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Judge Judy is a TV show that is led by Judy Sheindlin who used to be a New York Judge, and in the show Judge Judy finds ways to solve different cases of little claims, and with her strong "do not play with me" attitude she has been able to offer $5,000 to cover for the damages of claim cases that Judy has had to solve in the past using her professional law experience. Another person that joins her on the TV show of law is a man named Bailiff Petri Hawkins-Byrd; he is in charge of bringing order to the courtroom in order for situations to run smoothly.

What happens in the TV show after a case is closed is that the defendant and the Plaintiff must confront their problems outside of the courtroom. If you are the type of person that likes to see TV shows about claim disputes made by companies, then Judge Judy is the show to see.

Daily 4:00 PM et/pt on Syndicated
18 Seasons, 2918 Episodes
September 16, 1996
Crime, Reality
Cast: Judy Sheindlin, Petri Hawkins-Byrd, Jerry Bishop
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Judge Judy Full Episode Guide

  • Locked in a car, a child passes out as adults desperately try to open the vehicle; a mother of three takes a trip to Mexico for a surgery consult while her sister begs her for payback of a loan after a surrogacy mishap.

  • A chief warrant officer is attacked by one of eight pit bulls, as he attempts to serve a man with a child support subpoena. Also: A teenager demands that an ex-friend pay for her dog's surgery after the puppy is allegedly fed dangerous food.

  • A contractor is accused of taking thousands from a woman and leaving her with nowhere to live; she denies hiring his own men out from under him.

  • After being locked in a car, a child passes out as adults desperately try to open the vehicle. Also: A mother of three takes a trip to Mexico for a surgery consult while her sister begs her for payback of an alleged loan after a surrogacy mishap.

  • A gifted youngster allegedly neglects to tell his father that he has been accused of vandalism. Also: A hair-salon client accidentally tips her stylist more than $200; she is then accused of slandering his business on the internet.

  • When a Pit Bull inflicts over 40 puncture wounds on a neighbor's dog, the Judge has no patience for a woman who says they are harmless; a woman claims the father of her tween daughter illegally evicted her; and a painful wisdom tooth leaves a woman crying in pain to her mother who sues her for the much-needed trip to the dentist for tooth extraction.

  • After a driver has trouble following registration laws, her car is involved in a narcotics bust, and she spends 90 days in prison. Also: A mother living in Section 8 housing claims she has proof that her property manager is a slumlord.

  • An innocent game of disk golf takes a sinister turn when a player allegedly takes aim at a $1000 drone hovering nearby. Also: A dog's eye fills with blood after a skirmish with a neighbor's cat; the neighbor denies that her allegedly gentle, loving cat was involved.

  • When a man stumbles near his backyard fence, his neighbor's Rottweiler attacks him; the purchase of a Bengal cat by a beginner breeder ends with a fight over the pick of the litter and a cat's death.

  • A man appears to enjoy being caught on tape committing acts of vandalism against his older landlady; a storage agreement with an elderly woman is null and void when relatives take over her property and a neighbor's antiques get in the way.

  • A nervous father says the reason he is forced to have supervised visits with his child is because he has a suspended driver's license; a celebration in Maui ends with a man taking a cheap shot at his former best friend when party costs are disputed.

  • Girls run home crying after their dog encounters a pit bull; woman buys her girlfriend a diamond necklace to further her rap career but demands payback after they break up; vet bills for a sick puppy come into play in a lawsuit between ex-roommates.

  • A woman's assault charges send a man to prison for three years; in a race to get to a late-night job, tow-truck drivers run into each other and a man's arm is terribly injured in the process.

  • A 19-year-old is forced to spend a night in jail after a woman accuses her of receiving stolen property; a newlywed says she had to purchase a last-minute wedding dress for $1,500 instead of $350 due to a fashion designer's allegedly shoddy work.

  • A woman sues for emotional distress when her roommate allows her ex-lover to visit their apartment; a woman goes after her son and his ex-wife for thousands she allegedly loaned to them.

  • A woman claims her ex-lover promised her marriage and health insurance; a woman sues the father of her son after he and his new lover allegedly take advantage of her offer to buy Christmas gifts for their children.

  • While a woman is on a European cruise, one of her dogs burrows under the pet sitter's fence and is hit by a car; a woman sues her ex-friend for excessive mileage on a leased car.

  • A woman is heartbroken after giving away her baby lamb and tries to get the animal back; a man shares the dark side of the ride-share business as he prepares to file for bankruptcy after being sued for car-related damages.

  • A bride's unhappiness with her designer dress makes an appearance on the local news; a young woman vents to a family friend about her financial troubles after being involved in a hit-and-run.

  • Two women end up on the ground fighting over alleged slander and boys after a night of heavy drinking at five bars; a young woman sues her ex-business partner for damages resulting from the dissolution of their alleged partnership in a salon.

  • A woman maces the father of her children because she thinks he is kidnapping the kids, but he wipes the pepper spray on her face in retaliation.

  • Two young boys are accused of bullying an allegedly unsupervised 4 year old and vandalizing a car with a branch. Also: A woman claims a fellow motorist slammed into her in the middle of an intersection; he claims she tried to make a left turn from the center lane.

  • After a night of clubbing, two drunk men start a fight while driving on the freeway and end it violently on the side of the road. Also: After meeting online and moving in together, a couple's romance ends with a fight over credit card charges.

  • A woman sues her ex-husband for racking up over $4000 in unpaid toll bills; he claims he had no money to eat let alone pay toll charges. Also: Bad weather allegedly stops a woman from sending Christmas gifts to her son and grandchildren; a friend regrets stepping in to help her out.

  • A domestic dispute turns violent as children allegedly look on; a woman confesses to having an affair with her brother-in-law. Also: The Judge dresses down a man who sues for damages while he lived rent-free; the landlord said the property was empty, abandoned and vandalized.

  • A terrorist threat charge, a lie to the police and alleged slander to a parent consultant come into play when ex-lovers end their affair. Also: A man purchases two cars as a project to bond with his teenage son; he accuses the boy's mother of withholding one of the vehicles.

  • A complete stranger allegedly keys a six-foot scratch on the side of a woman's car with a Clinton bumper sticker.

  • When a marriage lasts less than a year, a young man's parents want their money back. Also: A jeweler resists questions from the Judge regarding the amount of money he makes on watch repairs.

  • A newlywed reels off a long list of emotional wedding moments that were allegedly ruined by her DJ when he played the wrong songs. Also: A woman discovers that her wages are being garnished to satisfy her husband's child support payments to his ex-girlfriend.

  • A woman accuses a groomer of busting her dog's eardrum with a hose; the business owner claims the pet was already sick. Also: When a romantic relationship ends badly, ex-lovers fight over an allegedly broken contract.

  • A boy claims the police told him that he would go to jail if he didn't admit to an act of vandalism at school. Also: A woman says she was going through a hard time, so she borrowed money from a friend for 'beauty' treatments to cheer her up.

  • A man denies repeatedly slamming his sister's arm in a screen door, saying he was just trying to get her out of his home after a heated argument; after spending five years in jail, a man is accused of owing his ex-lover for bail and assault.

  • A young woman is accused of breaking out windows of an ex-friend's home after she sees a video of her boyfriend with someone else; after a woman has a miscarriage, her cousin sues her for moving too many people into their shared home.

  • The judge explains liability to a teen party planner after a woman walks into a rowdy party and is violently hit in the head with a chair.

  • A pet owner claims his entire family was horrified to witness the violent death of a beloved teacup Yorkie by a stranger's pit bull; when a vacation falls apart, a woman is accused of breaking into her ex-friend's garage to retrieve her van.

  • After the death of her son, a woman claims his friend charged thousands of dollars on her credit card without her permission.

  • Women fight over bird theft; a driver in desperate need of a car claims she was forced to sign a ridiculous payback contract; a woman insists she is a great mom despite the fact that she can't remember the most basic details of a recent car sale.

  • When a woman claims that she is willing to work as a paid escort to cover her overdue bills, a generous friend steps up to help her; a woman sends thousands of dollars to a man she has never met in person, claiming he is trapped in Afghanistan.

  • A stylist sues her landlord after her property is stolen. Also: A married couple sue a solar power salesman for damages after he allegedly trimmed their trees in order to install solar panels.

  • A woman claims she caught her estranged friend red-handed cutting down all the mobiles on her porch; her friend said they were old and she was just going to replace them. Also: A woman sells her home for three times what she paid for it and then sues a previous tenant for repairs; she claims over 55K in damages.

  • A teenager enters into her first dog breeding contract only to be accused of abuse; her business partner admits that six of her own animals died. Also: The police are called when a man allegedly kicks his landlord's dresser; and a woman and her wife accuse a former roommate`of assault.

  • A woman accuses the ex-lover of her current boyfriend of ramming her car numerous times, kicking it and then harassing her.

  • A gambler wins a seven-day cruise but makes the very wrong choice in travelling companions and claims she was left stranded by her in Miami. Also: A woman insists that her former friend is fabricating texts when she tries to collect on a debt.

  • A man claims he sent a photo of his wife to his ex-girlfriend to show that she wasn't fat and ugly; the ex-girlfriend posts it on the Internet. Also: A respected family friend helps fund a young girl's 15th birthday party but always expected to be paid back; and the Judge reprimands a second year law student for believing that a friend could produce a 50-percent profit in three months from his 10K investment.

  • A landlord claims one of his tenants attacked his home with a knife and should pay for damages from his alleged mood swing; a woman sues her ex-boyfriend for the theft of a Corvette and for leaving his two large dogs with her when he walked out; and a woman breaks the law before even walking into the courtroom, so the Judge denies her repayment attempt from an ex-friend.

  • The Judge accuses a woman of knowingly moving into a home she couldn't afford with two dogs who allegedly attack the landlord. Also: A veteran tree-trimmer is accused of felling a tree and damaging his client's porch.

  • A woman can't keep up with costs to care for her beloved 20K show jumper; when the horse goes lame, she can't afford to keep him alive. Also: A restaurant owner denies that one of her employees was deported after a used car sale goes bad.

  • A young man tries to deliver medicine to an elderly gentleman only to allegedly be attacked at the front door by a very large dog. Also: When the Judge realizes that a fight over a used Mercedes Benz lacks critical evidence, she reminds lax litigants that she has better things to do.

  • A man reaches out to his grandfather for help in his fight to retain full custody of his son; they work together until alleged debts become due. Also: A young woman plans a cruise with her mother only to have the trip canceled; she is accused of pocketing the refund and going on a cruise with her aunt.

  • A woman breaks down after hearing the Judge's verdict in regards to her beloved dog that she shared with her boyfriend; and neighbors who've disliked each other for 18 years fight over an alleged hacking down of bougainvillea to their roots.

  • Alleged slander, toxic trash and a major disagreement over property lines come into play when neighbors go after each other. Also: A man is sued over an alleged loan by his ex-girlfriend; he accuses her child of accidentally killing his deceased wife's dog.

  • A woman buys a used car "as is" but doesn't fully understand the meaning of the words until Judge Judy explains them to her. Also: A man admits that he put all the responsibility of finding a new tenant on his pregnant roommate's shoulders; he sues her for damages.

  • A woman sues her boyfriend's estranged wife for an allegedly false arrest claiming her children were left by the side of the road when she was taken to jail. Also: A couple shell out $4000 to a man for a mobile home only to discover that he doesn't even own the trailer and has allegedly sold it more than once.

  • A woman claims she was viciously attacked by a neighbor's large dog; her neighbor's response is "outrageous" says the Judge. Also: A woman admits that she promised to pay for her incarcerated son's property damage; when she changes her mind, her Harley is towed by his ex-roommate.

  • When an unleashed French bulldog runs toward two leashed Labs, their owners get into a heated fight that ends with an alleged assault. Also: A young woman claims an untrained Husky puppy made her home uninhabitable and that the dog was allegedly abused by her roommate.

  • When three unsupervised children annoy a roommate, an alleged assault takes place and a restraining order comes into play.

  • A man hunts down the alleged family that stole his dirt bike from his backyard and damaged it; they claim it was a legit gift for their teen.

  • A woman is unaware that security camera footage pegs her as the driver that hits a neighbor's car on her way over a cement bumper. Also: A teenager pays a co-worker $50 for a car and then breaches agreement for future payments; she sues when it is repoed.

  • Seniors fight over who should enter a carwash first; one man is accused of spewing profanity and punching a car. Also: A man's story changes when he describes damages to his beloved Harley and the allegedly shoddy care taken by a mechanic.

  • A woman helps out her new online boyfriend by putting him up in a hotel; he promises payback from a $116 settlement check. Also: After receiving a large settlement check, a woman purchases breast augmentation surgery and is cared for by a friend; they fight over a loan.

  • The Judge questions two women about their romantic choices when horrible allegations of abuse come to light. Also: When a woman's car and a dog collide, a fantastic story about driveway swerving comes into play.

  • Separated parents fight over a tax refund and the cost of clothes; accusations of fraud and an impending custody battle come into play. Also: A food deliveryman with a handful of Burger King calls 911 after allegedly being bitten by a client's dog.

  • A young man is put in the uncomfortable position of explaining how to play drinking games in front of his shocked mom. Also: A food consultant sues her cookbook co-author for payment for work on her book; her co-author said the book never made a profit.

  • An allegedly irate passenger claims that reckless driving threw he and his wife to the floor of a limo; he takes action.

  • A woman sues her former friend's boyfriend for allegedly posting nude photos of her on the internet. Also: When alcohol and alleged idiocy come into play, theJudge reminds litigants that lunch is right around their corner if they can't prove their case.

  • A woman is sued for the unpaid balance on a car; she claims her friend bought two cars and she was hiding one from her family. Also: When a man is arrested for possession of drugs, his roommate thinks it best that he move out but wants to be paid to move.

  • A marine sues his ex-friend for allegedly stealing his gun and damaging his belongings. Also: Ex-lovers get into a heated battle over the thermostat, which ends in a fight over moving costs and an allegedly stolen dog.

  • The Judge takes a woman's allegations against her boss very seriously; she is shocked to discover the real story.

  • A married couple sue the former owner of their new home for failing to disclose damage to the above-ground pool. Also: A woman sues her former friends for running into her car in her own driveway.

  • After two young women purchase a mobile home for 4K, the previous owner accidentally burns it down before they can move in. Also: On April 20, a young man is accused of feeding a dog drugged brownies.

  • A woman claims she was falsely arrested for domestic violence and explains how her boyfriend got his scratches. Also: A dog has a terrible two-day delivery when her owner allegedly takes matters into his own hands instead of a vet's.

  • A woman's microblading treatment allegedly goes astray and she sues for damages.

  • A man sues his ex-girlfriend for throwing a glass bottle at him while their baby was in his arms; he captures the incident on video.

  • A man is accused of road rage and fleeing the scene of an accident, and his denial ceases when a police video is shown. Also: A Siberian Husky pulls his teen owner on a skateboard then allegedly bites a young man at a skateboard park.

  • A woman neglects to tell her friend that the car she's making payments on is to be repossessed. Also: A woman admits to pawning guns owned by her teenage daughter's boyfriend; he demands that he be compensated.

  • A young vacationer seals his fate when he offers video evidence showing himself sailing over a man's roof on his snowmobile. Also: A Texas lawyer accuses a hairstylist of cutting his hair too short; the Judge suggests he show more respect for the court system.

  • A man hires detectives to find a handyman that he alleges owes him money and vandalized his property. Also: A woman rents a hotel room to celebrate her birthday but winds up suing a former friend for alleged smoking and minibar thieving.

  • Roommates are at odds after one sells an LP belonging to the other at a garage sale.

  • A landlord signals that money is owed by turning his tenant's power on and off; he claims his efforts resulted in $50 placed on his car under a rock. Also: In a feud over $700 in frozen meat, the Judge gets a primer on beef sticks.

  • A woman and her girlfriend claim ex-roommates backed out of their lease after an air quality issue that sent them all to a hotel. Also: Female co-workers, who became romantically involved, fight over an unpaid loan to buy a car.

  • When pet owners neglect to neuter their dogs, they end up with a litter of Husky/Pit Bull puppies and a fight over who gets to keep them. Also: A veteran handyman's contract leaves out any and all details about the scope of work; he is sued by an unsatisfied customer.

  • When a large dog tears up a backyard, the pet's owner hires a dog trainer but then refuses to pay because she wasn't happy with the lesson. Also: A woman sues her ex-fiancé for half the cost of their alleged engagement rings and for car repair charges.

  • A man's demeanor in court leads the Judge to rule that she wouldn't let him drive a tricycle let alone a car which he is accused of wrecking. Also: A woman sues a man after he allegedly totals her car on their first and only date; he pleads guilty to inattentive driving.

  • Two jet skis are allegedly rented out in perfect condition but their owners say they were returned with an array of damages. Also: Three women sue their former landlord for the cost to install locks, moving costs and harassment.

  • A woman sues her former friends for slander after they allegedly refuse to return an $800 iPhone. Also: the Judge warns a young woman to think before she speaks after being accused of hitting a fellow motorist in a parking lot.

  • After a woman suffers a catastrophic stroke, her son sues her caregiver for damages from the "accidental" discharge of one of his guns. Also: Dueling mothers allegedly bail out the father of their children in order to see whom he will choose to live with.

  • A father sues the woman he hired to care for his child; the Judge warns a young man with previous drug problems about the slippery slope of recreational drug use.

  • A divorced couple spends thousands of dollars to get the best possible lawyer for their child, then dispute over who owes for the costly decision.

  • A woman is allegedly assaulted while trying to retrieve her dog from an ex-lover; the judge questions a man's sobriety when he seems confused.

  • A woman demands payback for bailing an ex-lover out of jail; a woman sues the father of her children for the return of her belongings and her father's remains.

  • The sale of alcohol, a pay-to-play talent show and alleged Facebook slander come into play when a dance studio owner is sued. Also: A woman hands out dating advice after allegedly being threatened by a former friend who is suing her for car rental fees and gas money.

  • When a miniature Maltese poodle grows to be larger than expected, the dog's owners sue the pet store owner for a refund. Also: When a young woman comes into a $15,000 settlement, her friend's father asks to borrow 3K; neither of them bring enough evidence to satisfy the Judge.

  • A pool service provider accuses a woman of being difficult and drastically changing the job parameters a year after his initial work; she says he tore up her pool. Also: A mother relocates to ensure the safety of her children but is sued by the children's grandmother for travel expenses.

  • The Judge grills a diamond expert about the quality of diamonds he and his ex are fighting over; a female basketball player steps up to pay thousands in hotel charges for her teammates only to find out that she must recoup the money herself; and a man sues a business associate for breach of contract regarding a sneaker deal.

  • A woman breaks down describing how her niece allegedly takes advantage of her elderly mother. Also: A man expects the Judge to believe that his insurance company advised him to pay for knee surgery in cash that he allegedly borrowed from his ex; and a woman explains the details of a non-exclusive relationship which ends in her admitting she was saved from eviction by her ex-boyfriend.

  • A tenant is accused of ratting his landlord out to the city after departure from an apartment doesn't work out according to his plan.

  • Two young men get into trouble with the law for drug possession; an uninsured motorist tries to pin the accident blame on a fellow driver.

  • A mother explains her teen son's inability to understand how a 'friend' could steal from him; after a terrible accident that totals two cars, Judge Judy shares a little instruction on how to deal with rush hour traffic.

  • Unwed parents of a 6-year-old girl fight over a tax refund after alleged jail time, job loss and drug possession; a tiny Yorkie with a broken leg makes an appearance in court, while a young man admits the dog jumped out of his arms but doesn't accept responsibility for damages; and a driver accuses her ex-boyfriend of causing a car in her name to be impounded and sold while she was travelling the country.

  • An emotional discussion about death turns into an alleged choke hold by a family member and a lawsuit over an arrest. Also: A married couple buy a new home only to have the previous owner allegedly damage the property on the way out.

  • Teenagers rumored to have a history with the police are accused of damaging their own apartment; their mother is sued for repairs. Also: A simple question leads to surprising answers when a teenager is accused of stealing a motorcycle.

  • When a woman comes into money, she offers to help her truck-driving daughter with her bills but still expects to be paid back. Also: A dissatisfied customer offers up three videos as evidence that his contractor did a lousy job.

  • A father fighting colon cancer accuses his son of motorcycle theft and a false arrest; his son claims he took his father in when he needed help. Also: A senior citizen claims she was the victim of a scam by an unlicensed contractor; he says hernia surgery delayed his efforts and denies any foul play.

  • When a daycare owner wedges herself in a doorway to collect on a client debt, the police come to the rescue as an alleged assault ensues. Also: A property owner claims he lowered a tenant's fees in exchange for being able to sleep over at the property whenever he wanted; a woman accuses her ex-sister-in law of spending over $2K in child support on herself; and Judge Judy follows the money trail to discover the improbability of a woman making minimum wage loaning $6K to a friend for a face lift.

  • A woman gets emotionally overwrought when the judge asks her to produce evidence to back up her shaky claims that a mechanic stole her car; a woman says local police were of little help when her boyfriend ripped her off for thousands of dollars.

  • A woman with feral cats sues a neighbor whose large dogs killed three of them; the judge is outraged by a man who refuses to pay back a loan because, he says, the lender works two jobs and lives with his parents, so he doesn't need the money.

  • A woman claims that her neighbors tore down her fence in the middle of the night, and their feud got physical; a woman tries to produce a marketing video to advocate for cancer patients and sues a filmmaker who reportedly gave her a great deal.

  • A woman says she was injured when steps gave way on her property because of a contractor's shoddy work; a man is livid when he discovers that the class 83 Buick Regal he purchased was never intended to be driven.

  • A woman says she was hit up for loans by her daughter, who doesn't seem to care about payback; when a business venture starts to lose money, young entrepreneurs lock themselves in their office in a bid to save their company.

  • A young woman says her ex-boyfriend threatened to post photos of her online; after a nasty fight over utilities and cleaning fees, former co-workers and friends warn others never to live together.

  • A woman accuses her ex-friend of posting nude photos of her daughter on Facebook; a woman calls the police when her aromatherapy diffuser goes missing, pointing the finger at her landlord and claiming she feared for her safety.

  • A young girl is dragged to the ground when her leashed dog takes off and, reportedly, attacks a neighbor's pet; when a Florida hurricane threatens a man's home, he cuts down three of his neighbor's mature trees.

  • A woman denies owing her grandmother money for extravagant Christmas shopping, because she played nursemaid; a 911 operator says she was showered with gifts by her ex-lover, but everything turned into a loan when she started dating someone else.

  • A homeowner accuses tenants of damaging the property; motorists fight over blame for a crash; a woman says supposed loans were just payback from when she bailed her sister out of gambling debt years ago; a man says he lent money to an online friend.

  • When a roommate's relatives invade a man's living-room space, police get involved; a woman says her introduction to an unexpected new roommate was a picture of injuries she inflicted on her estranged husband; a teen is accused of damaging property.

  • An ex-lover sues a college teacher for repayment of thousands of dollars in loans; a business owner says a security company offered their services for free.

  • A teacher says her ex-boyfriend came to her home drunk and tried to force himself on her; a woman says her neighbors damaged her fence; revealing texts come to light when a woman sues an ex-friend for repayment of a loan to hire her fiance a lawyer.

  • A man implies that his ex didn't want to lose her disability benefits by marrying him; a man released from jail says he never saw the car for which he is being sued; a real-estate agent accuses a former client of brokering deals behind his back.

  • A man's death, a valuable witness, and a car said to have been sold on consignment come into play when a Cadillac sale goes bad; a woman sues for damages after being bitten by a dog she was trying to harness.

  • A woman says mold took over her home and she lost nine women's tenancies; a painter raises her original estimate and asks for more money on top of that after discovering wallpaper that had to be removed.

  • A young man's defense for damaging a teenager's phone with a laser beam is that he's a redneck and that's what he does for fun; when a car stops running after three months, its owner mistakenly believes that the previous owner should help her fix it.

  • A woman sues her adoptive mother for alleged damages to her home; a woman demands mortgage payment payback from her mother's ex-boyfriend; a man sues his ex-girlfriend for a house full of furniture.

  • A mother sues over an alleged loan to the grandmother of her children; family members fight over their mother's funeral expenses; alleged sloppy workmanship on softball hats.

  • An elderly woman sues a man for vandalism and trespassing; a man is accused of slashing the tires of his ex-girlfriend's truck.

  • A realtor suggests a profit-making plan to a homeowner, which allegedly led to harassment and thousands of dollars of debt.

  • A woman sues a man for vet bills after his larger dog allegedly attacked her Yorkshire Terrier; cousins fight over tickets and food passes to an amusement park.

  • A woman claims she discovered that her daughter was part of an alleged criminal ring.

  • A woman claims she paid thousands for sneakers but demands a refund when the shoe box that arrives is allegedly empty; family dispute over $4,000 car down payment and a teenager's Mustang.

  • A woman fights with her mother and step-father over the payback of household expenses; a landlord submits video evidence of drug paraphernalia and filth.

  • Nine women accuse their roommate of assault; a woman sues her neighbors for the cost of trimming a tree; a teenager hits a pole while driving a friend's car.

  • When a German Shepard puppy dies, pet owners blame the breeder; a woman is sued by an air conditioner repairman.

  • Wine stains cover a wall after a fight gets physical between lovers; a roommate sues for damages.

  • A woman claims she was frightened for her and her children's lives by an ex-boyfriend; he presents texts that tell a different story.

  • A man wants to keep the camera his ex-lover allegedly gifted to him; after a young man fails his midterms, a private tutor sues for her fees.

  • A determined woman is outraged that her ex-friend demands the return of a beloved dog.

  • A purebred cat is allegedly left to fend for itself; a massive pile of garbage remains after a tenant moves out.

  • A man sues over an alleged false arrest; the death of 50 chickens by two dogs is disputed.

  • A man buying a car for his son never imagined that it had a $3,000 title loan on it; the judge explains that if a tenant's furniture is still in an apartment, the tenant is still in the apartment and must accept responsibility for inhabitancy.

  • A simple carpool to worship services ends in an auto accident and a hefty insurance settlement debate; when an uninsured motorist is accused of rear-ending a fellow driver, she claims any on-the-scene injuries were fabricated.

  • When the price of a ring goes up by thousands of dollars, a woman sues the jeweler for the return of her deposit; when tickets to Miami turn out to be bogus, a woman blames a mysterious third party who is nowhere to be found.

  • A tenant accuses her landlord of ignoring a rat infestation and stopping her mail; only after a bitter break-up does a man step forward with charges that his ex's pit bull took a bite from his ear, causing him to require cosmetic repair surgery.

  • A woman is met with rage when she goes after her estranged daughter-in-law for thousands of dollars in unpaid loans; a young woman says a fellow motorist backed into her car; a woman says her neighbor's son ran into her car on his bicycle.

  • When a woman sells her daughter a used car for profit, then repossesses it, her daughter reports it stolen; a woman reaches out for financial help from a co-worker and later claims it was a gift.

  • A woman claims she never hit a fellow motorist's vehicle but offered to get out of her Tesla and personally microfiber any scratches from it; a woman demands payment from her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend for baby-sitting fees to watch his two children.

  • Accusations of drunken driving, a puppy custody battle and an hysterical fight to get out of a car come into play; the judge dresses down a young man who delays court proceedings with a reported family emergency.

  • A man accuses his ex of smashing out his car windows, but she claims it was his new girlfriend who did the deed; a woman sues her former landscapers for neglecting to complete work on her home, while they demand payment for what they did complete.

  • Two women with children by the same man go after each other in a fight over defamation and loss of income; a third potential baby mama comes into play.

  • Ex-girlfriends fight over commercialization of personal artwork intended to demonstrate acceptance and love during a major life transition; a woman makes a huge mistake when she forgoes a vet inspection of a horse she is buying for her teen daughter.

  • A nanny wants repayment for thousands of dollars she lent her employer to send her 8-year-old daughter to cheerleading camp; a dog breeder admits that a woman's puppy chewed on a dangerous plant in his yard.

  • A teenager accused of stealing thousands of dollars from his grandmother's safety deposit box says his grandfather gave him the lock combination.

  • A woman charges at the father of her child, jumps on his back and beats him on the head, then sues him for a false arrest.

  • After reportedly destroying property in a fit of rage, a woman breaks back into her former home, and her ex-boyfriend wants his dog back; a man with multiple arrests and many years served in prison is sued by his ex-lover for an unpaid loan for bail.

  • Police buddies at the shooting range, accusations of stalking and slashed tire threats come into play when co-workers fight in the workplace.

  • A model says her emotional-support dog was attacked by a German shepherd/husky at a fashion shoot; in a quick exchange with Judge Judy, a man misspeaks and accidentally admits that he rammed into a parked car on his way out of a barber shop.

  • A girl suffers a fractured clavicle after colliding with a moving vehicle, and the driver sues for damages to her car; after a two-timing man pleads guilty to domestic violence charges, the woman who bailed him out faces tough love from the judge.

  • A man denies having intimate relations with a woman who says he lived with her for two months and assaulted her daughter; a freelance process server's former boss admits he didn't pay her for her time on the job.

  • A woman allegedly uses the family court system to evict a tenant by means of a questionable restraining order; a man is attacked by a pit bull.

  • A woman sues her ex-fiancé for an alleged loan to pay off his debt; allegations of cheating, and a home invasion come into play when ex-lovers call it quits.

  • An expectant mother allows her boyfriend to send risqué photos of them together to his ex-girlfriend, who allegedly punches the mother in the head.

  • A single father claims he had to use public property to protect his home from Hurricane Irma; two friends fight over who is responsible for a car accident.

  • A woman accuses her estranged husband of using corporal punishment on their children; two mechanics are sued for emotional distress by dissatisfied customers.

  • After a mother witnesses her son's violent death, she and her husband struggle to pay a family member back for an alleged loan; a landlord gives away his tenant's property.

  • A woman claims she was forced to euthanize her 7-week-old German Shepard puppy; she sues the man who sold the animal to her. Also: the Judge admonishes ex-lovers for using the judicial system to settle their financial iPhone battle; and, after a beloved uncle passes away, family members fight over custody of his golf cart.

  • A boy's pet turtle, calls to the police and a controversial electric bill come into play when ex-fiancée's call it quits. Also: the Judge questions a woman's decision to wear high heels to court when she is disabled; she sues her ex-lover for changing the locks on her.

  • A barter agreement to purchase a motorcycle ends with an unhappy seller who claims he received stolen merchandise and four flat tires; the Judge thinks a man protests too much when she says she's skeptical about his case, but he insists that a deadbeat ex-friend owes him money; and a mechanic calls out a fellow mechanic, accusing him of putting the wrong transmission in a woman's car.

  • A woman is forced to evict her brother in order to sell her deceased father's home; he takes issue with the lawyer he hired to help him. Also: A 70-year-old man's attempt to start a new business ends when his ex-girlfriend sues for a loan to build his credit; he admits he never gave her a penny in profits.

  • A landlord claims a woman unexpectedly moved in with her son and set up a "gestapo desk" from which she spied on his home's residents. Also: A landlord presents evidence of a child's mischievous artwork; she also claims there was an infestation of bedbugs, roaches and mice.

  • A woman sues an alleged slumlord for injuries she received while on his property; a man moves into a friend's house only to accuse him of providing an unsafe living environment; and a couple say their property was damaged when a shared wall collapsed.

  • A woman being sued by her ex-lover for the return of his belongings claims she had to sell them to survive. Also: A man sues his niece for unpaid loans to pay off her deceased father's property taxes; she insists that all of his debts have been paid.

  • Concerned about a Pomeranian puppy, a breeder drives six hours to rescue the animal from an allegedly negligent pet owner. Also: A married couple hunting for food on leased pastures are accused of failing to report the number of animals they killed.

  • A landlord accuses his teen tenant's boyfriend of head-butting him during an altercation; when he pushes back, the police are called. Also: A seasoned health aide chooses to care for her own mother over a new patient, and suffers a damaging online review; she sues for defamation.

  • A man returns home to find his beloved Daschund maimed and bleeding in a neighbor's backyard. Also: A single mother of two pleads her case against a landlord she claims illegally evicted her.

  • A landscaper is accused of vandalizing a woman's yard after a dispute over finances; and a former couple fight over a failed living situation. Also: A woman goes after her ex-lover for a broken lease; the Judge points out that the woman's own child could make up for her roommate loss.

  • Sisters accuse their mother of abuse after she sues them for allegedly destroying their bedrooms; new boyfriends allegedly break the family apart.

  • Squirrels in an attic, trash in the basement and tenant identity confusion come into play when a woman sues her landlord. Also: After getting out of prison, a woman borrows a friend's Cadillac to visit her children; the police are called when she fails to return it.

  • A woman is accused of stealing money from her deceased mother's savings account; her stepfather sues her for payback. Also: After a bitter break-up, ex-lovers fight over the value of a van, iPhones and stereo equipment.

  • Children's visits to prison to see their convicted father are at the heart of a case between his sister and the daycare provider who escorted them. Also: Ex-friends go head to head over rent-to-own furniture; an accusation that bedbugs were caused by a family member come into play.

  • An evening of tequila drinking devolves into a reckless car ride that ends with an alleged collision; a woman sues for the missing piece of her wedding band set; her ex-fiancé wants to be made whole after repairs he made to her car; a young woman must convince the judge that her ex-lover is at fault in a car accident.

  • A man's love/hate relationship with his 16-year-old motorcycle ends with a heated lawsuit over allegedly shoddy repairs that left him stranded.

  • When motorists offer up wildly different collision stories, the timing of their damage claims makes all the difference. Also: A man claims he grossed $200K but was still unable to pay for the truck and trailer he bought from a former friend.

  • A woman is accused of making outrageous statements to authorities when she tries to regain access to her illegally sublet apartment. Also: An Uber driver befriends a passenger and sells him her car; when he misses payments, she repossess it and comes after him for late fees.

  • A generous boss loans his employees over $3,000 so they won't lose their home; when they fail to pay him back, he's forced to sue them. Also: A teenager is accused of driving recklessly while operating a boat on a fishing trip; and a woman and her brother claim they made an agreement to purchase an apartment, paid a large down payment and then were left empty handed.

  • Don't Clown Around With the Judge!; Car Swap Fail!

  • Daddy Debt Deployed to Japan?; Show Me the Money!

  • House Flipping and Assault!?; Mechanic Fraud?!

  • Vicious Pit Bull Attack?!; Six-Year-Old Takes the Stand!

  • A woman sues her teen daughter and her boyfriend for totaling a car she was allowing her to borrow; a woman claims her ex-roommate's cats damaged her apartment to the tune of $1,700; a prospective tenant who never moved in wants advance rent back.

  • When a man feels stiffed after a car deal, he is accused of taking out his frustration on a tenant by illegally evicting him; a mother claims she received threats on her life and was forced to live on the run.

  • A daycare provider says her attempt to improve a playground resulted in substandard concrete work and sues for damages; former classmates come to court with unclean hands as the judge discovers both parties have a history of breaking the law.

  • Smart thieves figure out how to open a locked cabinet and get away with a man's prized gun valued at $4500. Also: A woman is given a credit card to get her car repaired, but when she goes over the agreed-upon limit, her godmother puts her foot down.

  • The Judge is incredulous when a man preemptively educates himself about how to prevent his Pit Bull from maiming him. Also: A teenager signs up to help a friend market her "hair sold in bundles" business; when a photo shoot is cancelled for the second time, she sues for damages.

  • Two days after their son is born, unwed parents dissolve their shared living arrangement; a restraining order and alleged harasment soon follow. Also: Motorists accuse each other of illegal activity at an intersection, so the Judge does some detective work of her own.

  • An attorney claims he succeeded in having a difficult tenant evicted for his landlord client; he sues for the alleged remainder of his fees. Also: A man denies drinking excessively at a family gathering; his daughter sues him for allegedly smashing her TV with a bottle.

  • After a lesbian couple is asked to pay up for an unauthorized tenant, they complain about leaks, mold and sewage issues. Also: A 10-year friendship breaks down after an attempt at living together falls apart; a woman's evidence of payback doesn't add up.

  • A man claims a large Australian Shepherd pushed through a fence gap to bite his dog's paw; his neighbors say it was impossible. Also: A man claims his sister restricted his access to their dying father and then stiffed him on the bill for the funeral.

  • All hell breaks loose when a woman's handyman starts dating one of her tenants; she files a restraining order and sues him for alleged vandalism. Also: A woman admits to police that she didn't see a stop sign because of heavy fog and that the motorist she hit was on her cellphone.

  • Alleged abuse of the judicial system, harassment claims, and swimming privileges for homeschooled children come into play.

  • The Judge discovers an intriguing story of alleged fraud and vandalism when an unsuspecting motorist calls for help. Also: A couple's day at the beach ends with charges of domestic battery, a wreck on the way to the police station, and a night in jail.

  • A teenager's car is allegedly beaten with a bat when he admits to going out of his way to meet up with friends arguing over a girl. Also: A man's healthy ego and nice suit don't prevent him from looking foolish when his ex-lover comes after him for unauthorized credit card charges.

  • A woman accuses her landlord of inappropriate behavior and denies owing him for rent and breaking her lease; a man demands that his former landlord pay him for landscaping and window treatments and return his security deposit.

  • When a woman sues her ex-boyfriend's mother for the return of money paid for a car, assault and child support come into play; a couple living out of their car find an affordable room to rent, only to be kicked out for fighting.

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