Mouse is a Japanese anime adapted from a manga of the same name. Each of the twelve 15 minute long episodes revolves around the illegal activities of the master thief known only as Mouse. For over four hundred years, an individual only known by the name of Mouse has stolen from the rich and powerful, usually focusing on goods and treasures that were previously acquired through theft or deception. The mantle of Mouse currently belongs to an art professor, Muon Sorata, who makes use of a variety of vehicles and equipment housed underneath the college he works at, as well as Mei, Yayoi, and Kakio, a trio of women who serve as his Mouse Team.

Muon is a modestly attractive man how regularly messes up his duties as a teacher, usually receiving a yelling from Mei, Yayoi, or Kakio. Muon is friends with criminal inspector Minami, as well as his daughter Rika, both of whom are unaware of his identity as Mouse. After consuming alcohol, Muon gains a deific sex drive, but remembers nothing done while intoxicated when he wakes up the following day. He also possesses a long-time fear of stag beetles after being attacked by one when trying to use the bathroom as a child.

The ladies of Mouse Team are each highly skilled and unfailingly serve Muon/Mouse because of the man's reputation as never leaving somebody behind. Mei Momozono is a highly attractive computer engineer and physics expert, who works at the college as a math teacher. Yayoi Kuribayashi is a chesty, highly-skilled biology expert who was so sought after that the college's entire research team was made female so as not to be distracted; however and with the exception of Muon/Mouse, she has a strong fear of men, also known as androphobia, which even causes a fire at one point due to panic. Yayoi's civilian job is as the college's nurse. Kakio Hazuki is a proficient martial artist who serves as the college's physical education instructor and notable for possessing a range of personalities within her head.

Mouse features the direction of Yorifusa Yamaguchi, is produced by Studio Deen and is licensed for North American distribution by AnimeWorks.

Media Blasters Inc.
1 Season, 12 Episodes
September 21, 2010
Cast: Jimmie Dodd, Tommy Cole

Mouse Full Episode Guide

  • Mouse is feeling a bit down after the last caper, so to cheer himself up, he's going to...

  • Just as the fake Yayoi and Hazuki attack Mouse, he activates a device that sends an ele...

  • Lt. Onizuka has set a trap for Mouse. To get the clock, he poses as a policeman and aff...

  • One, a member of a powerful organization known as the Force, is ordered to eliminate Mo...

  • Mouse is having trouble getting into the pharmaceutical company. He and his team conclu...

  • This episode is a flashback. In her early college days, Yayoi was very afraid of men. T...

  • Mouse investigates the world of cyberspace as he attempts to rescue Hazuki.

  • Hatsuki acts as a test subject for a new machine for Mouse.

  • The history of Mei Momozono is revealed. Our genius Math teacher is quite the puzzle.

  • Mouse has a challenging evening ahead. He must perform a daring theft--and still manag...

  • Mouse feels compelled to steal the newly built Odaiba Tower--his response to the televi...

  • SAMPLE EPISODE ONE with NO COMMERCIAL INTERRUPTION! In this Pilot episode, Mouse steal...

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