Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost was a Saturday Morning television show about Rick Marshall and his two teenage children; Holly and Will. The family was teleported through a portal to an alternate dimension where dinosaurs still roam. The family is trying to return to our world. During this time they are attempting survive in the wild while being chased by dinosaurs and Sleestak. While many of the dinosaurs are harmless, there is a tyrannosaurus rex who took an unhealthy interest in the family.

The Sleestak are a hostile reptilian race who are intelligent and walk on two legs. As they were people dressed in lizard suits, they looked like humans except with scales and other reptilian features. They often fought against not only the Marshall family, but also against a less advanced hominid species, which dwelled in caves, called Pakuni.

While Land of the Lost is geared towards children, it may not be suitable for all ages. Some younger children may find the Sleestak to be a bit scary, although the special effects and costuming are primitive compared to shows produced today. The show did garner a cult following and has been referenced in later science fiction shows such as Far Scape.

3 Seasons, 43 Episodes
September 7, 1974
Science Fiction, Children
Cast: Wesley Eure, Kathy Coleman, Spencer Milligan, Phillip Paley
Land of the Lost

Land of the Lost Full Episode Guide

  • Visitors from the 'Indians versus the U.S. Calvary days' drop into the lives of the Marshall family.

  • A captured beetle bites Cha-ka causing a personality change in the usually gentle but mischievous Paku.

  • The Marshalls and Cha-ka flee from a newly discovered monster, Kona, and come upon a statue of an ancient Sleestak whose eyes contain an advanced form of solar equipment that traps Kona in the mountains.

  • The Marshalls find a time plaque that just might provide the key they need to escape from the Land of the Lost, but Torchy's fiery breath welds the plates together and renders the plaque useless.

  • Finding a unicorn, Holly promptly makes it a pet...only to be confronted by the unicorn's deadly enemy, the Abominable Snowman.

  • A balloonist from the early twentieth century drops in on the Marshalls who hope to fly with him back to their time. But the balloonist has ideas for Cha-ka back in his time.

  • Cha-Ka's discovery of a ship's spy-glass steers the Marshalls into an adventure with a lost sea captain who is alone on his ship. Is this the way out of the Land of the Lost?

  • Torchy, a fire-breathing dinosaur, the most forbidding of the monsters in the Land of the Lost, irritates the Sleestak and poisons Will. The Marshalls trap Torchy to receive the cure from Enik to heal Will.

  • Holly is lured into the land of a goddess who possesses the power to turn anything she chooses into stone.

  • By manipulating solar-controlling crystals, the Sleestaks cause the Marshalls' water supply to dry up...but with the help of a mysterious solar repairman, ecological harmony is restored.

  • To rid themselves of the Marshall Family, the Sleestak are told to obtain an orb that according to prophesy brings eternal darkness to The Land of the Lost. Enik retrieves the orb, but is captured. Can Will come to the rescue?

  • The "magic" of Jack's flashlight batteries saves the day for the Marshalls, being held captive by the great god Malak.

  • A massive earthquake propels Rick back to earth. Will and Holly are joined by their uncle Jack, who, while searching for the time tunnel on earth, accidentally falls into the Land of the Lost.

  • The Sleestak use a time pylon to prevent the rising of the sun so they can continue the hunting of their prized Altrusian Moths, but in doing so threaten the lives of all in the Land of the Lost.

  • The kids find a new temple, open a secret door and discover a mysterious matrix table. Cha-ka plays with the matrix and accidentally conjures an apparition to appear who bestows the gift of musicianship on him.

  • Zarn visits Holly while she baby-sits Cha-ka and helps her to teach him a lesson in self-defense.

  • When Holly is bitten by a toxic plant, the Marshalls learn about herbal magic from a medicine man.

  • Rick and Will discover a pylon with a time door to their home, but it only opens when 3 moons line up. And when Holly enters the pylon to find them, they all miss their chance to get home.

  • When a time pylon malfunctions, Rick must consult the Library of Skulls deep in the dangerous Sleestak caves for the secret to fix it.

  • In an attempt to escape from the Land of the Lost, Zarn experiments with the gravitational force of the countryside, endangering the lives of all of the creatures there.

  • Cha-ka must steal a dinosaur egg as a test in the rite of passage for Pakuni manhood.

  • Cha-ka accidentally discovers the main source of power for the Land of the Lost and the pylons, but Cha-ka and the Marshalls almost become new fuel for it.

  • The Sleestak capture Rick Marshall as food for their young. Will and Holly must find something to trade for his life.

  • The Marshalls encounter a strange alien energy being named Zarn who is also trapped in the Land of the Lost.

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