Problem Child

Spun off from the popular movies, Problem Child: The Animated Series was a show that ran for two seasons, starting in the fall of 1993. The show, much like the movies, followed the hijinks of Junior Healy and all the problems he caused for his parents. The series featured voice work by some that fans of other shows will also recognize. Junior is voiced by Ben Diskin, who also did voice work for the more recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon as well as voicing Eddie Brock in the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. Cree Summer, Brad Garrett and Gilbert Gottfried also lent their talents to the show. Gottfried is the only actor to have a role in all three Problem Child movies and the animated series.

Fans of the movies will find a lot to like here, as the animated series does not stray too far from the successful formula of either of the movies that preceded it.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
October 31, 1993
Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Ben Diskin
Problem Child

Problem Child Full Episode Guide

  • Junior and Cyndi build a cleaning machine for their science fair which Mr. Peabody steals to sell.

  • Junior's opinions become popular on a talk show resulting in his running for Governor against Big Ben.

  • Little Ben takes Junior to the summer camp he went to as a child. However, it has changed drastically since he was there.

  • Junior and Mr. Peabody seek revenge on each other resulting in Mr. Peabody being glued to his chair and falsely accusing Junior.

  • Junior avoids a family reunion by locking himself, and eventually Big Ben, in the bathroom.

  • Junior, stalked by a clown trying to make him laugh, is reminded of a terrible clown from his childhood.

  • Junior and Cyndi fight to save their park from being shut down and discover that Big Ben, the Mayor, has been plotting to dump toxic waste there.

  • In order to avoid trouble, Junior is sent on a field trip to Faragua while its dictator, General Pierre Habib-Johnson, is visiting Toe Valley. Junior gets the child laborers involved in a revolt of the government by impersonating the General.

  • When Junior's favorite series "Z-Guys of Squad Force One" is abruptly cancelled and replaced by a kiddie program, Junior goes to Washington to confront the person responsible.

  • Little Ben hires a grandmotherly-type baby-sitter for Junior while he goes to Atlantic City; Junior however has plans to have a party and hires a biker woman to take over.

  • Junior gives his pet rodent's urine specimen as his own, escaping further treatment from the doctor, then goes to meet his Dad in jail only to become a hostage to two prisoners.

  • Junior and Cyndi sell Grammy Bombs as part of a fund raiser at school but the candy is so old and awful that they end up selling all of their boxes to Big Ben as winter golf balls.

  • Junior wants the Li'l Trooper Missile so badly that he earns money to buy one himself and takes revenge on the manufacturer when it doesn't work.

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