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"$#*! My Dad Says" is a half-hour sitcom that first aired September 2010. "$#*! My Dad Says" was based on Justin Halpern's Twitter feed, "Shit My Dad Says," which was also turned into a book called "Sh*t My Dad Says," co-written by Patrick Schumacker and released May 4, 2010. The feed is a random collection of amusing, uncensored lines from Justin Halpern's father, Sam Halpern.

If the Twitter feed and the book were any indication, "$#*! My Dad Says" had a chance at becoming a very popular and amusing television show. William Shatner was cast in the role of the father and given the name Ed. Halpern and his brother feature in the feed and the book, but names were changed to Henry and Vince in the sitcom. Many of the lines that Shatner delivers as Ed are nearly word for word the lines that Halpern's father delivered in real life.

Unfortunately, the series didn't even make it to the end of its season. It disappeared from the CBS lineup after episode 18, which aired February 17, 2011. In May 2011, CBS announced that "$#*! My Dad Says" had been cancelled. So, why was the TV series not as well received as the Twitter feed and the book? The stories and lines delivered by Halpern's father are certainly funny and should have translated well to television.

The answer lies in the fact that the lines were edited to remove all the not-suitable-for-TV language that Sam Halpern is so fond of using. As an ex-military man and retired doctor, Sam Halpern is directly quoted by Justin in the Twitter feed and the book. Most of the quips contain language that can't be used on network television, but Sam's unadulterated "I'll say what I want, when I want and how I want" attitude is hilarious when full force.

The watered down versions of the quips fans of the Twitter feed and book had grown used to, despite being expertly delivered by Shatner in an amusing manner, were just simply not as funny as the raw originals. There has been some speculation that had the adaptation been picked up by a premium network, like HBO or Showtime, with Shatner in the lead role, "$#*! My Dad Says" would have translated much better since the lines and situations would not have needed to be censored so much.

1 Season, 18 Episodes
September 23, 2010
Cast: William Shatner, Jonathan Sadowski, Nicole Sullivan, Will Sasso
$#*! My Dad Says

$#*! My Dad Says Full Episode Guide

  • With a burglar prowling through the neighborhood, Ed wants to use his prized gun for protection.

  • Ed becomes jealous when a millionaire tries to catch Rosemary's attention.

  • Ed wants to slow down his pursuit of Rosemary after she announces she would like to be romanced. Meanwhile, Vince and Henry have a "'Stache-Off" to see who can grow a mustache faster.

  • When the homeowners' association president complains that the corn stalks in Ed's garden are too tall, Ed harnesses his anger by running for president himself. Also, Vince is torn when he gets propositioned by his secret celebrity crush.

  • When Bonnie and Vince discover their first wedding wasn't legal, they plan a new ceremony, but Ed wants to break-up with them when he finds out that Bonnie's father is coming.

  • Ed gets thrown a curveball when baseball memorabilia that he wants is sold to someone else. Also, Vince and Bonnie's new living situation with Ed and Henry makes their baby-making efforts more work than romance.

  • Bonnie attempts to start a tradition of family dinners, unfortunately the men lose their appetites. Also, Ed befriends a new hot shot doctor at the hospital and wishes Henry could be more like him.

  • Ed is embarrassed by an article Henry writes about him; Bonnie and Vince make friends with an ''it'' couple.

  • Bonnie and Vince make a risky career move after seeing a life coach, and when a furious Ed confronts the motivational speaker, his heart gets some romantic motivation.

  • Ed's navy buddy, Wally, stays for a visit with Henry and insults Tim, Ed's housekeeper. Meanwhile, accidentally sees Bonnie naked.

  • While Vince is angry about Ed bonding his dog, Henry goes out on a date with Vince and Bonnie's boss in the hopes of getting them a real estate listing.

  • Henry writes an article that embarrasses Ed; Bonnie and Vince make friends with an "it" couple.

  • Ed's plan to teach Henry a lesson about borrowing his clothes backfires. Meanwhile, Vince regrets asking Bonnie to tell him all the juicy details about a previous relationship.

  • Ed tries to save Henry from the embarrassment of being rejected while they are on a double date. Meanwhile, Vince and Bonnie come up with an ad campaign for their real estate business.

  • Still resentful that his father didn't take responsibility for his parent's divorce years ago, Henry is outraged when Ed refuses to be blamed for getting a DMV employee fired.

  • Ed refuses to allow Henry to install a wireless internet connection in his house, so he takes matters into his own hands. Bonnie needs to have a medical examination, and Vince convinces her to let a retired doctor check her out.

  • In the series premiere, Henry is fired from his job and is forced to move in with his outspoken father Ed.

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$#*! My Dad Says News

Here's a New 'Sh*t Girls Say,' 8 Months Later (VIDEO)

Hey, remember when the Internet went completely nuts and everyone made a "Sh*t ____ Say" meme video? Well, the original has returned after eight months away. Why?

William Shatner: Sued!

Oscar Alfaro and his wife are suing Shatner and are claiming to have suffered humiliation, mental anguish, and the loss of wages.

'Ugly Betty' Creator to Develop 'Texts From Last Night' Sitcom

The Internet is a strange place, but network TV can do some strange things, too. A half-hour comedy is being adapted from the blog "Texts From Last Night," which features text messages submitted by those who received them, often from very drunk friends.

VIDEO: William Shatner Given Honorary Headbanger Award, Is Totally Metal

Metal-heads won't admit it, but the line between nerd and headbanger tends to blur a bit at times. If you need any proof, look no further than this year's "Revolver Golden Gods Awards" show, at which William Shatner was given the Honorary Headbanger award. That's right, Shatner is totally metal. The award was presented by comedian Brian Posehn, who is a metal fan and is known for his stand-up comedy and appearances on "The Sarah Silverman Program," and Scott Ian, guitarist for the metal band Anthrax.

'$#*! My Dad Says' is Cancelled...How Did 'Dad' React?

When the dust settled from the upfront presentation frenzy, CBS had continued on without its freshman sitcom "$#*! My Dad Says." When Justin Halpern, the creator of the show, reacted to the cancellation on his blog, his humility proved to have remained intact. "It was a bummer," wrote Halpern, "until I remembered that I got a TV show based off a twitter feed and a book and was basically the luckiest a**hole who ever roamed this earth."

'That's Not Okay' Website In Development as TV Show, Produced by Kelsey Grammer

When TV runs out of ideas for shows, it turns to the Internet. For proof, just reference the CBS sitcom "$#*! My Dad Says." If a sitcom starring William Shatner can be developed from a Twitter feed, then anything can happen.

The next Internet sensation to become a TV show looks like it might be "That's Not Okay," a Tumblr-type feed that can be seen at thatsnotokayny.

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