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Television series Ice Adonis is a Korean drama set in the present day. Murders, intrigues and betrayals are all part of the scene. The good characters try to uncover the truth, while evil characters try to do everything within their power to keep the lies hidden. Ice Adonis showcases several dramatic points in the life of a young impressionable girl, Seol Yeon Hwa. She has been imprisoned for a horrendous murder, a crime she did not commit. She tries to get released from prison and tries to unravel all the lies and plots surrounding the murder that sent her unjustly to prison.

On her release, young Yeon Hwa is relentlessly hounded by cops and lawmen. Some of the cops are truly honest, while some seem less trustworthy. Her own family is full of conniving women all with plots and plans of their own. Powerful men in high places seem to take a keen interest in Yeon Hwa, and they also try to thwart the truth. What really is being covered up? It turns out that the initial murder Yeon Hwa went to prison for is just the first of many crimes committed by these people.

Her evil Grandma and sister have more than their share of things to cover up. They lie at every turn, and through hired hit-men and burglars commit crimes left and right. They frame Yeon Hwa for nearly every crime imaginable, using her as a broad scapegoat.

Ice Adonis does what many television dramas fail to do. It has a strong storyline with seemingly unlimited ways to torment our feminine hero. Evil corporations, murdering family and corrupt lawmen are the bread and cheese of Ice Adonis. Hurled in the vortex of these criminals is the pure Yeon Hwa, who must singlehandedly bring an end to treachery. She is offered help from many places. Cops want to see justice done, wealthy businessmen want to keep her safely out of the way, and her sister and grandma want to offer her a safe place to stay. None of them can be fully trusted.

1 Season, 106 Episodes
February 26, 2012
Korean Drama
Cast: Shim Eun-Jin
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Ice Adonis Full Episode Guide

  • Ice Adonis comes to a stunning conclusion as years of manipulation and deceit culminate into a complex tale of forgiveness, love, and acceptance.

  • Yoo Ra and Yeon Hwa's hatred for each other escalates into a physical fight. Later, Chairwoman Julia offers Yeon Hwa an immense proposition.

  • The truth finally begins to emerge as Chairwoman Julia reveals her identity to Yoon Jae and Choi Yoo Ra runs for her life.

  • A shocking turn of events leaves everyone speechless and eager to catch the culprit. Meanwhile, Yeon Hwa's TV program finally airs.

  • Yoo Ra creates a devious plan to get back the evidence and postpone the airing of the TV show. Meanwhile, Choi In Seok faces difficulties with his political party.

  • Yoon Jae discovers the identity of his son and is shocked over this stunning revelation. Yoo Ra, however, tries to send his son back to England.

  • Yoon Jae learns the truth about his son and it utterly devastates him. Meanwhile, Yeon Hwa stages a protest to have her program air.

  • Yoo Ra's father begins to grasp the immense power and influence he as a congressman. He uses this status to absolve himself of previous crimes.

  • Yoo Ra's father is elected as a congressman and refuses to publicly admit his crimes. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae finally confronts Yoo Ra about her treachery.

  • Yoon Jae gets into an accident while trying to give Yeon Hwa evidence. As a result, Park Chang Doo tries to flee the country.

  • Yeon Hwa's mother is released from the hospital and everyone is shocked by her new determination to validate her daughter's innocence.

  • Yoon Jae decides to reinvestigate his sister's accident. Meanwhile, Kang Woo tells Yeon Hwa about his new resolution.

  • Kang Wook's disappearance causes Yeon Hwa to become distressed about how much information he already knows.

  • Kang Wook discovers Chairwoman Julia's secret and is left utterly shocked by it. Meanwhile, Yoon Jae vows to catch Yoon Hee's real murderer.

  • Park Chang Doo is in danger and must turn in the evidence from the car accident. But what happens when he finds out that the evidence has been stolen?

  • Tae Il takes matters into his own hands and confronts Park Chang Doo. Meanwhile, Choi Yoo Ra begins to realize that her web of lies is unravelling.

  • Lady Jang Min Ja approaches the arsonist who tried to kill her and demands to know who set her up in such a deadly situation.

  • Lady Jang Min Ja accrues a substantial amount of debt after being scammed. When Kang Wook finds out, he does something drastic to pay back the money.

  • Yeon Hwa is kidnapped and beaten up by a group of thugs, but a surprising person comes to save her.

  • Yoon Jae has a drink with Park Chang Doo and learns a surprising secret. He begins to re-examine past events and make crucial connections.

  • Chairman Julia announces her intent to support Judge Choi for the upcoming election, but some people suspect that she has an ulterior motive.

  • Yoon Jae confronts Yeon Hwa about the necklace Yoo Ra had. Meanwhile, a major candidate running against Judge Choi is suddenly arrested.

  • Yeon Hwa catches a bribery in action and plans to use it as evidence of the corruption around her.

  • Yeon Hwa contemplates Kang Wook's proposal and also learns that Chairman Julia is Yoon Jae's real mother.

  • Kang Wook makes a big decision and wants to make Yeon Hwa his wife. Meanwhile, Yeon Hwa's child meets with his birth father.

  • Chairwoman Julia moves into Lady Jo's house and begins to interview potential candidates to determine who she will support.

  • A race to get on Chairwoman Julia's good side begins as she announces that she will give monetary support to one politician for the upcoming elections.

  • Fragments of lost memories start to piece together as Chairwoman Julia begins to understand how deep Jang Min Ja's deception ran.

  • Yoo Ra's grandmother begins to realize the depths of Yoo Ra's deception and demands that she returns Yeon Hwa's child to his real mother.

  • When Yoo Ra's grandmother goes missing, Yoo Ra suspects that Yeon Hwa has taken her hostage and is using her for revenge.

  • A mysterious person sends texts to Yoon Jae, Yoo Ra and In Seok demanding a bribe to stay silent about their corrupt actions.

  • Yoo Ra continues to see the weight of her lies collapse as she finds herself in an horrifying predicament.

  • Yoo Ra is approached by a person who offers a tantalizing business offer that may give her the advantage over Yeon Hwa.

  • Yoo Ra plots to ruin Yeon Hwa's product demonstration with allegations that the new shampoo is potentially fatal.

  • Yeon Hwa finally discovers the cause of her mother's mysterious disappearance. Meanwhile, Chairwoman Julia makes an important decision.

  • An awkward situation occurs as Kang Wook introduces Yeon Hwa as his girlfriend in front of her ex-boyfriend and eternal enemy.

  • Yeon Hwa continues to plot her revenge as she deliberately sets up Yoo Ra for crushing defeat.

  • Judge Choi's actions catch up with him as Yeon Hwa crafts a plan to catch his deceit in action.

  • More details about Yoo Ra's treacherous actions are revealed, yet she continues to deny all allegations against her.

  • Tensions rise and tactics become extreme as Yoo Ra, Lady Jo, Seol Yeon Hwa, and Yoon Jae all battle to secure an important investment.

  • Yeon Hwa refuses to be trampled on anymore when her stepfather threatens to sue her for libel.

  • Chairwoman Julia begins to remember her convoluted past, but there is an unexpected revelation that has important implications.

  • Yeon Hwa devises a plot to trick Yoo Ra and gain the sole attention of Chairwoman Julia.

  • A surprising twist of events causes Yeon Hwa to start working at J Cosmetics again. Meanwhile, Park Chang Doo finally begins to see his crimes catch up to him.

  • Yeon Hwa learns the truth about her son's mysterious disappearance and vows to take revenge for his unfortunate fate.

  • Yeon Hwa hears shocking news regarding Tae Yang and decides to confront Yoo Ra about it.

  • Kang Wook's mother scheme to keep Kang Wook in the presidency seat.

  • Yoo Ra sends Tae Yang to the U.K so that Yeon Hwa won't find him.

  • Tae Yang's identity is finally discovered, but will Yeon Hwa make it to the airport in time before he emigrates permanently to England?

  • Yoo Ra's tragedy makes Yoon Jae reconsider their marriage. Meanwhile, Park Chang Doo tells Yeon Hwa to stop investigating his corrupted background.

  • A shocking tragedy befalls Yoo Ra. The situation heightens as Lady Jo withdraws her campaign for Yoon Jae's presidency.

  • When Yeon Hwa misplaces her script two minutes before she is scheduled to appear live on TV.

  • Yeon Hwa's opportunity to lead the on-air program is in danger as Soo Ae suddenly disappears in an unknown location..

  • Yeon Hwa must choose between continuing to work at a place that disrespects her or quit in order to defend her ideals.

  • Yoon Jae finds out that Yoo Ra's error caused him to lose his position as president

  • Yeon Hwa vows revenge after malicious internet comments were traced back to Yoo Ra's office.

  • Yoo Ra is stunned when Yoon Jae insists on a divorce.

  • Yeon Hwa starts working at Tae Il's company.

  • Yeon Hwa tries to start over by applying for a new job, but no one will accept her because of her misunderstood past.

  • Yoo Ra and her father try to bribe Yeon Hwa with money, but they soon find out that they can't

  • When Yoo Ra attempts to get her back into jail, Yeon Hwa's face is splashed all over the tabloids.

  • Yeon Hwa is released from prison and confronts both her grandmother and father. Yoo Ra suggests that they have a conversation at J Cosmetics, but secretly plots a scheme to have Yeon Hwa return to prison.

  • Finally released from prison, Yeon Hwa tries to visit her son for the first time, only to realize that there's been a mistake.

  • Yoo Ra is outraged to find out about Yeon Hwa's son, especially since she is having both physical and emotional issues with becoming pregnant.

  • Yeon Hwa confirms her deep suspicions and learns that Yoo Ra is irrevocably the instigator of this entire misunderstanding, thus vowing to seek revenge as her mother remains unconscious.

  • J Cosmetics is restructured due to Kang Wook's differing management style. Meanwhile, Soo Ae finds a copy of the CCTV that proves Yeon Hwa's innocence.

  • Yeon Hwa experiences an emergency as her water breaks prematurely, putting both her life and her baby's life in jeopardy.

  • Yoo Ra plans to improve the image of J Cosmetics and has a surprise encounter with Yeon Hwa. Her decision inadvertently brings Yoon Jae and Yeon Hwa face to face.

  • Soo Ae unexpected arrival back home puts Yoo Ra's plans of celebrating her father's promotion on hold.

  • Even though Yoo Ra is pregnant she tries to track her mother and sister from prison.

  • Yeon Hwa crashes the wedding causing the J Cosmetic shareholders to reel in the chaos.

  • Judge Choi gets appointed as Chief Judge of the High Court, but it looks like his morals are getting in the way of him celebrating the victory. Yeon Hwa escapes prison to crash the wedding.

  • Detective Park persists in harassing Yoo Ra for money to stay quiet about the truth. However the truth gets out when Yeon Hwa's mother overhears Yoo Ra confessing.

  • Yeon Hwa continues to fight to prove her innocence. Yoon Jae breaks up with her and asks Yoo Ra to marry him.

  • Yoo Ra's continues to gain praises from her peers by plagiarizing one of Yeon Hwa's makeup inventions.

  • Yoon Jae's mother attempts to have the board members force her son to step down as Chairman.

  • Yeon Hwa's trial is presided by an unanticipated judge, can he save her from the surmounting evidence against her?

  • Yeon Hwa insists on her innocence.

  • Yeon Hwa attempts to reveal the truth in court despite her sister's web of lies.

  • Yoo Ra's secret has been discovered, but she is able to bribe the prosecutor and lay the foundations for Seol Yeon Hwa's arrest.

  • Yoon Jae learns that the employee that has been threatening take over as CEO is actually his long-lost older brother. Furthermore, he will now be living in the same house as Yoon Jae, which drastically shifts the family dynamics for the worse.

  • The official prosecutor gets closer towards identifying Yoo Ra as the criminal. Yoon Jae faces more challenges as a strange employee threatens to take over the company. 

  • Ms. Ha wakes up in the hospital, much to Yoo Ra's distress. Meanwhile, Yeon Hwa loses the CCTV evidence proving her innocence, which raises the suspicions of many of her enemies.

  • Official prosecutors start to investigate the hit-and-run crime as Ms. Ha's condition grows worse. Yoo Ra thinks that she can destroy all evidence linked to her if she can only remember where she lost her anklet...

  • Yoo Ra unluckily hits Ms. Ha with her car and flees in a moment of crisis.  However, she realizes that she can take advantage of this situation by using Yeon Hwa as a scapegoat for the crime.

  • Yeon Hwa attains the original CCTV that shows Yoo Ra planning the sabotage.  However, once Yoo Ra finds out about this, she makes it her goal to confiscate the evidence.

  • The Chairman of J Cosmetics passes away, much to anguish of everyone, except for Yoon Jae's stepmother. She calls her other son and tells him that the Chairman's death marks the glorious beginning for their new lives. 

  • Yeon Hwa is banned from J Cosmetics but attempts to prove her innocence. Yoo Ra meanwhile tries to manipulate the CCTV evidence that shows her entering the office during the time of the crime.

  • The Chairman's condition becomes grave as he learns of Yeon Hwa's alleged espionage attempt. Yoon Jae tries to prove her innocence by revealing his stepmother's ulterior motives.

  • Yoon Jae saves the Chairman from what he suspects is a planned sabotage. Meanwhile, Yeon Hwa is accused of trying to sell private documents to a rival cosmetic company.

  • Yeon Hwa meets with the team leader of a rival cosmetic company who threatens her to reveal J Cosmetic's secret documents.

  • Yeon Hwa excitedly begins her first day of work at J Cosmetics. But Yoo Ra has her own plans in motion to derail Yeon Hwa's dignity and terminate her career.

  • Yoo Ra realizes that her eternal crush and long-time rival are dating each other. She witnesses Yoon Jae's proposal and later confronts Yeon Hwa.

  • Yeon Hwa finds out that Yoon Jae is the president of the company she is being interviewed at. She threatens to break off the relationship while Yoon Jae submits a resignation letter.

  • Soo Ae and Yeon Hwa are almost raped due to the poor conditions of their neighborhood. Seeing this, their mother invites them to live at home, despite Yoo Ra's malignant threats.

  • Yeon Hwa's sister is kidnapped by a loan shark who demands her to pay back her father's debt. Yeon Hwa and her sister struggle to keep this a secret and be accepted by the new family.

  • Yeon Hwa is devoted to revenge after being framed for a crime she didn't commit. She decides to narrate the story from the beginning, to show how this injustice came to be.

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