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  • TV-PG
  • 1998
  • 1 Season
  • 7.8  (2,201)

In this telenovela, a young woman is forced to masquerade as her twin sister when that wealthy woman decides she wants to step away from her husband and children in search of torrid affairs. The good sister tries to handle the situation as ethically as she can, but her life is made difficult by the antics of her wayward twin. The series was originally broadcast on Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas in 1998.

La Usurpadora
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Fidelina tells Grandma Piedad that Estefanía is to be committed to a mental hospital. Carlos Daniel and Paulina are married. The end.
Estefanía gives Willy the money, and he gives her the child. Paulina tells Carlos she will marry Serrano, and Willy prepares to burn the factory down.
Grandma Piedad tells Paulina that Paola's wake will be at the Bracho home. Estefanía asks Rodrigo for what's hers in order not to lose Willy.
Willy offers Mauricio money in exchange for setting fire to the Bracho factory. Paola asks Paulina to be happy with Carlos Daniel after she's dead.
Isabel tells Carlos that she's leaving because he's in love with Paulina. Two men approach a burning truck and find Elvira dead and Paola unconscious.
Grandma Piedad tells Rodrigo that Paola lied and was never paralysed. Carlos Daniel asks Gema not to tell Paulina about his relationship with Isabel.
Isabel tells Carlos Daniel to wait until he's sure about his feelings. Paola offers Willy money in exchange for helping her destroy the Brachos.
Patricia advises Estefanía not to give Willy any money. Paulina suggests that Carlos Daniel find another woman since they weren't meant to be.
Mayo tells Paola she won't get much money in the divorce because the factory is bankrupt. Estefanía cries when she reads a letter from Willy.
Paola threatens to kill Lalita if she tells anyone she can walk. Paulina tells Serrano she can't think of him while the Brachos are in trouble.
Veronica tells Paulina about Willy's aggression toward Carlos, and Eloina tells Paulina and Rodrigo that Carlos Daniel is in critical condition.
Grandma Piedad is shocked when Carlos Daniel tells her that Paulina is to marry Serrano. At last, Paulina realizes how evil Paola really is.
Paola and Gema fall out of grace with Carlos Daniel. Paulina turns down Serrano's marriage proposal, telling him she does not love him.
Willy hears Fidelina tell Piedad she doesn't have the courage to tell Estefanía that she's her mother. Carlos Daniel asks Paulina to leave Mexico.
Rodrigo convinces Paulina to go back to the factory, and Elvira warns Paola that if she goes to the factory they may discover that she's not disabled.
Carlos Daniel tells Paola that he will never forgive her. Willy tells Estefanía that he will return to the Bracho factory and take Leandro's place.
Serrano tells Osvaldo that he's in love with Paulina. Grandma Piedad tells Paola everyone will shun her because she's earned their scorn.
Paola tells Paulina that she will return to the Bracho home to get Carlos Daniel back. Carlos Daniel signs the divorce papers for Cabañas.
Willy gets upset when he hears that Paulina was declared innocent. Montesinos informs Paola there's no one left to testify against her.
Zapata tells Judge Castro he'll let the jury decide whether Paulina is guilty or not. Brígida tells Lourdes it's best that Osvaldo left.
Paulina asks Paola not to return to the Bracho home. Filomena and Celia testify in favor of Paola, and Pedro testifies in favor of Paulina.
Serrano and Luciano ask Filomena and Celia to state what they know about the impersonation in order to help Paulina.
Luciano testifies that Paola planned the impersonation and forced Paulina to accept. Leandro tells Felipe and Memo that he's going to marry Viviana.
Paola accuses Paulina of having plotted to take her place and later faints before the jury so she won't have to answer Serrano's questions.
Leandro tells Abigail once he's married to Viviana he'll leave Mexico with the support of the Brachos. Gema asks Luciano to testify against Paulina.
Leandro tells Abigail that if Viviana really loves him, he'll marry her. Doña Chabela, Mojarras and Zenobia thank Carlos for getting her out of jail.
Fidelina tells Estefanía she'll stay with her for a few days to care for her son. Dr. Galicia authorizes Paola's attendance at Paulina's trial.
Carlos Daniel offers Paola's diary as proof so she won't be able to testify against Paulina. Douglas asks Paulina to present evidence against Paola.
Paulina gets upset when Serrano tells her the police have finished their investigation and that she'll be freed, even if Paola's affected by it.
Viviana tells Willy to stop looking for her. Zenobia returns home, and Willy asks Patricia to take care of Estefanía because he's leaving Mexico.
Serrano believes he's fallen in love with Paulina, and Estefanía tells Willy that if they get divorced he won't see a penny.
Paulina slaps Mr. Piña when he tries to kiss her, and he tells her she'll pay for it. Rodrigo tells Carlos Daniel he'll pay for Willy's bail.
Willy slaps Viviana and threatens her. Dr. Mendive tells Paulina Mr. Piña's fallen for her. Donato tells Félix he wants to testify at Paulina's trial.
Carlos Daniel asks Paola to help Paulina because she's the love of his life. Dr. Galicia tells Carlos that he must have imagined Paola's reaction.
Willy tells Estefanía they'll get divorced when he gets what's his. Grandma Piedad tells Carlitos that Paola is in prison, and he asks to visit her.
Rodrigo tells Verónica to take Estefanía's place at the factory. Carlos Daniel tells Gema that her plan to get him to think Paulina was guilty failed.
Zenobia is sent to solitary confinement. Viviana faints in front of Abigail, and Leandro advises Abigail to take her to the doctor.
Felipe tells Leandro and Memo they should help Paulina. Paola tells Elvira she feigned illness in order to return to the Bracho home with dignity.
Douglas tells Braulio that he'll help Paulina because she's a good woman. Carlos tells Rodrigo that he will not help Paulina because she's a criminal.
Gema tells Carlos Daniel that Serrano was hired by Paulina's accomplice. Fidelina asks Patricia to intervene on behalf of Estefanía.
Lourdes gets upset when Osvaldo tells her that he will help Paulina. Montesinos informs Carlos Daniel that he will no longer defend Paulina.
Commander Merino informs Montesinos that Paulina can't make bail. Gema tells Estefanía Paola is more dead than alive and Paulina is in prison.
Carlos Daniel tells Estefania he's in love with Paulina. Lalita slaps Amador when she finds out he's a police officer and they have Paulina.
Veronica tells Paulina over the phone that Estefania is in the hospital. Commander Merino tells Gema and Willy Paola is in Mexico.
Paola tells Commander Merino she's not Paulina. Estefania catches Willy and Viviana. Grandma Piedad reads an anonymous letter to Carlos Daniel.
Carlos Daniel asks Paulina to get married as soon as he divorces. Willy and Viviana have sex in his car. Leandro tells Abigail he's done with Viviana.
Leandro tells Rodrigo Willy and Viviana are lovers. Veronica asks Leandro to be friends. Amador tells Commander Merino Paola confirmed what Gema said.
Estefania threatens to kill Willy if he leaves her for another woman. Felipe tells Leandro he saw Viviana with Willy.
Douglas tells Braulio to leave Paola in a clinic and he'll tell the Brachos to take care of the situation. Amador finds a letter to Paulina.
Veronica tells Carlos Daniel Paulina sacrificed a lot for the Brachos. Paola invites Doña Chabela and Mojarras to spend a few days with Carlitos.
Paulina asks Carlos Daniel to prove his love by letting Carlitos see Doña Chablea and Mojarras. Viviana tells Abigail she has a good suitor.
Willy is upset to find out Paola tranquilized the workers. Willy asks Viviana to see him again. Leandro tells Paola he'll stay on as the foreman.
Celia tells Amador it was Paola who made Paulina take her place. Grandma Piedad tells Rodrigo Paulina should go back to her position at the factory.
Carlitos asks Paulina and Carlos Daniel to take him to see Doña Chabela. The police arrest Zenobia and Mojarras by Commander Merino's order.
Carlos Daniel tells Paulina he appreciates despite agreeing to take Paola's place, and won't marry Veronica unless she accepts Carlitos and Lissete.
Carlos Daniel tells Amador Carlitos has returned. In Quintana Roo, Filomena cleans Paulina's house and finds a latter Paola wrote before she died.
Paulina tells Carlos Daniel she won't run from the Brachos anymore. Grandma Piedad thinks Carlos Daniel should get a divorce and marry Paulina.
Douglas catches Larry and Paola kissing. Grandma Piedad tells Paulina Carlos Daniel is in love with her because she's a good woman.
Patricia asks Rodrigo not to turn Paulina in. Doña Chabela tells Zenobia and Macrina she won't let them ask for money to return Carlitos.
Carlos Daniel thinks Paola is the one he kissed. Paola is surprised when Lalita asks if she left her car at Douglas's house.
Zenobia advises Doña Chabela to ask for money to return Carlitos. Lalita confuses Paulina with Paola and asks if she's going on her trip.
Paulina tells Carlos Daniel Carlitos isn't with her. Douglas tells Paola they're going far away. Douglas tells Braulio to find out if Paola is Noelia.
Paulina warns Osvaldo if he disrespects her again, she'll tell Lourdes. Amador tells Commander Merino he'll get Lalita to fall in love with him.
Lourdes is upset because Osvaldo is being too friendly with Paulina. Lalita tells Paola the Brachos know there was an usurpation and Carlitos is gone.
Douglas tells Braulio if it's necessary, he'll buy Paola's love. Braulio thinks Paola and Noelia are the same person.
Chabela tells Carlitos she'll help him find his family because he shouldn't be poor. Carlos Daniel tells Paola Carlitos is at a boarding school.
Based on Carlos Daniel's reaction to her call, Paola thinks nobody knows about the usurpation. Mojarras tells Doña Chabela to find Carlitos's family.
Lalita and Fidelina tell Grandma Piedad they haven't found Carlitos. Douglas, upset, orders Braulio to find Paola, who didn't show up to eat with him.
Lalita gives Carlos Daniel Paola's diary. Grandma Piedad asks Carlos Daniel to find Paulina and get her to come back with them.
Luciano accepts money to sign a document for Carlos Daniel and Rodrigo explaining how the usurpation occurred. Paulina tells Grandma Piedad the truth.
Dr. Barragan tells Paola and Carlos Daniel Carlitos's leg operation should take place in a week. Grandma Piedad thinks Paola's usurper has been found.
Luciano tells Carlos Daniel Paulina is a good woman and Paola planned the usurpation. Carlos Daniel tells Rodrigo another woman is in Paola's place.
Grandma Piedad tells Panchito about Rodrigo's suspicion, and that Paola will find out. Douglas tells Braulio he investigated Paola and she's easy.
Paola offers to be a bridesmaid at Leandro and Viviana's wedding. Gema tells Carlos Daniel the anonymous letter must be from an ex-lover of Paola's.
Paulina tells Luciano Paola isn't dead. Gema threatens Veronica to back off of Carlos Daniel. Douglas writes to Paola saying he'll return to Mexico.
Rodrigo tells Patricia he'll go back to the house but no to the factory. Grandma Piedad tells Fidelina Carlos Daniel may divorce Paola for Veronica.
Alessandro tells Luciano Paola died in the accident. Paulina explains to Donato how Paola planned the usurpation.
Estefania tells Paola she agrees to change ehr look, but she'll be sorry if she laughs at her. Paulina is sad to think she can't love.
Mr. Leuvano tells Paola one of the checks was issued in Acapulco, and her signature doesn't match on another. Estefania asks Estela to watch Willy.
Paola asks Donato to leave her alone, and she'll find him to tell him the truth. Paola slaps Willy for saying Leandro could be her new lover.
Carlitos is mad that Dr. Barragan made him use crutches. To get back at Willy for rejecting her, Estela gives Estefania a note from Willy to Viviana.
Paola tells Grandma Piedad Carlitos came out of the operation OK. Willy tells Viviana he'll get a divorce to marry her.
Paola asks Paulina to forge her signature for the bank paperwork. Moises tells Eusebio Carlitos is unconscious after falling off a horse.
Luciano tells Gema to forget about Carlos Daniel. Carlos Daniel asks where the mole Paola had on her back went, and when she learned to swim.
Paulina tells Luciano she might tell Carlos Daniel his secret, since he won't give her money. Carlos Daniel tells Gema he'll never divorce Paola.
Douglas orders Mr. Maldonado to make a deposit for the Brachos. Paulina receives a telegram from Paola announcing she's about to return.
Douglas tells Braulio he agreed to talk to Paola because she reminds him of a woman he once loved. Grandma Piedad suspects Paola has a usurping twin.
Gema tells Luciano she'll pay him any amount if he can make Paola fall in love with him. At Carlos Daniel's birthday party, Gema introduces Luciano.
Carlos Daniel thinks Paola is jealous because he's paying attention to Gema. Paola asks Estefania to accept her as a friend.
Estefania tells Donato where Carlos Daniel is. Gema and Carlos Daniel plan to make Paola jealous. Grandma Piedad won't give Estefania her inheritance.
Paulina thinks she's in love with Carlos Daniel. Lalita tells Paola Gema kissed Carlos Daniel. Grandma Piedad tells Panchito Paola's secret.
Carlos Daniel asks Gema not to try to seduce him. Estefania accuses Paola of beating Carlitos. Carlos Daniel tells Paola to do whatever's necessary.
Donato tells Paola that she must see him. Doctor Petit tells Alessandro Paola needs a risky operation that could kill her.
Grandma Piedad tells Fidelina that Paola will turn the factory around. Estefanía warns Fidelina if she takes Paola's side she'll hate her too.
Paola tells Rodrigo and Carlos Daniel she's visiting the factory. She asks Leandro to tell the workers she'll do everything to keep the factory open.
Paola tells Donato that her mole was removed and that she wants to break up because she's ill. Donato believes she's trying to take over the company.
February 16, 1998
Paola wants Carlos Daniel to believe she's changed. She sends gifts to the servants surprising Fidelina. She tells Alessandro she fears for her life.
February 13, 1998
Donato tells Félix Paola is behaving strangely and warns not to double-cross him. Paulina remembers Paola warned her she could fall for Carlos Daniel.
February 12, 1998
Willy asks Paola why she's changed. Estefanía warns Paola that Gema is after Carlos Daniel. Leandro threatens a strike.
February 11, 1998
Paola tells the boss she won't denounce Paulina. Paola talks to Paulina and threatens to do so if Paulina won't take her place in the Bracho home.
February 10, 1998
Paola agrees to pay Paulina if she impersonates her with Osvaldo. Rodrigo tells Carlos Daniel the business is bankrupt from lack of sales.
February 9, 1998
In the Martinez family restaurant, a sick Paola dismisses her daughter, Paulina, and tells her she wants her to marry her boyfriend, Osvaldo.

In this telenovela, a young woman is forced to masquerade as her twin sister when that wealthy woman decides she wants to step away from her husband and children in search of torrid affairs. The good sister tries to handle the situation as ethically as she can, but her life is made difficult by the antics of her wayward twin. The series was originally broadcast on Mexico's Canal de las Estrellas in 1998.

La Usurpadora is a series that is currently running and has 1 seasons (102 episodes). The series first aired on February 9, 1998.

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  • Premiere Date
    February 9, 1998
  • IMDB Rating
    7.8  (2,201)