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Licensed by Bandai Entertainment and directed by Masashi Mukaeda, Mobile Suit Gundam Wing is a Japanese animated series written in part by Katsuyuki Sumizawa. The show is made up of forty-nine episodes and was aired on TV Asahi in Japan and Cartoon Network in the United States where it was dubbed over in English before airing. Its story follows five teenaged pilots of giant mechanized battle robots called Gundams.

Nearly two centuries after earth has colonized space, the colonies are rebelling against their home planet and its United Earth Sphere Alliance in a war battled out by human pilots in giant robots. Each of the five colonies produces a special suit called a Gundam in an operation called Meteor. Once they're completed the Gundams and their pilots are sent to Earth. The mission is meant to get vengeance against a group called OZ that assassinated the man who was the Earth and colonies one chance at a peaceful end to the war. The pilots' objective is to destroy both OZ and the earth's Alliance so the colonies can be free.

The pilots are Heero Yuy, Duo Maxwell, Quatre Raberba Winner, Chang Wufei, and Trowa Barton. When the pilots meet they team up to try to defeat OZ. Despite their efforts the Earth eventually falls to OZ and its leader Treize Khushrenada. The colonies side with their former enemy in hopes of peace. The Gundam pilots are now considered outlaws by both Earth and its colonies. Another rebel group, White Fang, crops up led by one of OZ's former leaders Zechs Merquise now using his true name Milliardo Peacecraft. White Fang nearly destroys the Earth with an OZ space cannon and, in the end, the Gundam Pilots fight against them. When the people of earth and the colonies witness the terrible duels between the Gundam Pilots and their nemesis they finally realize how pointless their war has been and they opt for peace. When White Fang is unwilling to capitulate and tries another attack, Heero stops it with his Gundam Wing Zero and saves the Earth.

1 Season, 49 Episodes
March 25, 2010
Cast: Hikaru Midorikawa, Toshihiko Seki, Ryûzô Ishino, Akio Ôtsuka
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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Full Episode Guide

  • Relena and the others fight to prevent the Libra and Peacemillion from crashing into the Earth. And amidst the chaos, Heero and Zechs have one last, final battle.

  • Wufei takes off on a duel. Quatre responds to sorrow. Trowa defies his destiny. Duo helps repay old debts. Heero heads out for the decisive battle with Zechs.

  • The White Fang refuses to alter the Libra's course away from the Earth, so Quatre and the others set the Peacemillion to intercept. The two ships are now on a collision course.

  • Heero sneaks onto the Libra and goes with Relena to see Zechs. Treize, his forces ready to attack, challenges Zechs to one duel to settle the war once and for all. But Zechs refuses...

  • Hilde manages to sneak onto the Libra and steal some valuable data, but she is discovered. Meanwhile, the White Fang prepares to battle the forces of Earth and destroy the Gundam pilots.

  • Treize Faction forces take over a space Colony. Duo moves in to free the citizens. Meanwhile, Relena arrives in a shuttle to try and talk some sense into Miliardo.

  • Wufei fights on alone. On Earth, Treize's forces gather once again. Sensing the time to strike is now, Zechs orders the now-completed battleship Libra directed at Earth.

  • Unhappy with her tactics, an angry Treize removes Queen Relena from her position. Meanwhile, the battle for Space Fortress Barge begins, with the Gundam pilots caught in the middle.

  • As Relena takes her first step towards trying to achieve true peace, Heero sets out to eliminate her. Miliardo Peacecraft, the new leader of the White Fang, is now intent on going to war against OZ, the Romefeller Foundation, and the Gundam pilots.

  • Quinze, leader of the White Fang, contacts Zechs and asks him--and his Gundam--to join their cause. Still suffering from amnesia, Trowa once again goes into battle, but this time in a Taurus.

  • A group of rebel colony citizens calling themselves the White Fang starts attacking OZ bases. Quatre and Noin search for the other Gundam pilots, and the Romefeller Foundation names Queen Relena as their representative.

  • Relena, now a prisoner of the Sanc Kingdom is faced with a very difficult choice. Meanwhile, Heero and Zechs engage in battle once again--this time on the grounds of the Sanc Kingdom.

  • Duo and Trowa are reunited, and team up against the enemy once more. Meanwhile, the Romefeller Foundation has mounted a final assault against the Sanc Kingdom, forcing Relena to surrender to prevent a battle.

  • Wanting to join the Gundam pilots in their fight, Zechs goes to meet Wufei. But Wufei, pilot of the new Altron Gundam, believes him to be the enemy.

  • Zechs gets the Wing Gundam Zero and demolishes the OZ forces. But Heero is given a new Gundam by Treize, perhaps the most terrible Gundam of all.

  • Zechs steps onto the battlefield once again and attacks Romefeller's forces. Meanwhile,...

  • Still in space, Duo has been retaliating against OZ. But OZ closes in, and Duo and his incomplete Deathsythe must fight the Wing Zero.

  • Heero and Quatre decide to stay in the Sanc Kingdom and help Relena promote pacifism. But when the Romefeller Foundation attacks, Heero, Quatre, and Noin go into battle.

  • Romefeller is gaining ground on Earth very quickly, and Treize and his troops seem to b...

  • Treize is freed by OZ soldiers loyal to him, but the trouble is only beginning. Romefeller is out to eliminate the Gundams, since they are a symbol of hope, and Treize as well. Operation Nova commences, and all of Earth is in danger.

  • Trowa and Heero must battle their crazed friend, but they find themselves losing. Treize, meanwhile, disapproves of the Romefeller Foundation's plan to use Mobile Dolls, automated Mobile Suits without pilots. His dissention results in his being arrested by OZ.

  • With Lady Une's help, Duo escapes from OZ and goes to destroy the Mobile Suit production base on the moon. But while there, he meets a girl named Hilde who has become a soldier. The choice is suddenly much more complicated.

  • The colonies have begun arming themselves for the coming fight against OZ. However, more surprising than that is the switch in Lady Une--she's become an advocate for peace. She is now acting on Treize's behalf without the consent of the Romefeller Foundation.

  • OZ is developing new Mobile Suits, and Heero accepts the mission to sneak in and sabotage their operations. But he is unprepared for who he meets while inside the base.

  • Gundam Deathsythe single-handedly battles OZ's Mobile Suits in space, and Duo ends up getting captured. Heero searches for Duo in order to silence him.

  • The battle between the Tallgeese and Gundam concludes. And now, Zechs is refusing to fight for the Romefeller foundation any longer.

  • OZ sets in motion its plans to destroy the Alliance military once and for all. Quatre and Duo head to outer space to warn the colonies of the impending danger, only to discover they've been declared the enemy.

  • At the South Pole, Zechs waits with the newly-rebuilt Wing Gundam. After Heero arrives and the rematch begins, Relena arrives and tries to stop them from wasting their lives.

  • To try and make up for his mistake of killing the honorable pacifist leader Noventa, Heero confronts Silvia Noventa, his granddaughter. Meanwhile, Zechs is handed an order from the Romefeller Foundation...

  • OZ turns its attention towards outer space. In an effort to save the colonies, Trowa heads for his final battle. But Catherine stands between the young man and his death wish.

  • The Gundams have been defeated! With the colonies used as shields, the pilots don't have a chance. And no one knows whether Heero is dead or alive. On the trail of her father's killer, Relena heads to Moscow.

  • The United Earth Sphere Alliance collapses, sending the entire planet into a panic. This allows OZ to step forward and take control. But Zechs is occupied with other things: he is searching for the ruins of the Sanc Kingdom.

  • Lady Une makes the Gundams her next target and activates the self-destruct sequence on the New Edwards Base. Can Heero prevent the explosion of the New Edwards Base and find the person who set them up?

  • The Gundam pilots stage an attack on the New Edwards Base, where the top OZ forces are gathering. But they've underestimated OZ, and the pilots find that they've walked into a trap!

  • After the death of her father, Relena returns to Earth. Despite her mother's protests, she refuses to cancel her birthday party. But the party is crashed by OZ special forces who want her dead. Help comes from an unexpected source.

  • Relena and her father, Minister Darlian, journey to the colonies to try and prevent a war. But there are those who don't want peace. And amidst the grief and tragedy, Relena learns her true identity.

  • Zechs arrives at the OZ base at Victoria to inspect the troops. While there, the base soon comes under attack by one of the Gundams.

  • Zechs Merchise and his OZ Forces have confirmed that a total of five Gundams have landed and begun terrorist attacks on military installations.

  • Even after his threats, Relena refuses to believe that Heero is as bad as he seems. However, her attempts to confront him are interrupted by the arrival of Duo Maxwell.

  • In an effort to end many years of tyrannical rule, five pilots and their Gundams are dispatched to Earth to begin Operation Meteor. Four of them land without incident, but one, Heero Yuy, is intercepted and his mission is compromised.

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