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Despite their competitive nature, Lindy and Logan share everything--friends, family, blame, even a birthday. The teens are twins with a knack for ending up in hilarious situations that lead to trouble. Each episode of the family sitcom features the twins in a "how did this happen" scenario, which prompts them to recount the events leading up to the trouble in their own way, providing both points of view of the mess they've made. On occasion, their friends--quirky Delia, pretty boy Garrett, and the fashion forward Jasmine--are forced to explain their own involvement to parents, teachers, even bosses. The friends wind up home alone during a house party, in a restaurant where all of the equipment malfunctions, even in the pit of a trash compactor during the course of their adventures.

Together with their best friends Delia, Garrett, and Jasmine, the siblings figure out how to navigate high school without too much damage.

I Didn't Do It is a series that is currently running and has 3 seasons (38 episodes). The series first aired on January 17, 2014.

Where do I stream I Didn't Do It online? I Didn't Do It is available for streaming on Disney, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch I Didn't Do It on demand at Amazon, Apple TV online.

Sunday 8:30 PM et/pt on Disney
3 Seasons, 38 Episodes
January 17, 2014
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Austin North As Logan Watson Olivia Holt As Lindy Watson Peyton Clark As Garrett Piper Curda As Jasmine Sarah Gilman As Delia
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I Didn't Do It Full Episode Guide

  • Lindy becomes infatuated with a veterinarian.

  • Lindy, Jasmine and Delia put together a rogue cheerleading team.

  • Jasmine, Garrett and Delia work hard to make Lindy and Logan's birthday extra nice, but a snow storm may threaten their plans.

  • Logan figures out his feelings for Jasmine during the school's big fall dance.

  • Delia discovers Garrett is hiding the fact that he got his driver's license.

  • Lindy reviews a Mexican restaurant with terrible food.

  • Logan gets dumped by his girlfriend, then Garrett, Lindy and Delia inadvertently discover Jasmine likes him.

  • Jasmine volunteers at the Senior Center and makes some friends; Delia borrows Lindy's foster dog.

  • Lindy and Logan are Delia's first patients when she takes an "Intro to Psychology" course.

  • Lindy fosters a puppy and ends up falling in love with him. She doesn't want to let him go.

  • Lindy becomes a social outcast when people find out she is dating a student from a rival school.

  • Lindy's slumber party plans land her, Delia and Jasmine into legal trouble; Logan and Garret are trapped in a garage by a wild animal.

  • Lindy and Logan's rivalry skyrockets during the family holiday party, causing Logan to wish he didn't have a sister.

  • Lindy takes a spin on Garrett's precious bike - a bike he never uses out of fear something will happen to it.

  • Garrett is excited to meet his crush at the Holla!-Ween fest, but he gets stuck in a corn maze because of his costume.

  • Jasmine was chosen to do the morning video announcements at school, but turns out to be fairly boring, until Logan helps her as co-anchor.

  • When Logan finds out that his friends think he runs weird and awkwardly, he pretends to have an injury so he doesn't have to run at Lindy's charity jog-a-thon.

  • Lindy and Logan ruin their father's football signed by NFL Hall of Famer Dick Butkus accidentally, so they go on a mission to try and track down the Chicago football legend and have him sign a new ball.

  • Delia is hoping to find happiness with an alien boyfriend. Logan discovers the girl he's been dating is the daughter of vice principal.

  • Lindy and Logan hope to earn some money by participating in a twin telepathy study.

  • Logan flips out after his cell phone stops working from a smoothie accident.