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A British sitcom set in a prison in Cumbria. Norman Stanley Fletcher is a petty criminal sentence to a five year stint in a minimum security prison. His cellmate is the naive young Lenny Godber, whom Fletcher takes under his wing, teaching him all the tricks and tools to get by on the inside. Much of the humor is derived from the constant struggles between the eccentric population of prisoners and the humorless prison officials.

3 Seasons, 34 Episodes
September 5, 1974
Cast: Ronnie Barker, Brian Wilde, Fulton Mackay, Richard Beckinsale
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Porridge Full Episode Guide

  • Finally Godber is released on Parole and Fletch is going to miss him, even though he is worried about the subtle hints Godber is throwing out about Fletch's daughter. In an uncharacteristic fit of rage, Godber almost loses his parole, but Fletch selflessly comes to the rescue and Godber is free to leave.

  • Godber is taking a history O Level much to the annoyance of Fletch. Even so, Fletch tries to help Godber by getting Warren to steal the exam papers, even though Godber isn't convinced that cheating is a good idea. As it turns out, the stolen exam papers are for a different test, as the dyslexic Warren couldn't tell what he was stealing.

  • Fletcher's new cellmate is none other than the judge who sentenced him to stay in Slade. The inmates have a few scores to settle, but wily Fletch ends up protecting the judge, however, when he realizes that the Judge Rawley has the ear of the Governor.

  • Classic sitcom. Fletcher plans to add a bit of Christmas spirit to the festive season at Slade Prison in the form of his very own homemade liquor.

  • Christmas special of the classic sitcom from 1975. The festive season falls upon HMP Slade and finds the inmates planning a jailbreak.

  • It's Saturday afternoon and everyone is supposed to be wrapped up in his respective activities. Fletch wants to take advantage of this and have a nice quiet afternoon in his cell on his own, reading. His plans are thwarted by a hilarious succession of cons disturbing him. Fletch's patience is tested to the limit but he goes too far when the prison chaplain pays him a visit. Ironically, the punishment served on him is just what he wanted.

  • Godber is training for a boxing match representing his wing and wins a place in the prison championship, so Fletch sees a chance for a bit of a flutter. Then Harry Grout takes an interest and insists that the fight is 'fixed'. When one of Grout's rivals takes a similar interest in Godber's opponent, it looks as if nobody can win. Fletch, however, has other ideas.

  • Fletch is enjoying a stay in hospital a broken ankle. He's sharing a ward with old Blanco Webb and Norris, who steals everything in sight. Blanco tells Fletch that Norris has swindled him out of his belongings in a crooked card game. Norris is due to be released and Fletch gets revenge by conning him into buying a treasure map with the possessions he took from Blanco. Norris finds himself digging for treasure in the middle of Leeds United's football pitch.

  • Everyone thinks Mackay is leaving and his replacement is an old adversary of Fletch's, one Napper Wainwright. The cons stage a riot in order to humiliate him and at the same time bring back Mr. Barrowclough. Mackay, however, returns after his unexplained trip away.

  • Fletch's nubile daughter Ingrid comes to see him on visiting day, catching the attention of the rest of the inmates. Godber turns violently out of character after receiving a "Dear John" letter from his fianc?e, Denise. Fletch tries to provide help and advice, but realizes that perhaps his daughter might provide a more suitable solution to Godber's problems.

  • Fletch has had some tinned pineapples ("soaked in a heavy syrup from the sun kissed shores of 'onna bleedin' lulu") stolen and is determined to catch the thief. Fletch is disgusted - after all, stealing may be a job on the 'outside', but it's despicable when it happens 'inside'. Godber unwittingly gets Fletch into trouble when he attempts to replace them as a thank you.

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