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This is an animated series that is based on the movie of the same name. The series only aired for one season from 1995-96. There are a few differences between the television show and the movie. A 12-year-old boy has somehow lost the imagination that he once had as a child. He grew older, as children do, and doesn't seem to want to play as much as he did or think about the comical aspects of life.

The young boy finds a book in a store, and the fantasies begin as he reads chapter after chapter. He starts a battle against the Nothing after creating a fantasy world called Fantasia. Some of his problems that he deals with in the real world are brought into play as he enters his fantasy life. He finds a magical way to deal with his issues in relation to the overtaking of his fantasy world.

2 Seasons, 26 Episodes
December 2, 1995
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Jayne Eastwood, Joyce Gordon, Marilyn Lightstone, Christine Anderson
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Neverending Story Full Episode Guide

Season 2 13 full episodes
  • Episode 26 - The Race

    Everyone in Fantasia is participating in The Race including Gluckuck on his racing Snail, Mr. Rockchewer on his stone bicycle, Engywook on his Kitzblitz Flying Machine, and Night Hob aboard his sleepy bat Thessle. Bastian joins the race with Barktroll, who has chosen the slowest, oldest mount in Fantasia. The fun and games turns to ruthless sabotage when Shadow Goblin and Vermin enter the race, slowly eliminating each and every contestant using every dirty trick in the book in the hopes of claiming the grand prize for themselves. Its a fierce RACE to the finish...where everyone plays to WIN!

  • Episode 25 - The Atonal Trolls
  • Episode 24 - Mirror, Mirror

    When Xayide craftily invents a mirror that reflects the opposite of whoever looks into it, Bastian is duped into creating a twin image of himself... an evil twin, who will do Xayides bidding. The evil Bastians first task is to deliver a gift to the Childlike Empress, a wicked spell that will send her off into an eternal slumber. However, what Xayide doesnt realize is that she unwittingly created a good Xayide as well as an evil Bastian...and now its up to the good guys to stop their bad twin counterparts from destroying Fantasia.

  • Episode 23 - The Perfect Gift
  • Episode 22 - The Everlasting Night

    When Xayide misuses a stolen recipe book of Urgls to concoct a spell, it only backfires and sends her into a deep sleeping trance. It inadvertently creates an evil black cloud called the Night Breath, whose destiny is to sweep across the land and cloak the world in total darkness! Bastian quickly teams up with Falkor and the Mighty Wind Giants, trying to put a stop to it, while Urgl and Engywook rush over to Horok Castle, trying to reverse Xayides sleeping trance. Time is running out...and soon Fantasia will become a victim of the Everlasting Night!

  • Episode 21 - The Searcher

    When Engywook takes the egg of a Llorp, mistaking it for the crystal key to the Vault of Wisdom, he travels on an expedition to the Land of Cold Fire to obtain all the knowledge he can. When Bastian and Falkor find the Mother Llorp crawling along the Desert of Goab on a search for her egg, they know Urgl is the only one who can help. Luckily for Bastian, its Urgl who solves the mystery of the wandering Llorp, realizing Engywook has stolen her egg. Now its up to Bastian and Falkor to frantically race against time, traveling to the wintery landscape to find Engywook and stop him before he crashes it!

  • Episode 20 - End of Time
  • Episode 19 - The Dreaming Field
  • Episode 18 - After The Falls
  • Episode 17 - Thunder and Lightening

    When the Gnomic Forest is experiencing a devastating drought, Engywook doubles his efforts to build a Rain-Making Machine. When an overzealous Bastian tries to help Engywook, he only ends up getting in the way and making matters worse. Trying to right his wrongs, Bastian takes the Rain Machine out for a ride, hoping to cause a rain storm, but instead, he inadvertently causes a full blown hurricane. With little time to waste, Bastian must now risk life and limb for his Gnomic friends and travel into the eye of the storm to save the well as his pride.

  • Episode 16 - The Three Feeling Stones
  • Episode 15 - Barktroll's Blame

    When a fire erupts in the Howling Forest, all eyes cast suspicious blame on Barktroll. With little choice, Barktroll must leave his home in search of a new one. Bastian accompanies him in hopes of finding the evidence that will clear Barktrolls bad reputation. Along the way they meet up with other inhabitants of the Forest including the Lumber Loafers, the Flim Flams, and four Old Geezer Tree Trolls, all of whom offer some pretty strange advice. In the end, our heroes wind up in an unusual neighborhood that provides a new home, new friendship, and the clue to who the arsonist of the Howling Forest really is!

  • Episode 14 - A Friendship That Flames
Season 1 13 full episodes
  • Episode 13 - Good Deeds

    Bastian arrives to see that Barktroll has been pleasantly rewarded (with faerie dust) for his efforts when he inadvertently helps a town of Faeries. However, Barktroll soon expects rewards from everyone, including a lonely trekker named Trell, who collects water and delivers it back to his town, where they suffer from drought. The jeopardy begins when Barktroll accidentally leaves the jug cap loose, breaks Trells cart and water barrel, and ends up having them cornered by nasty Wolvers. Bastian attempts to save the day, using Barktrolls faerie dust to shrink down and fly, causing a diversion. And while he does, he comes across an unexpected find; something that just may save everyone. In the end, Barktroll and Bastian learn that accepting a reward for doing a good deed takes a lot of the good away from it.

  • Episode 12 - Throiugh The Misty Mountains

    When a trade route through the Misty Mountains is closed due to a ferocious beast that lurks in the area, entire regions of Fantasia suffer from low food supplies. After much discussion, it is Large Head and Bastian who must combine their efforts to travel and investigate. Conflicts soon arise when this ill-matched pair bicker and quarrel at ever turn, finally opting to split up go in separate directions. However, each gets lost, and in the end, through the help of the Auryn, Large Head and Bastian must ultimately work together again. Their final battle of courage and teamwork comes when they must face the Beast in the Mountains. The outcome of which, no one could have guessed.

  • Episode 11 - Promises

    When giant fissures crack through the Grassy Plains, Bastian follow the great warrior Atreyu, and his sister Saiya back to the Greenskins camp to discover its source. There, Bastian and the Greenskin children learn of an evil Shaman from long ago who was exiled into the Canyon of Wits; who is now seeking his revenge on the tribe. The only thing that can stop the Shamans power is to retrieve his magic staff. When Atreyu offers to accept the mission, Bastian joins his friend. And soon, the boys discover that Saiya has secretly been following them. The stakes increase when the Shaman begins to play tricks on our heroes, using his magic to create magnificent illusions; testing their wits, courage and friendship.

  • Episode 10 - The Sea of Mist

    When Engywook returns from an exploration in the Sea of Mist, he shows Bastian his rare find; the Ancient Sea Scrolls, which legends says holds the answers to all the Fantasias mysteries. But the scrolls are soon stolen by Blondycat, who takes the scrolls aboard his vessel, disappearing into the Mist, on a mission to deliver them to the most evil villain of the Seas The Blue Djinn. With Engywook stowed away on board of Blondycats vessel, its up to Bastian and Urgl to follow; hoping to rescue Engywook and retrieve the scrolls before the Blue Djinn has a chance to use the scrolls powerful knowledge in a destructive way.

  • Episode 9 - The Belt of Invisibilty
  • Episode 8 - Perlin

    Bastian arrives in Fantasia just in time to see Perlin, the beautiful Night Forest, disintegrate before his eyes from the fire breath of Grograman, the Fire Lion, who livers in the Goab Desert of Colours. A new friendship is formed, and suddenly shattered when Xayide captures Grograman and encases him in a block of ice; allowing Perlin to weave an unending forest around Fantasia, soon to destroy the Ivory Tower and the Childlike Empress. With Barktroll at his side, and the Auryn close at hand, Bastian does the only thing he can he travels to Horok Castle to face off with Xayide; a mission that quickly sparks into an unexpected finale.

  • Episode 7 - Missing Memories

    When huge pieces of Fantasia are beginning to disappear, including the Childlike Empress memories, its up to Bastian to find out whats going on. Travelling first on Falkor to the Southern Oracle, then with Engywook on the Kitzblits Flying Machine to Yors Minround Mine of Memories, Bastian learns that the culprit is none other than Xayide. She has mined the memories of every Fantasian and taken them to the ice caverns of Destiny Mountain. There she plans to destroy every last one, saving the best for last Bastians Memories. With Engywook and the Snow Sprites help, Bastian must save Fantasia before its too late!

  • Episode 6 - Spook City
  • Episode 5 - To Save Falkor
  • Episode 4 - Moral's Wish

    Bastians birthday turns into a gruelling trek through the Swamps of Sadness when the Childlike Empress gives Bastian a mission to deliver a beautiful gift-wrapped box to Moral the aged tortoise. Matters are made worse when Bastian finds himself stuck with a loud-mouthed chatterbox Rooster named Jacko, who have them walking in circles. And when Bastian finally ditches the rooster, he discovers that two thieves, Shadow Goblin and his seedy sidekick Vermin, have captured Jacko and are holding him for ransom in exchange for the gift box. With little choice but to help the rooster, Bastian hands over the gift box. But the stakes are increased tenfold when the box is finally opened. And no one is more surprised than our hero to find out what its contents are!

  • Episode 3 - The Purple Buffalo

    When Bastian arrives on the Grassy Plains of the Greenskin tribe, he finds out that the Purple Buffalo have disappeared along with his great warrior friend, Atreyu. On his mission to find them, Bastian is visited by the Great White Buffalo spirit whose message becomes clear when Bastian finds a strange Land Galleon floating on the Grassy Ocean. The vessel belongs to Xayide, who has used her evil sorcery to capture the Purple Buffalo, imprisoning them in a crystal sphere. Soon they will magically transform into purple locusts, to be set free on Fantasia to devour everything in sight. Its up to Bastian to save Atreyu, the Purple Buffalo, the Greenskin Tribeand all of Fantasia from Xayides evil plan of destruction!

  • Episode 2 - The Meek and The Mighty
  • Episode 1 - Tears of Sadness

    When Bastian arrives in Fantasia he discovers that some of the citizens have turned into frozen statues. Realizing its coming from the water, Bastian collects a strange potion from Urgl and travels with Barktroll and Falkor to the Fountain of Life. There he discovers that Xayide is contaminating the water with tears of sadness from the hideous Acharis; giving Fantasians more sorrow than they can bear. But when Barktroll accidentally drops Urgls potion into the pool with the Acharis, everyone is in for a freaky surprise; especially Xayide!

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