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All over the world there is one thing that we all share as a common bond, an inherent love and appreciation for our children. Narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis, One Born Every Minute is a television show dedicated to celebrating the miracle of life and the process of childbirth. The reality television show takes place at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio in the Maternity ward.

Jamie Lee Curtis does an excellent job of narrating every detail related to childbirth as well as the numerous emotions and unexpected occurrences that can happen during the delivery of a beautiful baby. From the unplanned c-section to the unknown gender of the expected child, One Born Every Minute depicts the deep range of emotions from the fear, the stress, the excitement and the ultimate climax of undying love when the baby is presented to new and experienced parents alike.

Intensely rewarding, One Born Every Minute features dedicated doctors, nurses and assistants who take great pride in what they do and are a family oriented unit themselves. Whether a mother in labor is besieged by uncontrollable emotions or a nervous father is riddled with fear, the staff goes out of their way to provide comfort and support to everyone involved in the delivery process.

Filled with heartwarming moments, this television series vividly captures the experience of childbirth from the moment labor begins to the moment a child is placed in their parent's arms for the first time. The beauty of life is the theme within One Born Every Minute which renowned actress, author and mother Jamie Lee Curtis excels in relaying the experiences of parents during the difficult but rewarding process of childbirth.

Whether a couple planning to become pregnant, a couple expecting their first child, experienced parents anticipating another child or individual's interested in childbirth, this television show vibrantly portrays the miracle of birth and life itself. One Born Every Minute is not only unique but also watching it proves to be an experience of a lifetime.

Tuesdays at 10 pm et/pt on Lifetime
2 Seasons, 18 Episodes
February 1, 2011
Documentary & Biography
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One Born Every Minute Full Episode Guide

  • The hospital staff gets caught in a family feud.

  • A petrified teenager turns to her boyfriend for guidance as she faces the delivery of her second baby.

  • A teen mom's baby is rushed to intensive care moments after delivery; a couple try to go the natural route for the delivery of their second child; a stay-at-home dad gets a lesson in Japanese tradition from his mother-in-law.

  • Two childhood sweethearts with a painful past anticipate parenthood; a first-time mom who did her homework on childbirth gets a rude awakening; a woman who had an easy first delivery isn't so blessed the second time around.

  • Two grandmas fight to stake their claim on their new grandson. Meanwhile, one dad is ecstatic to meet his new playmate.

  • An unplanned pregnancy forces a young father to learn how to be a supportive spouse. And, with her second baby coming fast, one mom is forced to face a painful delivery without the help of an epidural.

  • A doctor dad puts the staff's patience to the test.

  • High school sweethearts having their second baby girl have the support of his parents but is it too much? It's baby number two for this mom but a grapefruit-sized fibroid in her birth canal threatens to block her delivery.

  • Go behind-the-scenes in a maternity ward as expectant mothers go through their last stage of pregnancy. From the front desk to the delivery room, our cameras captures high drama, emotion and incredible heart as new lives begin.

  • A woman who says she is a type-A personality leaves her birth plan at home which means she has to wing it. A mom of four boys hopes for a girl. Finally, a surrogate mom provides a couple the ultimate gift of becoming parents

  • A newlywed couple face the delivery of their first baby. While a mom of three boys initially hopes for a girl but, she later is desperate for the arrival of a healthy baby.

  • A couple has to face a c-section. Two pregnant teenagers cram for a parenthood test and say goodbye to their childhood. A first time mom tries some comedy to get herself though her labor and delivery.

  • One woman loses her patience with her ADD husband, the paternity results are in for twins, and a fun-loving couple face their worst nightmare.

  • Every expecting mother must decide how it is they want their labor pains to be handled, some request whatever they can get to alleviate the pain while others prefer it to be completely natural, no meds at all!

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