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Jesse is a nanny who has talent as a country western singer and guitar player. She has moved to the big city to make it big but finds that it is more difficult than she thought. Her small town personality works effectively with the diverse children she has been hired to oversee while their wealthy mother travels the world.

One episode of Jesse involves a rivalry between Jesse and another nanny. The other nanny is made to look witch-like, with a single eyebrow that extends the length of her forehead. This nanny has power over the other nannies who take their children to the park. She has ostracized Jesse due to a disagreement between children. During the course of the episode, Jesse avoids the park making the children unhappy. She, Jesse, decides that the children

Jesse is a Comedy series that is currently running and has 2 seasons (42 episodes). The series first aired on September 24, 1998. It has moderate reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 5.9.

Jesse is available for streaming on the NBC website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Jesse on demand at Amazon Prime online.

2 Seasons, 42 Episodes
September 24, 1998
Cast: Waylon Jennings, Ben Jones, Sonny Shroyer, Denver Pyle, Catherine Bach
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Jesse Full Episode Guide

  • Diego who once again faces deportation, agrees to stage a fake marriage with Linda so that he can stay in the country. Jesse is fine with this at first, but the more she thinks about it, the more it bothers her.

  • Jesse learns that the man who had the job before her earned more money because he was a phlebotomy's and drew blood. She has Kurt try and train her on how to draw blood, but she ends up passing out in front of her patient.

  • Jesse, thinking she has the house alone invites Diego to spend the night. However, her son, Little John, walks in on the two which horrifies Jesse.

  • Diego's fridge is hauled to the dump. Only problem is that is where he kept his passport, so he and Jesse must try and find it.

  • Jesse thinks that a lab coat will get her more respect from the patients. Meanwhile, Diego's house catches fire.

  • Diego's new mustache bothers Jesse, but he refuses to shave it off.

  • Diego's announcement of his want for a big family causes Jesse to think back to her stressful pregnancy with Little John.

  • Linda doesn't want to face her classmates at an upcoming high school reunion because she is disappointed with her success in life.

  • Jesse has trouble finding her stolen car.

  • Diego gets a taste of his own medicine, when Irma proposes to him when that's the last thing that he wants.This causes him to know exactly how he made Jesse feel and he apologizes and gets back together with her. Meanwhile, Kurt suffers from a back injury and ends up in the hospital.

  • Jesse has trouble dealing with a squirrel, while Diego has a battle of his own to deal with when Little John and his friends initiate a snowball fight.

  • Jesse is involved in a love triangle between Diego and his ex-fiance, Irma.

  • With Diego still upset that Jesse has once again rejected his marriage proposal, Jesse tries to win her way back into his heart by considering proposing to him this time.

  • When Little John is away, Jesse has the house to herself. However, she has to keep avoiding her boss' request to come in to work by pretending to be sick. Also, she and Diego share a moment of passion while fixing her flat tire, which yet again ends in a proposal from Diego.

  • Jesse is growing tired of Kurt's hostile attitude towards her and later finds out that he has even been spreading rumors about her stealing from work.

  • Jesse takes time out of her busy day to console her friend, Carrie, who insists she has an important problem she needs to talk to Jesse about. An angry Jesse accidentally insults Carrie when she learns that this urgent situation had to do with a monkey flinging poop at her. Meanwhile, Linda who is worried that Little John is becoming a geek, tries to interfere.

  • Jesse is excited to join Dr. Dan and Kurt in a car pool, but it ends in disaster. Meanwhile, Linda, who has been living in Diego's house since he went to California, refuses to leave.

  • After Jesse doesn't accept Diego's proposal, he heads to California to take his new teaching job. Then we go four months into the future, where Jesse is studying to be a nurse and gets a new job as a nurse's aide at a local college. Diego then makes a surprise return when he is given his old job back.

  • Diego is fired from the University he works at, and learns that he will be deported in 48 hours, unless he can find a new job. Jesse tries to find a way to let her boyfriend stay in the country, but has no luck. Eventually Diego finds a job teaching at a new school. Only problem is, it's all the way on the other side of the country, in California. Diego, then proposes to Jesse, in one final attempt to be allowed to stay in the country.

  • Jesse and Diego grow attached to an abandoned baby they find in the park.

  • Jesse's mother, who abandoned her family years ago, is back in town and asks Jesse for money.

  • Jesse, who is supposed to pick up Diego's parents from the airport, comes home with the wrong couple. After that mix-up is taken care of, Jesse meets Diego's real parents, who she finds don't like her at all.

  • Jesse writes a pretend letter to Diego sharing her innermost feelings for him. When it is accidentally mailed to his house, she frantically tries to get the letter back before he reads it and is scared away from her forever.

  • Jesse's fear that things won't work out between her and Diego causes her to break out into a rash.

  • When John Sr. leaves the bar to his three children, they argue over who will be in charge of it.

  • Diego's girlfriend changes her image to make her look more like Jesse.

  • A series of unfortunate events ruin a wedding that Jesse and her friends are attending, and Jesse ends up being mistakenly blamed for coming in between the bride and groom.

  • Jesse's return to high school ends in a date with her teacher.

  • While trying to buy a car, Jesse and Diego pretend to be a married couple.

  • When Jesse discovers that Roy has been cheating, she kicks him out of her house for good.

  • Diego tries to tell Jesse the truth about Roy, but she refuses to believe any of it.

  • When Roy kisses Jesse, it makes her wonder if she still has feelings for him.

  • Jesse nearly ruins Diego's chances at a big break.

  • On Halloween, Jesse's ex-husband, Roy, comes back to town and regretting his past decisions, wants to be a part of her and Little John's life once again.

  • Jesse doesn't know what to think when she finds her artist boyfriend, Diego, painting a nude portrait of an attractive woman, who also happens to be his ex-girlfriend.

  • Jesse decides to take her relationship with Diego to the next level, while Little John has a talk with his uncles about sex.

  • Jesse and Diego's first date at the movies ends up in the emergency room when Jesse manages to get candy lodged up her nose.

  • Jesse finds herself attracted to her new Chilean neighbor, Diego Vasquez.

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