Las Vegas

Las Vegas was an hour-long television show that aired on NBC for five years. The show cast consisted of James Caan, Josh Duhamel, Vanessa Marcil, Nikki Cox, and Molly Simms. Las Vegas was set in a fictional resort and casino where James Caan was the boss. Josh Duhamel dealt with security issues for the resort and casino, and other problems. His character was an ex-military man. The show also involved love affairs and guest stars.

The show had humor and drama. At one point in the show, Josh Duhamel and Molly Simms' character were having a love affair. James Caan left the series before the show ended. The show dealt with issues of abuse with Nikki Cox's character. Las Vegas' dealt with themes about work, love, and dealing with your past. Las Vegas had a very good looking cast. Vanessa Marcil played a character named Sam who had a bit of a past herself.

5 Seasons, 106 Episodes
September 22, 2003
Drama, Action & Adventure, Crime
Cast: Josh Duhamel, James Lesure, Vanessa Marcil, Molly Sims
Las Vegas

Las Vegas Full Episode Guide

  • Casey Manning's brother, Vic, is back in town and has his eye on Sam and the Montecito. Cooper has big plans for a major expansion. Mike and Piper plan a more formal wedding ceremony and others pile on making for multiple nuptuals. Mike's uncle, a church deacon, behaves badly at his stag party, causing family friction. Jillian Deline returns to the Montecito to visit Delinda and reveals some startling news regarding Ed. Everyone is shocked at potential tragedies that unfold just prior to the ceremonies.

  • Cooper is suspicious of Pete Skinner, who has an uncanny knack of picking winners at the track. A whale hands off his grandmother to Sam to be entertained and she insists on playing Bingo. Delinda is called upon to referee the pair. Danny, Mike and Polly do a practice run to the maternity ward. Polly takes her role as Delinda's surrogate a bit too seriously, resulting in unintended consequences.

  • Danny and Mike participate in a 2-on-2 basketball tournament that is being manipulated by a local bookie and some shady eastern Europeans. Polly helps Danny recover from a minor ankle injury with a Korean folk remedy. Meanwhile, Piper deals with a demanding judge for the title of Conceirge of the Year.

  • Sam engages the services of the legendary 'Cleaner' to rid her whales of traces of their trangressions in a local strip club so their wives won't know what they've done. Cooper challenges Danny to a devise an attraction that will generate additional non-gaming revenue. Mike and Piper attempt to poach a bartender and end up getting drunk, which results in the most unintended of consequences. Delinda organizes a party in an effort to provide closure to Mike and Piper's dilemma.

  • In an effort to get rid of a pesty teenager belonging to a whale, Piper makes the mistake of allowing her one spin on a slot machine. When the gaming commission comes after Piper, Cooper bails her out with $1 million, surprising his staff. Meanwhile, Sam and Polly are ordered to attend driver's school after Sam is cited for speeding and Polly is caught lying for her in court. Danny and Delinda take parenting classes and encounter a neurotically over-organized couple who are treating the pregnancy more like management consultants than expectant parents.

  • A long-wanted fugitive has been tracked to the Montecito, attracting an unsavory collection of assasins and bounty hunters, along with federal agents. Cooper, Mike, and Danny have their hands full attempting to keep the casino from becoming a battlefield. Out at the pool, three very attractive women are causing a stir and may also be cheating at the in-pool blackjack table. Sam tries to comfort one of her favorite whales who recently lost his wife and children. Delinda deals with her increasing girth from being pregnant. Piper doesn't help by banishing her from the pool area.

  • Danny and Mike are sent to Wyoming by Cooper to purchase a horse. Meanwhile, Delinda searches for a new chef for the casino restaurant, and things get out of whack when Piper's ex-flame comes to town.

  • All of the Monticello staff are making their holiday plans except for Mike, who is battling self doubt. Meanwhile, A Scrooge-like Sam deals with a charitable client; Delinda and Piper attend a hot Santa competition; and Danny is pushed by Cooper to fill an empty retail-space.

  • The arrival of a fire marshal and Danny's alcoholic uncle creates a hectic time for the new president of operations. Meanwhile, a group of robbers have their eye on the Montecito, and Mike is in charge of an off kilter competition.

  • The Montecito hosts an environmentally friendly conference, which makes Delinda realize that the casino staff should be working harder to save the Earth. She tries to convince Danny that "green" is the way to go, but when he questions her, things get heated at home.Meanwhile, Cooper competes with a business rival to acquire a key parcel of land in Canada. When some of her whales cancel, Sam resorts to duping a high-end matchmaker into fixing her up with wealthy gentlemen.

  • Danny and Mike head to a local strip club for a birthday party, but things take a bad turn when the club owner beings to rough-up one of the strippers. Meanwhile, Delinda takes it upon herself to campaign for better rights for Las Vegas exotic dancers; and Piper has Sam help her find a scandalous video that she doesn't want anyone to see, but Sam only agrees to help if Piper helps her land a whale.

  • For Halloween, Piper decides to dress up in several different costumes and try to scare her co-workers. Cooper shadows Sam for the day as she tries to land a new whale, but Cooper ends up scaring the potential high-end client away. Delinda thinks she found the greatest pastry chef, but after only a few days, the chef's attitude makes her want to fire her.

  • Danny and Mike must solve a murder that was committed in Cooper's suite. However, Cooper has no recollection of what occurred. Cooper doesn't help matters by disappearing. Danny and Mike must find him before the police do. Meanwhile, Piper helps a geeky boy become more mainstream for his bar mitzvah.

  • Cooper is able to get the Pacific Tropic Spokesmodel Search Contest to be held at the Montecito, but things don't go as planned when some of the contestants are sabotaged. Mike attempts to look for the person behind the sabotage, but he is distracted by the beautiful woman he's assigned to protect. Meanwhile, Sam swears she saw a guest murder a woman, but has trouble convincing Danny that it really happened.

  • In the conclusion of the two-part season premiere, AJ Cooper, the new owner of the Montecito, arrives. Almost immediately he starts to shake things up with his "Anything Can Happen" promotion. Sam relates the events of the past two episodes_4-18 to her new shrink, Dr. Levin. A doctor from Kansas City is having a hot streak at the blackjack table and Mike suspects that he's cheating in some fashion.

  • The Montecito is in complete chaos in the wake of the murder of Mary's father, an armed robbery, Sam's kidnapping, and an explosion. A list of suspects in the murder soon emerges, and the investigation begins to narrow in on certain suspects when a cell phone video surfaces. At the casino, Ed must find out if the robbery was an inside job. Meanwhile, Mike and his team work endlessly on solving the murder. Delinda, who barely escaped the explosion, finally tells Danny her secret. Sam tries to escape from her kidnapper. The new owner, AJ Cooper, arrives.

  • In the season finale, all hell breaks loose. The Montecito is in danger of being siezed by the IRS. Sam is kidnapped by a whale she poached. Mary plans to confront her father. Danny helps out a friend who is trying to avoid being deployed to Iraq. Delinda's life is endangered. The casino is robbed. Ed makes a choice that will affect everyone at the Montecito.

  • Ed considers retiring and later thinks about buying the Montecito, much to the annoyance of Jillian. Meanwhile, Danny and Delinda's condo is broken into when Danny refuses to help out a gang lord. Meanwhile, Sam learns she owes millions of dollars in back taxes on her inheritance.

  • Despite an unexpected death, Ed allows the company picnic and games to carry on. Mike is appointed the captain of the "front of the house" team and gets pumped up for the big day. He takes his role a bit too seriously and irritates everyone. Meanwhile, Mary testifies against her father.

  • Things heat up when Sam's whale and his three wives arrive in Las Vegas, and Sam has to leave the foursome with Delinda for the day after her long-lost love wakes up from a 20-year coma. Meanwhile, Mike falls for one of the wives; Danny becomes jealous when he learns the whale's plans; and Ed tries to replace his housekeeper while Jillian is away.

  • Ed must enroll in anger management classes, which leads him to find his inner peace. Mike tries to buy a condo, but has issues doing so. Meanwhile, Sam is annoyed when a basketball player she's hosting takes an interest in Mary. Elsewhere, Delinda tries to prove she's a good person by cooking food for the homeless, but ends up doing more harm than good in the process.

  • Ed, Danny and Mike make a bet to see who's the best security operator and who can find the most waste at The Montecito. Sam is on a mission with Polly, the "Manicurist of the Year," to get Polly's ex-boyfriend back. Meanwhile, Mary is responsible for selling the last residential suite and she hopes to entice big money with a special performance by John Legend.

  • One of Ed's most revered former employees returns to the Montecito for her wedding anniversary, but her hubby raises Ed's suspicions. Meanwhile, Mary and Sam battle to woo different VIPs.

  • A very rare wine has been discovered in the wine cellar of the Montecito, which Ed sees a perfect opportunity to boost the casion's profile. Unfortunately, Mike realizes the wine isn't genuine just minutes after it is auctioned off for one million dollars. Meanwhile, a group of retirees checks into the Montecito for a soduku tournament but some of the women give Sam a hard time when they have a different idea of fun. Danny gets insecure when Delinda starts spending a lot of time with a new toy.

  • It's Christmas at the Montecito and everyone reluctantly takes part in Ed's Secret Santa gift exchange. Meanwhile, Danny's car, his most prized possession, is stolen on Christmas Eve. Elsewhere, Delinda is eagerly planning her first Christmas with Danny. Meanwhile, Sam helps one of her favourite "Whales" get through the holidays by surprising him with an autographed photo of Elvis from his first Vegas concert and a private viewing of the travelling Elvis collection.

  • Ed and Danny attempt to rescue Delinda from the kidnappers. Meanwhile, at the Montecito, Mike and Sam try to figure out if a Buddhist Monk's major winning streak is just a scam. Elsewhere, a flu epidemic hits the Montecito and Mary tries to cover for the many employees who call in sick. The flu couldn't hit at a worse time given that a critic from a high-end travel magazine is staying at the Montecito.

  • Ed and Danny only have twelve hours to save Delinda from her kidnappers, so they must steal 50 million dollars from the Montecito or she will suffocate after being buried alive. Meanwhile, at the Montecito, Mary deals with a new casino mascot's most inappropriate behavior. Sam cope with two moronic lottery winning whales who are running amok in the casino, more interested in playing tag than gambling.

  • Vegas heats up as Boston Medical Examiner Jordan Cavanaugh and police officer Woody Holt come to the Montecito hot on the trail of a murder and a missing rare violin. Meanwhile, the Montecito is dealing with its own missing items. Someone has robbed the casino's safe deposit vault containing potentially priceless items. Among the items, the rare violin and Lawrence Taylor's favorite superbowl ring. Amidst the chaos Danny and Delinda try to figure out the best way to tell Ed that they are moving in together.

  • Sam returns to Vegas and finds herself in money trouble after three of her clients stiffed the Montecito. Ed connects her with Warren Pemberton, who has unorthodox, but effective means of collections debts from dead beat gamblers. Meanwhile, Ed helps a man prove to his wife that he's a tough guy.

  • Ed returns from a secret trip to Morocco with shocking news about his past. Meanwhile, Danny and Delinda's romance continues to heat up. Elsewhere, Mike travels to Hawaii to help Sam with her "whale" problem. Mary is upset with everyone when she discovers she is the last to know about Danny and Delinda. Ed, Mike, and Danny take care of Ed's problem once and for all to get the CIA to leave Ed alone.

  • Everyone is shocked when Ed is attacked by an armed gunman. In the ensuing chaos, Casey disappears, upsetting Mary. Meanwhile, an emotional Delinda admits her feelings for Danny, to her fiance Derek's dismay. Elsewhere, Sam travels to Hawaii to contend with a whale who won't vacate the Montecito's Hawaiian Villas and is discovered with a dead stripper in his villa. Sam encounters a conniving realtor who has her own agenda with Sam's whale. Sam also has to deal with Vic Manning, Casey's litlle brother, whom she once had a fling with, but he's still carrying the torch for her.

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