a huge nightmare? Mike Holmes will inspect and Damon and the crew will make this house a home.

  • A homeowner deals with leaks within just days of moving in.

  • Daniel and Anita are discovering safety issues that the home inspector never warned them about. It’s up to Mike to do a Holmes Inspection and set their minds at ease.

  • Mike inspects a home with a cracked foundation and a sinking back deck.

  • Jessica wanted this starter home so badly she bid without a home inspection. Now she needs Mike Holmes, Damon and the crew to fix her little house with big trouble.

  • Kim and Daniel bought their house so that their two little girls could grow up in a safe family home. While they tried to follow the advice of their home inspector, some problems were missed and things went from bad to worse.

  • Keith and Caitlin were newlyweds looking to purchase a home free of defects since their resourses were limited. Their home inspector assured them they would have only a few minor cosmetic issues to deal with, but Mike Holmes disagreed....strongly.

  • Cathy and Tim's new house sparked a romantic flame for them with its dual fireplaces. What their home inspector missed was a possible source of a far more dangerous fire.

  • Major hidden issues are exposed in a two-story house.

  • Mike unearths a few disastrous holes in the home inspector's story.

  • A two-story home has a lot of hidden problems.

  • Kris and Dave's had a hidden cold room that their inspector missed and should never have been closed in. The improper work led to mould in the play area for their children.

  • Shannon, a young first time home buyer, realizes that there are some serious plumbing issues that her home inspector had missed.

  • Rick and Didi's recently renovated house was actually a flip. While the finished work looked wonderful, it had some serious issues with how it worked.

  • The Holmes Crew help a family with asbestos wrapped ducts which the home inspector saw, but said that the house was beautifully renovated so there was no need to disturb them. However, the house hides a serious termite infestation that threatens to compromise the home's integrity.

  • The Holmes Crew arrive at a house where the home inspector missed signs of obvious neglect that could lead directly to much bigger issues.

  • A gutted house is built back into a safe open-concept home.

  • Mike digs out the truth behind some stunning renovations.

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