I am Weasel

This animated TV series is about a weasel and a baboon that go on adventures together and end up in funny situations. The baboon is always trying to out smart the weasel but it never works out. The weasel is much smarter than the baboon and the baboon doesn't like it.

Cartoon Network
2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
July 22, 1997
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Charlie Adler, Michael Dorn
I am Weasel

I am Weasel Full Episode Guide

  • While working on a supermarket, Weasel meets a smart banana with the ability of speaking.Red's role: Supermarket Manager (he isn't shown we just hear his voice though the loudspeakers).

  • Cow selfishly wants Weasel for herself so she fishes him out of the tv with a pie! But I.R. becomes very lonely without Weasel.Red's Role:Bearskinned rig who tells Cow how to get Weasel out of the tv and also the star of I.B. Red Guy.

  • I Am Weasel saves a woman from a fire, but everyone thinks I.R. did it and Weasel actually started the fire.Red's role: Woman that actually starts the fire. (We also see three little Reddies! LOL!)

  • Weasel and I.R. try some ice fishing in the artic.

  • The Red Guy tells us a story about a small group of Baboon Fairies and how they all work together as presidents, with I.R. Baboon as their slave.Red's role: The Storyteller.

  • Now retired and living in asylums, Weasel and I.R. recall the days when they were young.Red's role: Also retired, lives in a Villians Retirement Home.

  • I.R. competes against Weasel in a music concert.Red's role: Blind guy that sells I.R. a strange instrument.

  • In ancient Egipt, Weasel and I.R. must save the queen from a huge group of snakes.Red's role: Queen of DeNile (The Nile).

  • I.R. hurts himself while walking up to Weasel's house! Weasel discovers that I.R. has broken his phantom foot! When I.R. goes to see Dr Clearbottom on phantom limbs, this doc's services are at a very high price! Weasel later reveals that it was Clearbottom who dug the hole which injured I.R.'s phantom foot so he can take all his money!Red's role:Red Clearbottom, the doctor, phantom shoe salesman and lawyer who broke I.R.'s phantom foot so he could take all his money!

  • Weasel and I.R. create their forms of life.Red doesn't appear in this episode.

  • I.R. finds an abandoned baby and adopts him as his son.Red's role: Guy that is surprised that Supercow found him on an I.M. Weasel episode.

  • An accident causes Weasel and I.R. to drop their brains.These get swapped while being unconscious.

  • I.R. destroys the Law of Gravity (literally), which causes all lawyers to float (since they are the only ones that understand law).

  • Two dudes take a group of beavers hostage and Weasel must save them.

  • It's Christmas, and I.R.'s family pays a visit. But when they go to Weasel's house instead, I.R. vows to ruin Christmas.

  • I.R. is in charge on making a bridge from the U.S. to France, but when Weasel takes over, I.R. vows for revenge.

  • I.R. falls in love with a flower he has grown.

  • While Weasel is trying to cure an athlete's face patient, I.R. Baboon creates a cure which goes wrong and spreads it over the town.

  • Weasel is going to face a human in a ping-pong duel. A jealous I.R. tells the human that he's won a trip, so I.R. can duel Weasel himself. But as I.R realizes that he doesn't stand a chance, he resorts to cheating.

  • I.R. starts his own pig farm, covering the whole town with an awful stench.

  • I.R. will do anything to get Weasel's role on his last movie.

  • It's discovered that I.R. is the king of the kingdom of Yurp, so Weasel must turn him into a gentleman.

  • I.R. has his own "Deep Sea Tour" company, which takes people to the bottom of the sea.

  • Baboon gets accepted into a project that will make him the first Baboon to travel to the sun.

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