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I Need Romance is a Korean drama that takes an in-depth look at the love lives of modern Korean women in their thirties. The show follows the stories and romances of three main characters as they try to maintain their careers, deal with their families and find love.

Park Seo-yeon, played by Choi Yeo-jin, is trying to run a clothing store called Y Style. Because her store is online, Seo-yeon has a flexible schedule, and often takes time to do whatever she wants, including going out to clubs or to dinner with her friends. Seo-yeon often seems to have a carefree lifestyle, but she is incredibly driven when it comes to pursuing the man she is interested in.

Sun Woo In Young, played by Jo Yeo-jeong, is a hard working concierge at a prestigious hotel. She is also very much in love with her boyfriend. However, In Young and her boyfriend have been dating for ten years. In Young keeps expecting her boyfriend to propose to her, but it is now beginning to seem like that may never happen, and In Young is feeling restless. Things become even more complicated when In Young spontaneously kisses one of her co-workers at a night club.

On the outside, the third main character, Kang Hyun-joo, played by the actress Choi Song-hyeon, appears to be a determined and somewhat unapproachable woman. She is a divorce lawyer and is very focused on her career. However, in reality, Hyun-joo is a sweet woman with a gentle personality. What Hyun-joo does in life is often dictated to her by her controlling mother. Hyun-joo is not lucky in love, either. Her boyfriend of three years recently left her at the altar.

As the story progresses, the three women find that not everything in life works the way they expected. New friends, career changes and the ups and downs of romance mean that their days are always filled with excitement and drama.

Monday & Tuesday 11:00 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 16 Episodes
June 13, 2011
Korean Drama
Cast: Yeo-jeong Jo, Jeong-hoon Kim, Yu-mi Jeong, Jin-wook Lee
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I Need Romance Full Episode Guide

  • Sung Soo visits In Young's parents in the countryside to confess his egregious wrongdoing to their daughter.

  • Finding a new job is harder than In Young thought, but Sung Hyun tries to be the supportive, caring, and helpful boyfriend he can be in order to win her hand in marriage.

  • In Young's week-long vacation turns into an exercise in self-destruction after she spots Sung Hyun with his secret fiancee.

  • Couples catch each other in secret meetings, as Alex walks in on Joon Hee and Seo Yeon, and In Young and Sung Soo both spot Sung Hyun with a new pretty girl slinking on his arms.

  • A brief hug from Sung Soo puts In Young and Sung Hyun's newfound love to the test.

  • Let the games being: In Young and her new boyfriend, Sung Hyun challenge Sung Soo and Kang Hee to a heated tennis match to prove once and for all who the winning couple is.

  • The fated day has arrived: Hyun Joo calls Duk Soo over to help her install a shelf, and stay for a few drinks.

  • When Sung Soo disappears off the face of the map, In Young and Kang Hee meet to see where the lovable two-timer could have run off to.

  • Freshly single, In Young still has an aching heart. In an effort to distract herself from the pain, she gives herself a new project: a house concert for her friends.

  • Sung Soo tells In Young that he'll be at a funeral for the weekend, but In Young finds out that he's in fact going away to a resort without her.

  • In Young's underling, Sung Hyun, quits, only to make a move on his former boss.

  • Kang Hee declares war on In Young, with Sung Soo as the prize, so In Young and Sung Soo try to rekindle their relationship with a camping trip.

  • Sung Soo buys a new apartment without In Young's input. At his private housewarming party between the couple, the hot young starlet, Kang Hee, pays a visit to stir up some trouble.

  • Reveling in her newfound freedom, In Young gets ready to find a new man! But she can't stop thinking of her old boyfriend, who happens to pay her a little visit.

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