Maria de todos Los Angeles

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Maria de todos Los Angeles is a Spanish TV show centered on a young man named Maria who is living with his grandfather and dreams of finding the right romantic partner. In an attempt to do so, he calls upon all angels and asks them to give him a message. Unfortunately, he interprets the messages in the wrong way and things go awry.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 31, 2020
Comedy, Drama, Kids & Family
Cast: Mara Escalante, Ariel Miramontes, Carlos Cobos, Alma Cero
Maria de todos Los Angeles

Maria de todos Los Angeles Full Episode Guide

  • María and Albertano wash the water tank and Chino finds out. Meanwhile, Doña Lucha doesn't realize that María was left inside the water tank.

  • When Doña Juana's cat wreaks havoc, the neighbors are up in arms. When the cat later turns up dead, Doña Lucha and Chino want to make it disappear.

  • It's the Chivas America game and Lucha has organized a lottery at her house. María wins Albertano over.

  • María, Chino and Albertano visit the museum. When they get kicked out, María and Albertano go to Chapultepec where she declares her love for him.

  • Chino blackmails Albertano because María irons his clothes, but Lucha gets wind of it. Rosa finds him a job, but he does it all wrong.

  • María becomes jealous when Vanesa flirts with Albertano, but keeps cool and plans a surprise dinner. Doña Lucha organizes a lottery.

  • María secretly irons Albertano's work clothes. Jealous, Lucha wants to ruin his uniform and make him lose his job, but then has second thoughts.

  • Chino is having a party at home, but doesn't invite Nayeli; she shows up anyway. At the store, Delfino is the new advertising director.

  • When Ofertín has problems at the store, María dreams about him and the angels. Albertano accepts the job and Ofertín goes out with the trash.

  • María gets a vote of good faith and recalls the tragedy of her 15th birthday. While Carmelo's business is shut down, Lucha opens one of his own.

  • María wants a simple life with Albertano. Carmelo gets locked in trying out the security system. War breaks out between mother and daughter-in-law.

  • María prays to be told who the man of her dreams is; it's Albertano, who she saves from an accident. But unfortunately he's Doña Lucha's son.

  • When María dreams about four flowers, a sign of true love, she associates them with the thief on the metro who had four flowers on his shirt.