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ABC's late night news program, Nightline, continues to hold the number one time slot. Once resistant to change, the show's producers expertly balance media demands while still honoring the program's traditions. Built on the solid foundation of offering viewers a "mix of investigative journalism and interviews", the new Nightline had a daunting task ahead of them. Today news is available 24/7. How does a news program steeped in tradition keep up in today's news world? Nightline created balance by giving its viewers a multi-anchor, multi-subject format that engages the viewer through social media outlets. These changes still hold strong to its thirty-two year goal to keep America informed.

Nightline began as a special report program regarding The Iran Hostage Crisis in November 1979. The news program revolved around one subject. As the crisis wore on, the show began to count the days with its American viewers. At the end of the 144-day affair, Ted Koppel, a former ABC News State Department Correspondent, held the anchor position until he retired in 2005. Good ratings showed, America's interested for in depth, simple format of the 25-minute program. Attempts to change the format failed in its early days. After Ted Koppel retired in 2005, Nightline once again felt pressure to renew the show.

Program directors realized the need to expand the program. The anchor team of Bill Weir, Cynthia McFadden and Terry Moran cover all news subjects with expertise. Each anchor holds numerous awards in journalism and reporting. Bill Weir focuses on global issues. He followed stories in Iran and Iraq; The Japanese Tsunami of 2011 and Chilean Miner Tragedy. Cynthia McFadden's journalistic interest is on human rights and legal topics. Her resume includes familiar topics as the O.J. Simpson trials and The Bosnian War Crimes. Former White House Chief Correspondent, Terry Moran, is the show's political consultant out of Washington D.C. Moran interviews political figures and discusses topics relevant to viewer concerns. The well-rounded anchor team of Nightline, keeps America up to date with expert journalistic flair.

Nightline's choice to jump on the social network bandwagon opened up an interactive world between staff and viewers. Set up on both Twitter and Facebook in 2009, Nightline now has a million Twitter followers and over 80,000 Facebook likes. Both pages bubble with viewer comments. The social network popularity gives viewers a voice and interactive freedom. ABC's Nightline continues a rise in ratings, while holding the number one spot for its time slot. The show's anchor team and investigative reporting, continues the tradition of delivering a mix of investigative journalism and current updated news to its late night viewers.

Weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on ABC News
16 Seasons, 2487 Episodes
April 29, 2010
Documentary & Biography, News
Cast: JuJu Chang, Bill Weir, Terry Moran, Byron Pitts
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  • Why Child Murderer Diane Downs Was Arrested In Chilling 1983 Case; New Video Shows Collapse Of 8-Person Pyramid Balancing On Wire 25 Feet Above Ground

  • From Playing At Home To The Arena, Inside The Billion-Dollar eSports Industry; 'Us' stars Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke And Director Jordan Peele Discuss Its Meaning

  • NFL Player Credits Car Cam App With Catching Alleged Thief 'Red-Handed'; 'Billions' Star Asia Kate Dillon On Using Platform As First Non-Binary TV Star

  • Wendy Williams Reveals She's Been Living In 'Sober House'; After Mistrial, Man Accused Of Murdering NYC Jogger Back In Court

  • Arizona Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Having Sex With 13-Year-Old; How The 'Queen Of Slime' Karina Garcia Became An Internet Sensation

  • The Dropout; How Elizabeth Holmes rose to prominence in Silicon Valley; Why a Theranos whistleblower decided to come forward

  • Federal investigation into college admission scheme launches new complaints; The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes and her startup Theranos

  • How Police Tracked The Serial Bomber Who Terrorized Austin For 19 Days; The Moment One Of The Most Prolific Bombers In US History Was Taken Down

  • Celebs, CEOs Implicated In $25 Million College Admissions Cheating Scam: Prosecutors; 'Bachelor' Colton Gets Fairy Tale Ending After Winning Back Cassie

  • 'Queen Of Versailles' Family Turn Attention To Drug Epidemic After Losing Daughter; Inside New Orleans' All-Female Motorcycle Club 'The Caramel Curves'

  • What Happened When A Texas Doctor Was Killed In An Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot; 'Queer Eye' Cast Talks Impact Of Show And New Season With Adam Rippon

  • Inside Alleged Scheme Insys Therapeutics Used To Sell Deadly Opioid, Former Insys Employee Says Company Asked Them To Lie To Insurance Reps; Where The Federal Racketeering Case Against Insys Stands Today

  • R. Kelly Lashes Back At Abuse Allegations In Impassioned Interview; The Debate Around Kylie Jenner 'Self-Made' Billionaire Forbes Title; 'Jeopardy' Host Alex Trebek Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer

  • Michael Jackson Estate Fights Back Against Allegations In 'Leaving Neverland'; Dr. Pimple Popper Talks Changing Lives In Wildly Popular Videos And TLC Show

  • '90210' And 'Riverdale' Star Luke Perry Dies At 52; Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson On Taking Landmark Role

  • How Police Found Sarah Stern's Killer, Captured His Confession With His Friend's Help; 'Bachelor In Paradise' Stars Jade And Tanner Open Up About Their Heartbreaking Miscarriage

  • New Jersey Man Shows Police How He Disposed Of His Friend Sarah Stern's Body; 'Idol' Judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie Hint At Awesome New Talent

  • What We Learned From Michael Cohen's House Oversight Committee Testimony; Grey's Anatomy Will Become Longest Running Primetime Medical Drama On TV

  • Selma Blair Describes The Moment She Received Her Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis; Nicolas Maduro Says Humanitarian Aid To Venezuela Is Political Ploy By U.S.

  • Uncovering Rampant Sexual Harassment In Housing Systems; Going Under The Knife To Look Like Meghan Markle

  • R. Kelly Charge With 10 Counts Of Aggravated Criminal Sexual Abuse; Former Uber Driver Claims Ride-Sharing App Directed Him To Commit 2016 Shootings

  • Jussie Smollett Charged With Felony, Out On Bond For Allegedly Staging Hoax Attack; Inside The Big Business Of Being A Social Media Influencer

  • 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Charged In Alleged Racist Attack Case; Oscar-Nominated 'Roma' Stars On What The Film Means To Them, Domestic Workers

  • Young American Mom Who Married ISIS Fighters Begs To Return To US; How A Man Born Without Arms Or Legs Became An Inspiring High School Football Coach

  • Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper Discuss Working Together In 'A Star Is Born'; Behind The Scenes With Oscars Live Announcer Randy Thomas

  • Serial Killer Ted Bundy's Murder Spree Instills Fear In The Pacific Northwest; Ted Bundy On The Run Makes His Final Stop In Florida

  • Questions Swirl Over 'Empire' Star's Alleged Racist Attack; How This Climber Made A Solo Journey Up Yosemite's El Capitan With No Gear

  • Family Fears Anti-Vax Parents in Their Area are Putting Son With Leukemia at Risk; Parkland Survivors, Victims' Parents Reflect on Year of Progress Since Massacre

  • The Risks of Using Only Thermography for Breast Cancer Screenings; El Chapo Found Guilty on all 10 Charges; Wire Fox Terrier Wins Best in Show

  • Meet Marianne Williamson, Spiritual Guru, Friend Of Oprah's, Presidential Candidate; Baby Chanco And The Competitive, At Times Controversial, Child Modeling Industry

  • Man Found Dead, Believed To Have Committed Suicide With Antifreeze; Woman Charged With Second Husband's Murder, Attempting To Kill Daughter

  • Doctors Race To Find Out More About Polio-Like Condition Before Next Wave Of Illnesses; This Beyonce, Cardi B Songwriter Started Out Making Beats In Her Dorm Room

  • VA Governor, Liam Neeson Controversies Reignite Discussions About Racism Today; Henry Winkler On Reinventing Himself After Iconic Role As Fonzie

  • In 2nd State of the Union, Trump Says 'Walls Work,' Announces Next NK Summit; Breaking Down Trump's 2nd State of the Union Key Moments, Surprises; Trump Honors 10-Year-Old Brain Cancer Survivor

  • Cardi B On Life Since Becoming A Mom, Why She Didn't Perform At Super Bowl Halftime; Mysterious BMW Fires Continue Amid Calls For Investigation

  • In-depth reporting on news and events with Dan Harris, Juju Chang and Byron Pitts.

  • 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett Released From Hospital As Support Pours In; 'America's Got Talent' Star Jackie Evancho Opens Up About Anorexia; Cliff Simms Is Latest To Publish Tell-All About His Time In The White House

  • Fyre Festival Investigation Sparks Conversation About Power Of Influencers; Ted Bundy Movie Faces Backlash For Allegedly Glamorizing Serial Killer

  • Cardi B's 'Twerk' Video Sparks Conversation On Women's Empowerment; Chris Christie On His Relationship With President Donald Trump

  • Star Student Athlete Asked Repeatedly For Protection Before She Was Murdered; Parents Of Slain Student Lauren McCluskey Work To Ensure Her Legacy

  • At The US Southern Border, Desperate Families Attempt Two Paths To Asylum; Former Dallas Cowboys Player Breaking Barriers As First In NFL History To Marry A Man

  • Fyre Festival Failures Showcased In Dueling Documentaries; How Viral Moment Of Teen's Confrontation With Native American Elder Unfolded

  • The Deadly Risks Women And Their Babies Face At Childbirth In The United States; Behind The Scenes Of 'The Bachelor' With Its First 'Virgin Bachelor' Colton Underwood

  • John Walsh Returns To TV To Help Missing Children; Raising The Bar To Go Viral

  • Disgraced Former Teacher Faces Kidnapping Victim In Court; YouTube Sensation 'The Slow Mo Guys' Turns Ordinary Objects Into Extraordinary Videos

  • In-depth reporting on news and events with Dan Harris, Juju Chang and Byron Pitts.

  • Capt. Sully Reunites With Passengers On 10th Anniversary Of 'Miracle On The Hudson'; What Investigators Could Learn About Doomed Lion Air Flight From Recovered Black Box

  • In-depth reporting on news and events with Dan Harris, Juju Chang and Byron Pitts.

  • Woman Who Found Jayme Closs Tells The Story Of Her Remarkable Rescue; The Chilling True Story Behind 'Dirty John'

  • What The Situation At The US Southern Border Is Like Now; R. Kelly's Lawyer Speaks Out As Collaborators Pull Support For The Singer

  • 'Surviving R. Kelly' Doc Sparks Investigation Into Abuse Allegations; Trans Advocate Jazz Jennings On Life Before, After Gender Confirmation Surgery

  • Trump argues national security 'crisis' at US southern border; Lindsay Lohan and co-stars talk highlights, drama of new reality show

  • 'Rape by fraud?' College student case will help expose loophole in rape laws; On set with the cast of 'The Conners'

  • John Bobbitt On His Relationship With Lorena Leading Up To Knife Attack; What Happened After John Bobbitt's Then-Wife Cut Off His Penis; How John Bobbitt Feels About His Ex-Wife Lorena Today

  • Pelosi Retakes Speaker's Gavel As Shutdown Continues

  • 'No Company Which Can't Be Hacked': The Remote Romanian Town Dubbed 'Hackerville'; Remembering Tyler Trent, The Inspiring Purdue Fan

  • The War On Whaling: Activists, Industry Fight Over Hunting The Gentle Sea Giants; Karlie Kloss, From Supermodel To Coding Coach For Girls

  • Audio Recording Of Kevin Spacey Court Hearing Provides Insight On Actor's Defense; The Legacy Of Alvin Ailey, Celebrating The Company's 60th Anniversary

  • Paradise Residents Struggle To Celebrate Holidays After Camp Fire Devastation; Dan Harris Shares His Meditation Journey And Talks 'Meditation For Fidgety Skeptics'

  • Woman Who Spent 23 Years In Prison For Murder On Her Life Today Outside A Cell; Moments that made our skin crawl in 2018

  • Government Shutdown Begins As Congress Can't Reach Deal; Fiance Of Missing Colorado Mom Arrested On Murder Charges; 'Mary Poppins Returns': Behind The Scenes Of How New Film Was Made

  • The Marshall Islands, A Nation That Fears It's On The Brink Of Extinction; Passing The Torch In Broadway Revival Of Acclaimed Play 'Torch Song'

  • In-depth reporting on news and events with Dan Harris, Juju Chang and Byron Pitts.

  • Body Cam Video Shows Moment Police Breached Las Vegas Shooter's Hotel Room; Breaking Down The Night Of The Las Vegas Massacre Moment-By-Moment; Remembering The Mass Shooting In Las Vegas

  • Police Search Property Of Missing Colorado Mother's Fiance; Chef Lidia Bastianich Celebrates Her American Story In New Cooking Show

  • Michael Cohen Speaks Out After His Sentencing: 'I Have My Freedom Back'; How Dua Lipa Became One Of Pop Music's Biggest Breakout Stars

  • The Renewed Pushback Against Online Porn And NSFW Content; Broadway's 'King Kong's' Modern Spin On Classic Hollywood Tale

  • Border Crisis: Death of a Dream; Guatemalan Toddler Who Died After ICE Detention Subject of $60 Million Legal Claim; Audio Recordings Shine Light on Allegations That ICE Provides Poor Medical Care

  • Proud Boys founder on whether he feels responsible for its controversial behavior; Roger the ripped kangaroo caretaker: 'Roger and I were best mates'

  • When seeing isn't believing: using AI to create 'Deepfakes'; This family transforms home into larger-than-life North Pole Christmas display

  • What Happened The Morning Pregnant Mom, Two Daughters Went Missing; The Moment Chris Watts Confessed To Murdering His Pregnant Wife

  • NFL Player Reuben Foster's Ex-Girlfriend Describes Alleged Abuse; 'Mary Poppins Returns': Behind The Scenes Of How New Film Was Made

  • At Bush's Funeral, An Emotional George W. Bush Pays Tribute To His Father; George H.W. Bush, In His Own Words, Reflects On His Presidency, Family

  • Millions Leave Venezuela To Keep Their Families Alive; Venezuelan Migrants In Mass Exodus Face More Challenges

  • Three Years After Sandra Bland's Death, Questions Still Swirl Around Her Case; George H.W. Bush: An Intimate Look At The Life Of A President

  • The Life And Legacy Of George H.W. Bush; George H. W. Bush Reflects On The Strength Drawn From Family; Bush Family Speaks Out After Death Of Their Patriarch

  • New Documents Show What Chris Watts Did After Murdering Pregnant Wife, Kids; Reuben Foster's Signing Opens Debate On NFL's Handling Of Domestic Violence Cases

  • Ivanka Trump Responds To Personal Email Use Questions, Border Crisis And Her Father; Swedish Model Accused Of 'Blackfishing' Reopens Debate On Race And Appropriation

  • How Residents Of This US-Mexico Border Town Reacted To US Troops, Migrants' Influx; Amanda Bynes Opens Up About Past Drug Use, Quitting Acting And Getting Sober

  • Inside One Of Texas' Largest Mass Casualty Drills; Stars Of 'Creed II' On Bringing A Love Of Boxing Movies To A New Generation

  • 'Evil Monster': The Gruesome Case Of Colo. Man Who Killed Pregnant Wife, Kids; 'A Very Human Story': Hugh Jackman On Playing Disgraced Candidate Gary Hart

  • R. Kelly's Ex-Wife Tells Her Story Of Their Marriage: 'People Have No Idea'; Long Live The Queens: Drag Gone Mainstream

  • Out of the Ashes: Return to Santa Rosa; 'Everything we've worked for.. gone': Santa Rosa remembers fire one year later:Part 1; Santa Rosa police officer reunites with 87-year-old he saved in fire: Part 3

  • In Alleged Scheme, Couple, Homeless Man Accused of Raising $400,000 'On a Lie'; 'The Boys in the Cave': How 12 boys, coach escaped a cave in Thailand

  • Monica Lewinsky's Affair With Bill Clinton Re-Examined; Karlie Kloss, From Supermodel To Coding Coach For Girls

  • Scenes From California As Unprecedented Destruction From Fires Continue; Country's Biggest Stars Catch Up With Robin Roberts Ahead Of CMA Awards

  • California Residents Describe Loss, Harrowing Escapes From Deadly Wildfires; Marvel Comics Legend Stan Lee's Incredible Legacy; Michelle Obama On Her Marriage, Husband's Grueling Campaign; 'Stand Up For Heroes': A Message Of Fighting And Healing Together

  • At Least 5 Dead, Cities Evacuated As Wildfire Engulfs Northern California; Veterans Team Up With Former Athletes To Build More Than Just Physical Strength

  • What We Know About California Bar Shooting That Left 12 Dead; 'Basketball: A Love Story': The Game's Legends Explore Its Key Moments In History

  • Post Midterms, Sessions Out In Stunning Resignation, Some Races Too Close To Call; Telling Legendary Journalist Marie Colvin's Story In 'A Private War'

  • Democrats Take House, Republicans Keep Senate In Historic Midterms; Battle for Congress: breaking down results of midterm elections

  • One day Before Midterm Elections, Voters Speak Out On What Issues Matter Most To Them; Attacking The Vote: How American Votes Can Be 'Hacked'; US Soldier Killed In Afghanistan Had One Message For US Ahead Of Midterms: Vote

  • The Mystery Surrounding The Lion Air Jet Crash; Steve Carell, Timothee Chalamet On True Story Of Family Struggling With Addiction; Alec Baldwin Arrested For Assault In New York City

  • Bernie Sanders On What It'll Take For A 'Blue Wave' To Hit Congress; N.D.'s Native Americans Say New Law Blocks Many Of Their Population's Right To Vote

  • Brian Kemp, Stacey Abrams Make Final Push in Tight Georgia Governor's Race; In Wisconsin, farmers struggling to make ends meet may play vital role in midterms

  • A Former White Supremacist on How to Weaken Hate in US; Jamal Khashoggi's fiancee shares about the day Saudi journalist was murdered

  • Pittsburgh Comes Together in Wake of Horrific Synagogue Shooting; Pittsburgh shooting in Squirrel Hill, Mr. Rogers' real-life neighborhood; Remembering the victims of Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

  • How Mail Bombing Suspect Was Tracked Down; Students Team Up With Sia To Share Their Powerful Message On Gun Violence

  • How Investigation Into Suspected Mail Bomb Campaign Is Unfolding; What's Next For Megyn Kelly?

  • What to Know About the Suspicious Packages Delivered to Clinton, Obama, CNN and More; Panning for gold in the Yukon with the men of 'Gold Rush'

  • We Have A Winner: Mega Millions Winner Takes $1.6 Billion Jackpot; Elle King On Some Of Her Darkest Times And The Music That Saved Her

  • Thousands Endure Brutal Conditions in Migrant Caravan Bound for US Border; How Ted Cruz, Beto O'Rourke are battling it out in heated Texas Senate race; In 'Basketball: A Love Story,' NBA greats share their love of the game

  • Pregnant Woman Found Murdered, Police Suspect Her Fiance's 11-Year-Old Son; Man Accused Of Murder At Age 11 Has Conviction Overturned At Age 20

  • The Accuser And The Accused: The Debate Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations On Campus; How David Guetta Helped Bring House Music To The US And Made His Rise To The Top

  • Family Of Woman Killed In 'Cold Medicine Murder' Haunted By Regret; The War On Whaling: Activists, Industry Fight Over Hunting The Gentle Sea Giants

  • Being black in America: When performing everyday activities triggers 911 calls; Meet 'The Conners': What to expect from the show without Roseanne

  • 'It was like a dream': Trans advocate Jazz Jennings on gender confirmation surgery; Jimmy Kimmel on his career and why he's taking on politics in the Trump era; Meet 'The Conners': What to expect from the show without Roseanne

  • First Lady Melania Trump On Immigration, Family Separation And 'The Jacket'; First Lady Melania Trump On The State Of Her Marriage To President Trump

  • Hurricane Michael Leaves Destruction, Thousands Without Power In Its Wake; Remembering Gay Student Matthew Shepard And His Legacy 20 Years After His Murder

  • Hurricane Michael, Strongest Storm To Hit US In 50 Years, Makes Landfall In Florida; Rapper T.I. Gives A Tour Of His Hometown Neighborhood In Atlanta

  • More Details Emerge In Deadly New York Limo Crash That Killed 20; How Dua Lipa Became One Of Pop Music's Biggest Breakout Stars

  • Taylor Swift Endorses Democrats In Tennessee With Rare Political Statement; Instagram Playground: Inside The Space Created Just For Taking Photos

  • Key GOP, Democratic Senators Throw Their Support Behind Kavanaugh; Lady Gaga Was 'Blown Away' By Bradley Cooper's Voice For 'A Star Is Born'

  • Protestors Descend On DC As Senators Pour Over FBI Kavanaugh Report; 'Shark Tank's' Most Memorable Moments As It Launches Season 10

  • Teens React To Trump's 'Young Men In America' Comments, Kavanaugh Hearings; Alicia Keys On Co-Parenting With Her Husband And His Ex-Wife

  • Chicago Police Officer Who Killed Laquan McDonald Testifies In Own Defense; Gisele Bundchen On Rising Up From 'Rock Bottom,' Adjusting To Motherhood

  • US's youngest face transplant recipient shares story of suicide survival, hope; FBI investigates Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh allegations; Vegas shooting survivors wed 1 year after massacre

  • Kavanaugh Nomination: Committee Moves Judge Brett Kavanaugh Forward; How This Climber Made A Solo Journey Up Yosemite's El Capitan With No Gear

  • Christine Blasey Ford Testifies Before Committee, Kavanaugh Defends Himself; Breaking Down What Happened at the Kavanaugh Hearings Today

  • Third Woman Accuses SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh of Sexual Misconduct; Woman Says She Forgave Her Rapist After Kavanaugh Allegations Moved Her to Reach Out

  • 'Reversing Roe': Documentary Explores History Of Landmark Supreme Court Abortion Case; Bill Cosby Sentenced To 3 To 10 Years In State Prison For Assault

  • Kavanaugh under fire: Second Accuser Comes Forward Against Supreme Court Nominee; Survivors And Supporters Rally Together In Girls For Gender Equity Walkout

  • One Year After Maria: On The Ground In Puerto Rico As Recovery Efforts Continue; '40-Year-Old Virgin' Actor's Ex Reacts To Parole: 'I'll Always Have To Watch My Back'

  • Recent Murders Highlight Dangers Female Joggers Could Face While On A Run; More Than Just A Tourist Destination: Bolivia's Salt Flats Are Key To Its Future

  • Before Christine Blasey Ford, There Was Anita Hill, Who Upended A SCOTUS Nomination; Meet The 'Weed Nuns' Who Put Faith In The Healing Powers, And Profits, Of Cannabis

  • Surgeon And Woman Accused Of Drugging, Raping Two Women; Kidnapping Survivor Elizabeth Smart's Captor Wanda Barzee To Be Released From Prison

  • What Brett Kavanaugh Sexual Assault Allegations Could Mean For Nominee; Sally Field Reflects On Her Past In New Memoir, 'In Pieces'

  • Hurricane Florence Continues To Pound The Carolina Coast; North Carolina Town Still Reeling From Hurricane Matthew, Hit By Florence

  • Hurricane Florence Closes In On The Carolina Coast; Hurricane Florence: In North Carolina With Family Attempting To Ride Out The Storm; Outer Bands Of Hurricane Florence Lashing The Carolina Coastline

  • Couple Accused Of Keeping GoFundMe Donations Intended For Homeless Man; Brigitte Nielson Opens Up After Having A Baby At 54

  • Bob Woodward On 'Fear,' His New Book That Has President Trump Enraged; 'A Simple Favor' Cast On The Film's Love Triangle, What It Was Like Behind The Scenes

  • Les Moonves Accuser Speaks Out As CBS Chairman, CEO Is Let Go From The Network; Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper discuss their chemistry and working together for 'A Star Is Born'

  • A Range Of Reactions To Nike's 'Just Do It' Colin Kaepernick Ad; Burt Reynolds: A Look Back At His Most Iconic Roles; Incredible Dorm Transformations Have College Students Living Large In Small Spaces

  • Police Body Cams Capture Horrific Moments Inside 2017 Santa Rosa Inferno; The 2017 Santa Rosa Fire Aftermath Was 'End-Of-The-World Type Stuff'

  • Mom, Step-Dad Open Up About Daughter's Tragic Murder By Her Own Father; Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop Site Agrees To Pay $145K Over Unsubstantiated Product Claims

  • Nike's Colin Kaepernick Ad: What Branding Social Activism Could Mean For Business; FBI Recovered Stolen Ruby Slippers Worn In Wizard Of Oz

  • A Final Goodbye To Aretha Franklin: Celebrities Gather For Funeral Celebration; Aretha Franklin: Defining What It Meant To Be A Diva

  • Juuling: What Is The Trendy Vape Pen Becoming Popular Among Teens; Only One Way Down: Inside The Competition With The World's Most Elite Cliff Divers

  • Louis C.K. Performs First Stand-Up Comedy Set Since Admitting To Sexual Misconduct; Behind The Scenes With Ed Sheeran As He Writes Some Of His Hit Songs

  • When Sharks Attack: What You Need To Know To Protect Yourself; How False Eyelashes Become A Must-Have, Everyday Accessory And A Booming Market

  • The Three Republicans Vying To Be The Next Senator From McCain's Home State; John McCain's Lighter Side, From 'SNL' To 'Wedding Crashers'; Remembering Former ABC News Correspondent Barrie Dunsmore

  • Coach, Kids Rescued From Thai Cave On The Moment They Were Found; After Rescue From Thai Cave, Coach, Boys Share Message To The World

  • Inside Afghanistan: On The Ground With U.S. Troops; 'It's Just Like A Feeling': Ariana Grande On How She Knew Pete Davidson Was The One

  • Ex-Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty, Paul Manafort Found Guilty On 8 Counts; Body Found In Search For Missing Iowa Jogger Mollie Tibbetts

  • Friend Of Woman Allegedly Killed By Husband On Why Something 'Didn't Seem Right'; How 'BlacKkKlansman' Director, Cast Tackled Story Of Black Cop Infiltrating The KKK

  • After pleading for help in finding them, man arrested in wife, daughters' murders; 'Crazy Rich Asians' stars, author on making the film, Asian-American representation

  • Celebrities, fans remember Aretha Franklin, who died at age 76; Aretha Franklin: Defining what it meant to be a diva

  • Parkland Students Return To School Six Months After Deadly Shooting; Meet The Youngest Athlete To Ever Qualify For The World Surf League Championship Tour

  • Omarosa Says Trump Trying To 'Silence' Her As Campaign Files Arbitration Against Her; More Than 1,000 Children Were Victims Of Priest Abuse, According To Grand Jury Report

  • Trump Responds To Omarosa, After She Releases Audio She Says Is Of The President; Country Music Star Luke Combs On Fans, Songwriting And Remembering Las Vegas

  • Children Of Camden, 10 Years Of Hope, Dreams And Setbacks; DUI Suspect Tells Police 'I'm a Very Clean, Thoroughbred White Girl'

  • 'Snapchat Dysmorphia': Patients Seeking Out Cosmetic Surgery For 'Filtered' Look; Why Bette Midler Says She Returned To 'Hello, Dolly!'

  • Why Man Says He's Fighting To Be Allowed To Post Blueprints For 3-D Printed Guns; Young Chef Hopes To Make A Name for Himself In The Cooking World With New Restaurant

  • What Is 'QAnon' And How The Conspiracy Theory Gained Mainstream Attention; Imagine Dragons Lead Singer On His Mormon Faith And Supporting LGBTQ Community

  • Search for Missing Jogger Mollie Tibbetts Continues, as Reward Breaks Record; Only One Way Down: Inside The Competition With The World's Most Elite Cliff Divers; Beyonce's Major Health Scare...

  • If Couple Wins Case, Would Embryos Be Legally Considered A Person?; Facebook Group Connects People Grappling With Shocking DNA Test Results

  • How This Radio Host Went From Rock-Bottom Debt To Becoming A Financial Guru; Inside The Effort To Rescue, Rehabilitate And Return Manatees To The Wild; Jennifer Lopez Reacts To Being Honored With...

  • Mexican Plane Crashes Moments After Takeoff; When Looking for Love on Dating Apps Turns Dangerous; Man Hit by Car Doing #InMyFeelings Challenge as NTSB Warns Against the Viral Dance

  • Protests Continue After No Charges Filed In Fatal Minneapolis Police Shooting; Penn State Frat Member Won't Face Jail Time In Pledge's Death

  • Mommy shaming: Mothers Say They are Being Shamed for Their Parenting Decisions; Husband Wins $9 Million in Lawsuit Against Man His Wife Had an Affair With; Lebron James on why New School is One of...

  • Thai Cave Rescuers Describe Mission, Say They Expected Some Kids to Die; Angela Bassett on the Success of 'Black Panther' and the #MeToo Movement

  • Man Who Needs Bone Marrow Transplant Searches for Birth Mother; Mother Meets the Son She Gave up for Adoption 45 Years Ago

  • How a Group is Trying to Bridge the Growing Partisan Divide and Depolarize America; Shark Experts Share Tips on How to Avoid a Deadly Encounter with Sharks

  • Paramedics Respond to Home of Demi Lovato, Transport Female Patient to Hospital; The Search for Answers into Duck Boat Tragedy That Killed 17 Tourists

  • Women speak out on accusing ex-USC doctor of sexual misconduct, which he denies.

  • Mystery Diagnosis, Children Under Attack; Kids Suffer From Debilitating Episodes After Recovering From Strep Throat; Parents Of Kids Diagnosed With PANDAS Face Skepticism From Some Doctors

  • Hunting Exotic Animals at Some Texas Ranches Said to Help Conservation Effort; Social Star Randy Rainbow on Making a Birthday Video for Hillary Clinton

  • Rescued Boys, Coach Say They Never Gave Up Hope Of Being Found In Thailand Cave; Man On Death Row Hopes DNA Testing Will Exonerate Him Before Execution

  • DNA Led to Arrest in Cold-Case Murder of an 8-Year-Old Girl in Indiana After 30 Years; 23 Injured as Lava Bomb Hits Tour Boat in Hawaii; Boston Marathon Runner-up Says She is Trying for the 2020...

  • Trump and Putin: The Helsinki Summit; Breaking Down The Helsinki Summit: What Happened When Trump and Putin Met; A Look at Life Inside Putin's Russia

  • 'He's The Evil': Kidnap Victim Faces Off With Captor In Court; Man Abandoned At Birth By Mom Uses Genetic Genealogy To Look For Biological Parents; 'Lincoln's Last Trial': How Winning A Murder Trial Helped Lincoln Become President

  • 'It's Fashion With Protection': Bulletproof Wear Demand Is Rising, Say Designers; Behind The Scenes Of Britain's Latest Obsession, The Reality TV Show 'Love Island'

  • Images Show Thai Boys Recovering In Hospital After Being Rescued From Cave; Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson On Why 'Skyscraper' And Its Family Focus Was Special To Him

  • Divers Successfully Rescue 13 Boys And Soccer Coach From Thailand Cave; Justin Bieber confirms engagement to model Hailey Baldwin

  • Rescue Operation Continues For Boys, Soccer Coach In Thailand Cave; President Trump Names Brett Kavanaugh As Supreme Court Nominee

  • Effort To Rescue Thai Soccer Teammates And Coach Trapped In Cave Continues; 'Drunk History' Creators On How They Came Up With The Idea For The Show; Travis Pastrana Will Attempt Stunt That Nearly Killed Evel Knievel

  • A look at the shocking investigation that put a serial killer behind bars; How GIPHY turned short videos into a multi-million dollar, internet-ruling idea; Houston police officer asks for a dance girl in wheelchair

  • 'I Just Won't Go Down': Kathy Griffin On Making Her Comeback After Trump Scandal; Meet A 16-Year-Old Self-Taught Contortionist And YouTube Star; Passengers Rescue Woman Trapped By Train

  • Missing Soccer Team Found Alive In A Cave In Thailand After 10 Days; Back Home In Staten Island With 'The Way I Are' Singer Bebe Rexha; Cop Shows Off To A Group Of Kids With An Epic Cartwheel And Backflip

  • Whitney Houston's Brother, Sister-In-Law On Shocking Revelations In New Documentary; Kenyan Hotel, Sanctuary Allows Visitors To Have Breakfast With Giraffes; Remembering The Victims Of The Capital Gazette Shooting

  • Five Dead, Several Injured In Shooting At Annapolis Newspaper Capital Gazette; Scientists Use Satellite Tags To Monitor Amazon River's Living Legend, Pink Dolphins; 'He Was A Huge Inspiration': Exhibit Celebrates David Bowie's Life

  • Supreme Court Justice And Crucial Swing Vote Anthony Kennedy Is Retiring; First Responders Use Drones To Aid Hurricane Rescues, Emergency Response; Learn The History Of Gay Pride's Rainbow Flag

  • Juuling: What Is The Trendy Vape Pen Becoming Popular Among Teens; Inside A Flat Earth Convention, Where Nearly Everyone Believes Earth Isn't Round; ABC News Intern Takes Epic Win In 'Running Of The Interns' Race At Supreme Court

  • Roseanne Barr Makes Tearful Apology In First Interview Since 'Roseanne' Cancellation; Women In Saudi Arabia Now Allowed To Drive After Longstanding Ban Lifted; Meet The Winner Of The 'World's Ugliest Dog' Contest

  • Families Hope To Reunite With Kids As Debate Over Separation At The Border Continues; What The 'Roseanne' Spinoff 'The Conners' Could Look Like Without Roseanne Barr; Sailor Returned From Deployment Surprises Sister

  • First Lady Melania Trump Visits Texas To See Migrant Children Separated From Parents; 'The Last Defense': An In Depth Look At The Series Exploring Death-Row Convictions; ABC Announces 'Roseanne'...

  • President Trump Signs Executive Order He Says Will Keep Immigrant Families Together; Inside The Business Of Transylvania And The Real-Life Dracula's Castle In Romania; Bear Gets Freed After Being...

  • US Immigration And Child Separation Policy Continues To Spark Backlash; Behind The Scenes With The Directors Of The Hit New Ruth Bader Ginsburg Doc 'RBG'; This Couple Got Married On A Plane Mid-Flight

  • What We Know About Immigrant Children Being Separated From Their Parents; Why People Are Leaving Their Homes And Journeying To Cross The Border To The US; Ted Cruz Wins Blobfish Basketball Classic

  • Barstool Sports' Female CEO Shares Her Vision For The Company And Its Brand; Stephen Hawking Honored, Ashes Buried At Westminster Abbey

  • Former NFL Cheerleaders Are Suing Houston Texans Alleging Harassment, Unfair Pay; New Bear Grylls Challenge Tests The Art of Survival of Everyday People; Steve Scalise And Capital Police Take The Field

  • Ex-Wife of Arizona Killing-Spree Suspect Says She Lived in Fear For Her Life; Meet The Female Monster Truck Drivers Who Are Barreling Over Their Competition; The Raccoon That Scaled A 20-Story...

  • Trump And Kim, Face To Face: The Historic Summit; What Happened During Trump, Kim Jong Un's Historic Summit; Life Inside North Korea, The Hermit Kingdom

  • President Trump Meets With Kim Jong Un To Commit To denuclearization; Future Challenges Remain To Verify Agreements With North Korea; The Series Of Steps Of Denuclearization Of North Korea

  • ESPN Analyst, Ex-NBA Player Jay Williams On Using His Life Lessons To Inspire Others; The Life And Legacy Of Anthony Bourdain, In His Own Words

  • Grandmother After Trump Commutes Life Sentence: 'This Is A Miracle Day'; 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' Asks If We Need Mister Rogers Now More Than Ever

  • Eagles Team, Coach On Being Disinvited By President Trump For White House Visit; Victims, Including Children, In Guatemala Struggle With Aftermath Of Volcano Eruption; Diver Jumps Off Giant Iceberg Into Frigid Antarctic Waters

  • For Parkland Seniors, Families, Graduation Marks The Start Of A New Path; Parkland Students, Families Fight For Change In Honor Of Those Lost

  • SCOTUS Same-Sex Wedding Cake Decision: How both Sides Say They Got Here Today; Suspect In Arizona Killings Appeared To Target Those Involved With His Divorce; Guatemala's 'Volcano Of Fire' Leaves At Least 60 Dead

  • Nightline 06/03/18

  • The Debate Over When And Where Comedy Crosses The Line; 'Queer Eye's' Fab Five On How Season 1's Big Moments Will Carry Over To Season 2; Cockatoo Peeks Into Traffic Camera

  • Cirque Du Soleil is studying audience members' brains to create new shows.

  • 'Roseanne' Canceled After Roseanne Barr's Racist Tweet; With 'Roseanne' Cancelled, A Look At Companies Making Changes After Social Response; Hero Rescues Boy Dangling From Paris Balcony

  • Rose McGowan And Other Alleged Victims Of Harvey Weinstein React To Arrest; The Final Lap: Danica Patrick On Her Journey To NASCAR Stardom And Why She's Retiring

  • Harvey Weinstein expected to surrender to face criminal charges; New NFL mandate requiring players to stand for national anthem sparks debate; 9-year-old internet star Lil Tay on her controversial...

  • Milwaukee Police Release Body Cam Footage Of Sterling Brown's Arrest; How 'Star Wars' Fans Donald Glover And Alden Ehrenreich Prepped For 'Solo'; A Dog 'Adopted' These Ducklings After Their Mom...

  • 'Dear White People': Inside the series taking on what it means to be black in America; Up close and personal with the Hawaii volcano spewing lava; 'Deadpool 2' star Ryan Reynolds on how Celine Dion got involved with the soundtrack

  • Texas school shooting survivors on what happened when alleged gunman opened fire; How the royal wedding might usher in a new era for the monarchy; 'American Idol' crowns a new winner: Maddie Poppe

  • 10 Victims Dead In Texas School Shooting, Explosives Found, Officials Say; Prince William, Prince Harry Greet Well-Wishers Ahead Of Royal Wedding

  • Meghan Markle's Mom Meets Prince Harry's Immediate Family For First Time; How Diana, Kate And Meghan Created Their Own Unique Fashion Statements

  • The Race To Prevent The Sudden Death Of Mothers In Childbirth In The U.S.; Ryan Seacrest, Katy Perry And Lionel Richie On How This Season Is Different; Entire Police Department Escorts 5-Year-Old Boy To School

  • Ambush At Copper Canyon; Officers' Body Cameras Capture Moments Before One Of Their Own Was Killed; A Colorado Sheriff's Mission After The Shooting Death Of One Of His Own

  • What Meghan Markle's Life Was Like Before Meeting Her Future Husband Prince Harry; A New Fissure Opened Up On Hawaii's Big Island After Dangerous Volcano Eruption; Pink Invites 12-Year-Old Fan To...

  • Pilots Who Landed Deadly Southwest Flight On What Happened In Cockpit; 'Avengers' Fans Build Their Own Thor's Hammer, Black Panther Claws

  • Mexico: March To Hell; Inside The Sinaloa Cartel's Drug Operations Fueling US's Heroin Addiction; Collecting The Dead In Acapulco, One Of Mexico's Most Violent Cities

  • 3 Americans Held By North Korea Back In US; After Volcanic Eruption, Hawaiians Face Possible Volcanic Smog And Acid Rain; How GIPHY Turned Short Videos Into A Multi-Million Dollar Idea

  • New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Resigns After Report He Abused Four Women; How False Eyelashes Become A Must-Have, Everyday Accessory And A Booming Market; Uber Unveils Plans For...

  • Woman Who Spent 23 Years In Prison For Murder On Her Life Today Outside A Cell; On The West Virginia Campaign Trail Where Candidates Are After The Working Class Vote; Met Gala 2018: Stars Hit The Red Carpet In Style On Fashion's Night Out

  • President Trump Addresses NRA Convention: 'I Love Fighting Battles'; Behind The Scenes Of 'The Handmaid's Tale' Season 2 With Cast, Author Margaret Atwood; Celebrate Star Wars Day With A Preview Of 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'

  • President Trump Defends $130K Reimbursement For Stormy Daniels Payment; Olympic Skater Adam Rippon On Becoming A Voice For The LGBTQ Community; Celine Dion Performs With A Hilarious Dancing Deadpool

  • Giuliani: Trump Reimbursed Personal Lawyer For 130K Stormy Payment; Celebrities criticize Kanye West's slavery comments; Scientists use satellite tags to monitor Amazon River's living legend, pink...

  • Former NFL Cheerleaders Say They're Fighting Back Against Gender Discrimination; From Donkey Milk To Snail Mucus, The Secret Behind The Rising Popularity Of K-Beauty; Kanye West Speaks Out On Politics, Slavery And More

  • Caravan Migrants Seeking Asylum Refused US Entry; How Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Got The Job And Started His Career; Kathy Griffin Defends Comic Michelle Wolf After WHCD Jokes Backlash

  • North Korea, South Korea Agree To End War, Denuclearize The Peninsula; 'For Our Lives: Parkland' Shares Stories Of Survivors, Journeys To Activism; Nancy Grace And Dan Abrams On Their Chemistry, Approach To Cases

  • Bill Cosby Found Guilty On All Three Felony Counts Of Aggravated Indecent Assault; From 'America's Dad' To Sexual Assault Allegations: Bill Cosby's Fall From Grace

  • Husband Of Woman Killed On Southwest Flight Remembers Their Last Conversation; 'Avengers: Infinity War' Stars On The New Film, Working Together Through The Years; Trump Responds To Kanye West...

  • Waffle House Hero Who Rushed Shooter Honored By Lawmakers; You Can Soon Buy A Sex Robot Equipped With Artificial Intelligence For About $20,000; First Lady Melania Trump Hosts First State Dinner, Along With President Trump

  • 10 Dead, Others Injured After Van Hits Pedestrians In Toronto; Could 'Roseanne' Bring People With Different Political Views Together?; It's A Boy: Kate Gives Birth To A New Prince

  • The Search For Answers After Southwest Plane's Emergency Landing; What Two Men Say Happened When They Were Arrested At Philadelphia Starbucks; A Look At What Meghan Markle's Life Was Like Before Meeting Prince Harry

  • What's One Word You Would Use To Describe James Comey?; Kerry Washington On The 'Scandal' Series Finale And The Show's Legacy; What To Know About 'Hero Pilot' Who Safely Landed Southwest Flight

  • What Happened When Southwest Engine Failed Midair, Forcing Emergency Landing; Stormy Daniels Speaks Out On Trump, Shows Sketch Of Man She Says Threatened Her; Remembering Former First Lady Barbara...

  • Why James Comey Likens Trump to a 'Forest Fire'; Comey: John Kelly Offered To Resign After My Firing; Kendrick Lamar Wins A Pulitzer Prize

  • Inside Syria: Who Is President Bashar Al-Assad?; Coalition Forces Attack Syria Days After Suspected Chemical Atack

  • What It Is Like Being The Only Doctor In War-Torn Sudan's Nuba Mountains; Inside The Collaboration Between Music Superstars Sting And Shaggy

  • Woman Allegedly Trafficked on New Law is 'Closure'; Mariah Carey Speaks Out About Her Struggles With Bipolar Disorder; 32-Year-Old NBA Rookie Makes His Dream Debut

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Answers Questions, Addresses Possibility of Regulation; Yale Struggles with Preserving History and Confronting its Association with Slavery; 'Wheel of Fortune'...

  • Civilians Killed, Children Struggling to Breathe in Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria; Woman Who Confronted Superstar Life Coach Tony Robbins Speaks Out; Mariah Carey Performs in a Hostel for a 'Fantasy' of a Commercial

  • Federal Authorities Seize; College Student Found Shot to Death in Brooklyn After Night of Partying; A Mother's Crusade to Free Her Son Convicted of Murder

  • The Latest in the Case of Mysterious Coronado Mansion Death; This Figure Skating Program is Helping These Young Women of Color Fight Discrimination

  • YouTube Shooting: What Happened Before Female Suspect Carried Out Her Attack; A Deeper Look into the Life of Martin Luther King Jr., 50 Years After His Death; What Martin Luther King Jr.'s Legacy Means to People Today

  • Cancer Survivors Sue Fertility Clinic After Storage Tank Failure; What Jail Chaplain Said to 'Affluenza Teen' Day Before Release; 'Roseanne' Star on What It's Like Playing a Gender Non-Conforming Character

  • 13-Year-Old 'Miracle Boy' Found Alive After Falling into Drainage Pipe; Meet a 16-Year-Old Self-Taught Contortionist and YouTube Star; Villanova Wins NCAA Championship Game Against Michigan for the National Title

  • These kids are catching the attention of football recruiters even before high school; Meet the Cincinnati Zoo's viral social media star Fiona the hippo; 98-year-old Sister Jean's bobblehead sets a new record

  • Widespread Protests Continue Over Killing of Stephon Clark by Sacramento Police; Inside Serial Entrepreneur and Social Influencer Gary Vaynerchuk's Empire; Malala Yousafzai Returns to Pakistan Six Years After Assassination Attempt

  • Three Men Charged in Waterslide Death of 10-Year-Old Boy; 'Jersey Shore' Cast Reminisces as They Reunite in Miami for a 'Family Vacation'; 'Roseanne' Reboot Premieres with Over 18 Million Viewers for its Debut

  • Inside Yemen's Civil War Where 8 Million People Are On The Brink of Starvation; Indiscriminate Bombing by Saudi-Led Coalition Devastates Yemen

  • Porn Star Stormy Daniels Dishes About Her Alleged Affair With President Trump; Parkland Students Find Their Voices as Activists at the March for Our Lives; Remembering Veteran TV News Executive Heather Vincent Holley

  • Couple in So-Called 'Gone Girl' Case on Their Ordeal and Why They're Speaking Out; Return to Puerto Rico: How Puerto Ricans Continue to Struggle 6 Months Later; Diabetic Alert Dogs Can Sniff Out Blood-Sugar Levels

  • Family Outraged at Death of Sacramento Man Shot 20 Times by Police; 'Frozen' Comes to Broadway With New Songs and a Feminist Twist; Kindergartener's Hilarious Weather Forecast Wins the Internet

  • How Authorities Say They Found The Serial Austin Bomber; 'Roseanne' Cast on How the Show is More Relevant than Ever; 'Won't You Be My Neighbor' Trailer Shows a Different Side to Mister Rogers

  • Investigators on the Hunt for Serial Bomber Terrorizing Austin, Texas; Women in Saudi Arabia to Gain New Opportunities with Changing Social Restrictions; Adorable Baby Elephant Rolls Around in the Mud with a Tourist

  • Couple in 'Gone Girl' Case Open Up About Night of Attack, Being Accused of Hoax; 'Midnight Sun' Star Bella Thorne on Showing the World Who She Really Is; This 'Sex and The City' Star is Running...

  • Unfriendly Skies: Dad, Toddler Kicked off of Flight, and Other Recent Airline Issues; 'Love, Simon' Cast, Director on Scene That Moved Cast and Crew to Tears; Trump Associate Felix Sater Reveals...

  • Face to Face; Man Left in Alleyway as an Infant Searches for Birth Parents; After 53 Years, Brothers Meet Each Other for the First Time

  • Students Across the Country Rally in National School Walkouts to End Gun Violence; How the TV Show 'Deception' Depicts Real Magic Tricks on Screen; 'Nightline' Co-Anchor Juju Chang and Team Take...

  • Pennsylvania Special Election So Far Too Close To Project; What The Team Behind HQ Trivia Thinks About Cheating And How They Plan To Make Money; Stephen Hawkins Dies At Age 76

  • What O.J. Simpson said about night of ex-wife's murder in previously unseen interview; Pilot survives helicopter crash in NYC river that killed all 5 passengers; Actress Michelle Rodriguez on her spiritual journey and lucid dreaming.

  • Ex-Officer Charged in Assault of Alleged Jaywalker; 'Blue Planet' Captures The Fascinating Behaviors of Underwater Creatures; Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Others Who Got Their Start on 'American Idol'

  • Woman's Affair Turns into Nightmare of Cyber-Stalking; Man Accused of Cyber-Harassing Woman Says He Didn't Get a Fair Trial

  • Porn Star Files Lawsuit Against President Trump; North Korean Defectors Use Their Most Powerful Weapon: The Truth; Dwyane Wade Surprises Marjory Stoneman Douglas Students

  • 'The Bachelor': Arie And Becca See Each Other For First Time Since Breakup; Meghan McCain On 'The View,' Her Dad And President Trump; Michelle Obama Meets Young Girl Who Went Viral In Photo Looking At Her Portrait

  • Women are Running for Office in Texas at Record Numbers; How Instagram Star Says He Went from Shy, Unconfident to 'Sexiest Doctor Alive'; In a Stunning Development; Bachelor Arie surprises

  • Woman and Her Boyfriend's Son Mysteriously Die Days Apart from Each Other; 'Drunk History' Creators on How They Came Up with the Idea for the Show

  • Icons of Change; 'A Wrinkle in Time' Cast, Director Reflect on the Evolving Hollywood Industry; Dolly Parton Says '9 to 5' Sequel in the Works

  • Stoneman Douglas Students Share Their Mixed Emotions About Returning to Class; Frozen Wonderland Festival Features City Made Entirely of Ice; Barbra Streisand Reveals That She Successfully Made Clones of Her Late Pet

  • Appalling Conditions Inside Syrian Refugee Camp on Lesbos; Jimmy Kimmel on Oscars Hosting: 'It's Fun When Things Go Wrong.'; Serena Williams' Husband Welcomes Her Back to Tennis with a Surprise

  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas Students Return to Campus This Week After Deadly Shooting; How This Fashion Influencer Makes Money Through Her Instagram Posts; Working Out With a Math Teacher-Turned Model and Instagram Star

  • The Debate Over Arming Teachers in the Wake of Parkland Shooting; Continued Airstrikes in Syria Kill Hundreds in East Ghouta; The Story Behind the Language Spoken in 'Black Panther'

  • Chris Cornell's widow opens up about her husband's addiction before his suicide; Evangelist Billy Graham, known as 'America's Pastor,' dies at 99

  • Cryptocurrencies Like Bitcoin are the Latest Rage, but Skeptics Warn About Bubble; 'Lady Bird' Stars, Director on Mom-Daughter Relationships, What They Hope to Inspire; The Force of Sound: Creating Sounds in Galaxy Far, Far Away

  • Friends, Families Mourn Florida High School Shooting Victims; 'Black Panther' Stars on the Power of Telling a Story from a Black Perspective; Drake Claims to Give Away Almost $1 Million in New Music Video

  • Florida School Shooting Survivors Recall Shots, Wounded Classmates; Florida School Shooting: Details Emerge in Timeline, What We Know About Suspect; Remembering the Victims of Florida High School Shooting

  • 17 Confirmed Dead in Florida School Shooting, Suspect in Custody; What We Know About Deadly Shooting at Florida High School

  • After Fighting Deadly Disease, Torin Yater-Wallace Goes for Olympic Gold; Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show 2018 Chooses Its Best In Show

  • A Rare, Inside Look at the Personal Life of Gloria Allred; US Olympic Figure Skater Adam Rippon is Ready to Compete for the Gold; Portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama Unveiled at National Portrait Gallery

  • President Trump Wishes Ex-Staffer Accused of Domestic Abuse 'Well'; Kate Upton on Why She is Accusing Guess Inc. Co-Founder of Sexual Harassment; 17-Year-Old Team USA Snowboarder Preps for Her First Run at The Olympics

  • A Tiny Community in South Korea is Preparing in Case of War with North Korea; Millions of Monarch Butterflies Flutter to the Mountains in Mexico Every October; Robin Roberts Talks to Former Obama Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett

  • Rose Byrne; Richard Jenkins; In Real Life.

  • Instead of Going to the Doctor, A New App Brings the Doctor to You; Artist Uses His Feet to Create Massive Murals in the Snow; SpaceX Launches a New Rocket with Tesla Roadster Car on Top

  • Pennsylvania District's Special Election Could Be Bellwether For 2018 Midterm Elections; US Olympic Ski Jumper Sarah Hendrickson on Overcoming Injury to Compete Again; Dodge Super Bowl Ad Using Martin Luther King Jr. Speech Sparks Backlash

  • A Behind the Scenes Look at New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady; From the rambunctious to the devoted: Meet some of Philadelphia Eagles' fans; 'Jeopardy!' contestants hilariously fail entire football category

  • These Kids Are Catching the Attention of Football Recruiters Even Before High School; Chance the Rapper on how his use of technology was instrumental to his success; Michelle Obama tells Ellen how former president got short straw in their new home

  • Rose McGowan: The Interview; Rose McGowan Describes Alleged Rape by Harvey Weinstein; Rose McGowan Wants to Put a Stop to the Hollywood 'System'

  • State of the Union; Breaking Down Trump's 1st State of the Union; Voters React to Trump's 1st State of the Union Speech

  • Steel Town Waits for President Trump's Promises to Come True; Team USA Skier on Returning to the Winter Olympics as an Openly Gay Athlete; Beyonce, Jay-Z's Daughter Blue Ivy Steals the Scene at the 2018 Grammy Awards

  • Nassar Accusers on Breaking Their Silence and Moving Forward; From the X Games to the Olympics: Team USA Snowboarders Hope to Win Big

  • Parents of Teen Killed in Kentucky School Shooting Say Daughter Called Mother; Triumphant Recovery For One Las Vegas Shooting Victim; Elton John On Why He's Going On One Final World Tour; Casey Affleck Won't Be Attending The Oscars This Year

  • Ex-US Gymnastics Doctor Sentenced for Dozens of Sexual Assaults; Inside a Flat Earth Convention, Where Nearly Everyone Believes Earth Isn't Round; Elton John Announces Retirement From Touring

  • Roberts County: A Year In The Most Pro-Trump Town; 'Get Out' Stars, Director on Tackling Racial Issues in Oscar-Nominated Thriller; 2018 Oscars Nominees for Actress in a Supporting Role are All Women Over 45

  • In This Year's 'Pink Wave,' Women Help Women Run for Office; Wild Horses Rounded Up by Helicopter in Program Sparking Controversy; Neil Diamond Announces Parkinson's Diagnosis, Retirement from Touring

  • The Story of The Turpin Family at Center of Abuse Allegations; 'The Wolfpack' Brothers, Mom React to Turpin Family Case

  • New Details Emerge In Case of 13 Siblings Allegedly Held Captive by Parents; Meet The Cincinnati Zoo's Viral Social Media Star Fiona The Hippo

  • Women Confront USA Olympic Gymnastics Team Doctor Larry Nassar in Court; New Documentary on the Alt-Right Sheds Light on the Movement's Beginnings; Puerto Ricans Celebrate the Return of Electricity to School After 112 Days

  • 13 Siblings Who Were Allegedly Held Captive by Parents are 'Hopeful,' Officials Say; Parents on the Struggle of Having 'The Talk' with Kids and What It Means to be Black in US

  • Deadly California Mudslides: Survivors, First Responders Recall Harrowing Experiences; How This 13-Year-Old Girl Became The Youngest Gold Medalist In X Games History

  • People Are Searching for Elusive Treasure a Multi-Millionaire Claims He Hid; Inside The Rule of North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un And His Fractured Family

  • Wildfires Paved The Way For This Week's Deadly Mudslides In California; Confessions From A Onetime Mexican Drug-Cartel Hit Man

  • Deadly California Mudslides Swallow Lives, Homes, Cars; Docuseries 'Undercover High' sheds light on modern struggles for teens; Life goes on in South Korea amidst North Korea talks, threats of war

  • Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Tour Puerto Rico for Hurricane Relief; Oprah Winfrey, #TimesUp among Golden Globes' biggest moments

  • Woman in Prison for Mom's Murder Revealed to Have Never Been Sick; Trump White House Responds to Explosive New Book 'Fire and Fury'

  • The Day the 1993 Waco Siege Came to a Horrific End; In 'Molly's Game,' How Olympic Hopeful Became High-Stakes Poker Princess

  • President Trump Says Steve Bannon 'Lost His Mind' After He Was Fired; Why Ayesha Curry Will Never Call Herself An 'NBA Wife'; "Jeopardy" Contestant Loses $3200 for Saying 'Gangster' Instead of 'Gangsta'

  • Teen Vogue's Evolution From Fashion Magazine to Social Movement; YouTube Star Logan Paul Apologizes for Video Showing Apparent Suicide Victim

  • Inside The Break-Up Boot Camp Retreat Designed to Heal Broken Hearts; How Rent the Runway is Attempting to Revolutionize the Way We Shop; Mariah Carey's Triumphant Return to Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve

Nightline News

Has Tomi Lahren Been Fired or Not?

She says she has. Her employer says she hasn't. Someone isn't telling the truth.

Michelle Williams Devastated over Nightline Interview

Michelle Williams, after staying silent for many years, recently opened up during a Nightline interview about the death of Heath Ledger.  Heath and Michelle have a child together and originally met on the set of Brokeback Mountain.

Unfortunately, the producers and editors of Nightline decided they wanted to skew her three-hour long interview in a manner that was inappropriate in her eyes.

Michelle Williams Speaks on Heath Ledger's Death For the First Time

Michelle Williams stayed away from the press immediately following the accidental death of Heath Ledger back in 2008. She did interviews about her movies and her projects, but anything else was off limits in interviews.

Now, with the third anniversary of the event approaching in January, she has finally opened up about the subject.

Michelle says she can’t find any meaning in his death.

Nightline Video Clips & Extras

Inside alleged scheme Insys Therapeutics used to sell deadly opioid: Part 1 Clip (10:04) R. Kelly lashes back at abuse allegations in impassioned interview Clip (07:54) The debate around Kylie Jenner 'self-made' billionaire Forbes title Clip (07:02) Dr. Pimple Popper talks changing lives in wildly popular videos and TLC show Clip (07:57) Michael Jackson estate fights back against allegations in 'Leaving Neverland' Clip (08:24) Captain Marvel star Brie Larson on taking landmark role Clip (08:44) '90210' and 'Riverdale' star Luke Perry dies at 52 Clip (07:14) How police found Sarah Stern's killer, captured his confession with his friend's help Clip (11:08)

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