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Neon Genesis Evangelion is an iconic anime known for its deep, and confusing, storyline. In a world where humanity is constantly threatened by otherworldly beings known as Angels, the only defense against these unknowable menaces is with special powered suits of armor, known as Evangelion units. These Evangelion units can only be piloted by someone with a sufficient synchronization rate with the unit's power cell (later revealed to be the remains of a living person, usually the pilot's own mother). Shinji Ikari, is the main protagonist and is guilted into piloting Evangelion Unit 01 out of a deep and painfully obvious desire for his father Gendo to yield at least some sign of respect or admiration for piloting the Eva and saving Neo-Tokyo.

Sadly, Shinji's synchronization rate plummets during his first fight with an Angel after the angel rips off the Evangelion Unit's arm. Shinji blacks out and the Evangelion Unit activates a Berzerker Mode, becoming a more animalistic machine, complete with growling and snarling. Shinji eventually wakes up and discovers that he defeated the Angel, even if it was indirectly. Cheered up a bit by his guardian, Misato, Shinji continues his training, alongside fellow Evangelion pilot Rei Ayanami, nicknamed "The First Child" and pilot of Evangelion Unit 00. During his time with Rei, Shinji becomes aware of how much time Rei spends around his own father (a gaping difference compared to his own). After making a disparaging remark about Gendo, Rei slaps Shinji and leaves him to stew in his thoughts.

Over time, more Angels attack Neo-Tokyo, forcing Rei and Shinji to partner up at a few moments; with Rei even taking over as a pilot for Eva Unit 01 when Shinji proves unstable. Eventually, the European division of NERV (the anti-Angel organization), sends in Asuka Langley Soryu to assist in defending the planet and Neo-Tokyo. Asuka is a loud, opinionated, arrogant, and red-headed pilot of Evangelion Unit 02. The trio works well as together, but eventually things go wrong, forcing Shinji to examine his place in the world and how to cope with negativity.

Cartoon Network
1 Season, 26 Episodes
October 20, 2005
Animation & Cartoons, Science Fiction
Cast: Spike Spencer, Allison Keith, Sue Ulu, Amanda Winn Lee
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Neon Genesis Evangelion Full Episode Guide

  • The year is now 2016. The Human Instrumentality Project now enters its final stages. Will mankind accept its fate? Will Third Impact become a reality? Shinji Ikari is further examined. The darkness envelops him one final time. Throughout, voices are heard of the ones who he has known during his time in Neo Tōkyō 3. Classmates, fellow pilots, NERV personnel, his father, his mother; each of them present themselves before Shinji. The key to Instrumentality rests with this young boy.

  • The last Angel is gone, destroyed by the pilot of Unit 01. The New Genesis for mankind, the Human Instrumentality Project, now begins. Asuka, Rei, Misato, and Shinji are examined in depth. Each aspect of the characters is put before the microscope to see what makes them tick. Peeling back the layers of these people, the human psyche is put on full display.

  • Asuka has lost all value in herself. She tries to escape from NERV as Shinji had, but, like Shinji, she is found and placed in NERV's own hospital. Shinji reflects that those he has lost. His classmates are all gone, as is the city of Neo Tōkyō 3. As he gazes out over the ruins of the city, a boy perched on a rock begins to hum a song. He identifies himself as Kaworu Nagisa, the 5th Child...

  • Kouzou Fuyutsuki has been kidnapped by SEELE. Misato Katsuragi is put under house arrest for something that she may know. Ritsuko Akagi stares intently into the eyes of Eva Unit 01. Each of them have memories of the past, of key moments occurring in the last 15 years. While those memories return to haunt them once again, Ryouji Kaji places a call to an old friend one last time.

  • Eva Unit 01 has defeated the 14th Angel while in its "berserker" state. The third such time that Eva Unit 1 has acted of its own volition, it has devoured the 14th Angel, taking the Angel's core, its S2 Engine, into itself. Even though Eva Unit 01 broke free from its armour plating, NERV was able to retrieve the Eva and begin to rehab the behemoth. However, the pilot's status is unknown. Shinji had achieved a 400% synch ratio with his Eva, which has only happened once before. The NERV team waits for the Eva's systems to be restored and the entry plug cameras to be turned back on.

  • Gendou's betrayal of his son in the last episode has prompted Shinji to retaliate. He has threatened to destroy as much of the Geo-Front as he can with his Eva before his power runs out. This intimidation prompts Gendou to silence his son by pressurizing the LCL within Shinji's entry plug. In the aftermath, Touji wakes up in NERV's hospital and receives a visitor, and Shinji decides to leave NERV for good. As he waits for his train to depart to his home in Neo Asugi, the emergency sirens blare, signalling the arrival of the 14th Angel.

  • The destruction of the NERV Second Branch Installation in Nevada, United States, along with Unit 4 "FOURTH CHILDREN" created enough fear with the US higher-ups that they have shipped Eva Unit 03 from their First Branch to NERV Headquarters in Japan. The Eva will arrive in Matsushiro to prepare it for its first activation test. Misato and Ritsuko head to the test facility to see through the Eva activation. Meanwhile, Shinji continues to wonder who the Fourth Child is.

  • High above Neo Tōkyō 3, Gendou and Kouzou discuss the problems with SEELE, the Marduk Institute, their progress with the dummy plug system, and a suspected traitor. Kaji makes a trip to Kyōto in order to find out more about the Marduk Institute. Meanwhile, the rest of NERV enjoy a moment of peace.

  • In a meeting with SEELE discussing Angels number three through ten, Gendou tells the Committee that the 11th Angel, who invaded NERV as a computer virus, has yet to appear. The Committee suspects that Gendou is lying to them, but they have no proof, as Gendou had made sure to destroy all records of the Angel's invasion of NERV. Meanwhile, Shinji and Rei undergo the first Entry Plug Mutual Compatibility Test with Rei in Unit 01 and Shinji in Unit 00. Asuka, in the 87th testing, once again synchs with her Eva. Then, in the final test with Unit 00, something goes wrong...

  • The 127th routine maintenance cycle of the MAGI Supercomputers has just been completed. Asuka, Rei, and Shinji are thoroughly decontaminated and placed inside simulated Evas in order to test new technological developments. While inside the Evas, a small patch of residue is detected inside one of the test tanks. As the test continues, the contamination begins to grow...

  • The very sociable Asuka, the Second Child, makes life difficult for the reticent Shinji, the Third Child, and wonders how Rei, the First Child, can even be human. While acclimating herself to her new surroundings, Asuka is able to show how good she can be in her debut battle with an Angel. It doesn't go very well. The Angel, split into two entities, makes fools of the Eva pilots. An N2 mine has to be used to stop the Angel temporarily. As the Angel regenerates itself into one body, Misato makes the children's life even more difficult when she unveils her strategy for defeating the Angel once and for all.

  • Misato takes Shinji and two of his classmates, Touji and Kensuke, along with her to meet up with the UN Naval Fleet. The Navy is bringing Eva Unit 02 from Germany and Misato has been charged with securing the weapon for NERV. Misato has a bit of trouble with the fleet's commander, who refuses to hand over Eva Unit 02 to NERV until they have docked in Japan, although that soon becomes the least of her worries as she has to deal with an old friend who has come along for the ride. Meanwhile, Shinji meets the spunky, hot-tempered pilot of Unit 02: Asuka Langley Souryuu.

  • After the intense battle with the last Angel, Shinji is able to catch his breath. For Misato, her work never ends. A competitor has arisen to the Eva series. Dubbed the Jet Alone, the prototype weapon will be tested out amidst the ruins of the old capital of Tōkyō. Misato and Dr. Akagi are sent as representatives of NERV to witness the Jet Alone in action.

  • Just as Rei Ayanami succeeded in synching with her Eva, the next Angel appeared over Neo Tōkyō 3. Eva Unit 01 was launched, but a massive laser strike from the Angel heavily damaged Unit 01 and rendered Shinji unconscious. While Shinji recovers in the hospital, the rest of NERV strategize the best way to defeat the Angel. They have little time to spare as the Angel has positioned itself directly above NERV Headquarters and has proceeded to drill its way into the Geo-Front, which shields NERV from the outside.

  • The last battle with an Angel has taken its toll on Shinji. His roommate Misato, having let Shinji skip school for a few days, attempts to rouse him from his state. Unfortunately, she finds out that Shinji's room is bare with only a letter for Misato present. He has run away. Out on the streets of Neo Tōkyō 3, Shinji walks around trying to figure out what to do. He decides to ride the train line for an entire day. By the end of the day, he figures that he should go back. However, he continues to stall for more time.

  • Having defeated his first Angel, Shinji has little time to celebrate. In addition to entering his intense training as an Eva pilot, he now must cope with transferring to his new middle school. Sitting quietly in class, Shinji overhears the story of Touji Suzahara. Touji had been absent from school for a number of days to look after his sister, who was injured in the recent battle between the Angel and Shinji's Eva.

  • Having learned about NERV, the Angels, and the Evas, including Eva Unit 01, which he must pilot, Shinji is reluctantly launched to the surface in Unit 01 with orders to destroy the Angel. Once on the surface, Shinji begins to walk with the massive weapon. A false step for Shinji creates an opening for his opponent. Eva Unit 01 falls to the ground and the Angel attacks Shinji. Attempting to crack the Eva's brain case, the Angel succeeds in rendering Shinji unconscious. Shinji's next waking moment finds him in a hospital bed suffering from memory loss.

  • Shinji Ikari, a 14-year-old boy, has been summoned by his father to Neo Tōkyō 3 for a purpose, which will only be revealed to Shinji when he arrives at his father's place of work. While waiting for Misato Katsuragi, the woman who will drive him to see his father, Shinji becomes caught in the middle of an intense battle between the United Nations and a massive creature. Able to escape with his escort, Shinji is taken to NERV, a secret agency that lies deep beneath the streets of Tōkyō 3. Within its massive walls is the last hope for mankind: Evangelion.

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