Lightning Point

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Lightning Point is the name of the small seaside town where alien surf girls Zoey and Kiki became castaways after losing their spaceship. The original series comes from Australia, filming on location in Gold Coast on the Australian east coast. The show was a big hit and began broadcasting in the US under the title of Alien Surf Girls.

The show's main premise centers around the fact that a local girl, Amber Mitchell, tries to keep them undercover, almost to no avail because the local townspeople are suspiciously aware that a UFO or two has been sighted in their town. The show is fun and quirky, and centers around the mystery surrounding the two girls, and whether or not they will find their way back home to planet Lumina.

Lightning Point is a half hour series produced by Jonathan M. Shiff for Nickelodeon Australia and ZDF.

Friday 4:00 PM et/pt on TeenNick
1 Season, 26 Episodes
May 29, 2012
Comedy, Kids & Family
Cast: Philippa Coulthard
Lightning Point

Lightning Point Full Episode Guide

  • Amber, Zoey and Kiki go for one last surf. Zoey and Kiki will miss Amber and Lightning Point when they leave for Lumina tonight.

  • Brandon is finally ready to learn who he truly is. Zoey becomes more and more convinced that Brandon has secrets locked inside his memories.

  • Brandon is so excited by his alien energy that he starts to recharge far too often. As a result, he can't help but radiate energy in the diner.

  • The day of the Lightning Point Junior Girls Surfing Competition is here and everyone from Lightning Point is ready to compete ... except Zoey.

  • Brandon is furious with everyone, especially Zoey, for lying to him. How could they keep a secret like this from him?

  • With Brandon fully charged, Zoey feels he needs to know the truth about her. How can she be his girlfriend and keep lying to him?

  • Kiki and Zoey are relieved to discover that half-Luminan Brandon can't use the card properly. The only way they can be sure they are out of danger though, is to destroy the card. But when Zoey is nearly caught by Brandon trying to steal it, Luca has to take matters into his own hands.

  • When Amber suggests a house party to celebrate the newest couple in Lightning Point, everyone's excited. Everyone, that is, except Madison.

  • Luca is finally letting his guard down with Kiki again - and soon they're back to their old friendship. When Luca becomes curious about Kiki's alien powers, Kiki wastes no time in showing him some tricks with the plasma card.

  • Amber's father visits and invites her to move to Hawaii.

  • Will Kiki be able to escape alien hunter Harry Dean?

  • Brandon and Luca make a strange discovery in the cane field.

  • Brandon and Luca figure out a plan to track and find the aliens.

  • Zoey is sick of waiting and decides to find a way home. Zoey and Amber test out the energy field one more time.

  • Madison throws Brandon a birthday party; Kiki, Zoey and Amber decide to keep an eye on the guys at Brandon's birthday party.

  • Zoey, Kiki and Amber head out to the Benedict cane field. Zoey is excited and can't wait to show the others the energy anomaly she has found.

  • When Madison casually challenges Zoey to surf the infamous Lighthouse break with her, Zoey accepts but underestimates the danger involved.

  • Luca and Kiki have been growing closer and Amber is sick of being stuck in the middle! Finally, Luca asks Kiki out on a date - and Kiki can't wait. Zoey thinks that love is a waste of time and sets off to follow up on some plasma card research, which may help unlock the mystery of why they came to Lightning Point. When Kiki arrives for the date, Luca is surprised to see what, or who, she brought along. Amber?! Luca is certain that Amber is jealous - and there to spoil the fun. But when Kiki experiences the depth of her feelings for Luca, she starts glowing uncontrollably - and Amber will have to bring the date to an end. Fast. Will Luca buy her excuses?

  • Luca's horse, Bandit, hasn't been the same since the big storm, so Kiki tries to heal him with her alien powers. Meanwhile, Zoey takes on a new challenge: household chores.

  • When Kiki is moved to tears by Amber's singing, Amber makes an important discovery - Luminans can only experience emotions on Earth. Meanwhile, Zoey has fallen in love with surfing and goes out every day - that is, until Brandon steals her wave and makes her break Amber's prized surf board-Having never experienced anger, Zoey is a ticking time bomb and when Brandon and Madison team up to push her buttons, Zoey starts creating mini-earthquakes around Lightning Point! Can Amber make Zoey realise that she needs to let her anger out, before she explodes the Diner?

  • Kiki and Zoey use the school satellite dish to send an alien signal; Amber must stop the school from being overrun by canines.

  • Kiki and Zoey begin to settle in at Amber's house; Brandon invites Zoey to a barbecue.

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