Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine follows the escapades of three retired men who, after a stint in World War II and a lifetime of work, have time to indulge their own favorite fantasies. The series is set in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside, where the three friends wander until it's time to visit the pub.

Norman Clegg is a former lino salesman who just wants to drink his tea in peace and quiet. Foggy Dewhurst, on the other hand, longs for military glory, and often asks strangers, if you wanted to control this street, where would you place your machine gun?

Compo Simonite is a ne'er-do-well who's reached the age where it doesn't matter. He's liked by just about everyone, except for his neighbor Nora Batty. Compo has an inexplicable attraction to Nora, who is large, fierce, and chases him off with a broom. Compo is not to be deterred, and one time shows up on her doorstep gift-wrapped.

The series also has other characters, such as Howard, who has an innocent flirtation with Marina that he's trying to keep from his wife Pearl. When Marina's mentioned, he immediately says that he hardly knows the lady.

BBC America
5 Seasons, 34 Episodes
November 12, 1973
Cast: Peter Sallis, Jane Freeman, Kathy Staff, Robert Fyfe
Last of the Summer Wine

Last of the Summer Wine Full Episode Guide

  • Compo wants to impress Nora by taking up hanggliding, so the trio ask Wally to build a hangglider for them.

  • Foggy upsets the others by denying the existence of the ancient Yorkshire gods.

  • What are Sid and Wally doing in the woods?

  • Foggy collects his flag, and achieves his dream... for a little while.

  • Foggy has a plan to erect a huge flag in the hills, but first they'll have to get the flagpole up there.

  • Foggy takes Compo and Clegg to the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

  • Why has "Laugh a Minute" Amos Hames returned to town? Foggy is suspicious.

  • Foggy is disappointed in the size of the vegetables being sold in the market, so searches out some bigger examples.

  • Foggy is visiting a lady friend in Wales, but what will happen when Compo and Clegg intrude?

  • Clegg tries to persuades the others that flowers have feelings and will respond to music.

  • It is the Queen's Silver Jubilee, and Foggy decides that the trio should help the vicar's parade.

  • Sid is installing a doorbell in the cafe, and the trio decide to help him.

  • One of Compo's ferrets escapes into Nora's house. Can Wally retrieve it?

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