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In this crime procedural series, investigators try to track down perpetrators of crimes and bring them to justice. Like all the other Law & Order series, this one follows the investigation from the initial police work through the prosecutorial process. This iteration of the franchise is also known as Law & Order: Criminal Intent.

10 Seasons, 195 Episodes
September 30, 2001
Cast: Kathryn Erbe, Vincent D'Onofrio, Jamey Sheridan, Courtney B. Vance
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Law & Order: CI Full Episode Guide

  • Goren and Eames investigate the murders of two web staffers involved in a heated lawsuit. Investigation takes them to a site that connects strangers who've had brief romantic encounters.

  • A sitcom star turned Broadway actor is killed during a stunt in a controversial and highly technical Broadway musical, and the real drama is finding out who killed him.

  • Goren and Eames investigate the death of a millionaire philanthropist whose body was switched with a medical cadaver from the very institute he was funding.

  • A wine collector and a premiere wine sommelier become potential suspects when a wealthy wine importer is found dead in his cellar.

  • With the murder of a Wall Street guru, everyone stands to benefit. Can Goren and Eames solve the case?

  • Goren and Eames investigate a long standing war among two private security companies when a man gets thrown to his death from a building.

  • A murdered banker with ties to the Catholic Church leads to a cover-up investigation.

  • After a young call girl is murdered, investigators interrogate a hard-partying, "rockstar" fashion designer extraordinaire.

  • Nichols reaches out to his father for assistance when he and Stevens are assigned the case of a real estate agent who has been murdered.

  • Nichols and Stevens investigate a boxer whose career has tanked after his involvement in dog fighting was exposed.

  • Nichols takes a very personal interest in a case that turns out to have many layers when an old friend is murdered, and somehow the reclusive book dealer's troubled daughter is also involved.

  • When a government investigator is murdered, Nichols and Stevens soon discover that he was blackmailing two physicians running an insurance scam. Unfortunately, he may have chosen the wrong marks; these two had some shady backers.

  • The murder of a popular food-truck operator leads to a powerful political family who'll do just about anything to maintain their dynasty.

  • The death of a student who was drained of blood leads the detectives to a cult in which followers believe they're immortal and make use of blood dealers.

  • After a teen is found dead in the emergency room, the investigation leads to a case involving a religious ritual and a defendant who claims that the action taken was dictated by a saint's voice.

  • A psychologist conducts unimaginable field experiments asking his human test subjects to make the impossible choice, but Detectives Nichols and Stevens are even more surprised by the man's inspiration.

  • What appears to be a mob hit soon leads to a secret world of high class escorts and the gods of finance. Det. Nichols and Stevens soon find themselves in a high stakes game where loyalties are abused, and people will do anything to get what they think is coming to them.

  • The detectives find themselves in the cutthroat world of professional ballet as they investigate the murder of the star ballerina at a conservatory.

  • Nichols runs into an old nemesis while he and Stevens investigate the murder of an NYPD detective in Queens. However, matters become more complicated when a local officer with ambitions maneuvers himself onto the case and begins to orchestrate the direction it takes.

  • With an illegal arms deal and a hunt for Somali terrorists hanging in the balance, Detectives Goren, Eames, Nichols and newcomer Stevens combine resources in an attempt to bring justice.

  • An incident in Somali waters has ramifications for the Major Case Squad as they investigate the death of a thrill-seeking millionaire whose shady dealings bring the feds into the mix.

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