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Queer Eye is a TV show that follows the Fab Five, as they go though life helping men spruce up their lives. The twist of this show is it was created by gay executive producers David Collins and Michael Williams; with David Metzler as their hetero production partner. This collaboration produced the first show of its kind, with its uniqueness of subject and the interactions of gay and hetero men. The core cast known as the Fab Five, are a collection of gay men that embraces society's stereo typing of gay men. These gentlemen are are among the best in their area of expertise; such as interior design, cooking, grooming, fashion and culture.

Kyan Douglas the Grooming Guru shows them what products, techniques and make up to use in order to properly groom and clean themselves. His additional goal is to help them keep their new look and grooming habits for good. Thom Filicia is the Design Doctor, who reorganizes and redesigns their home or apartment, to suit their needs and personality. He also shows them tips and tricks to keep clutter down and keep their space fluid.

Ted Allen is the Food & Wine Connoisseur, who has an excellent palate and helps the subject understand and prepare food more efficiently. Additionally, he shows them proper way to serve food and beverages to their loved ones. Jai Rodriguez is the Culture Vulture, who enlightens their perspective on popular culture and how it effects their outlook on life. He also helps them with relationships and how to properly interact with society. Lastly, there is Carson Kressley the Fashion Savant, who takes them by the hand and shows them the right clothes and style for their body type and personality.

In season one and two their subjects were strictly straight guys, nominated by friends and families for having no style. The Fab Five secretly investigate by entering their homes and seeing how they live without them being home. The subject walks in to their home filled with strangers and told their friends sent them.

5 Seasons, 100 Episodes
July 15, 2003
Cast: Ted Allen, Carson Kressley, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia
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Queer Eye Full Episode Guide

  • Willy Mosquera is from Ecuador, and he is also New York's nicest person, and the world's greatest dad, at least according to The New York Daily News and his children. But when he stops taking care of himself, the Fab Five must come to the rescue.

  • Jeff Lubie is an unromantic "Average Joe" who has fallen in love with a girl way out of his league, and now he is ready to ask her to marry him. In order to get his true love Faith to put her faith in him, Jeff has to make some serious changes and fast. His family and friends all agree that he's very charming and funny, but he has a problem with responsibility and focus. The Fab Five help step up his look as Jeff undergoes a yes-worthy makeover that he hopes is good enough to seal the deal with Faith. In a Queer Eye first, the Fab Five literally evacuate their straight guy from his completely inappropriate apartment and find him a new one! Can they miraculously carry out the ultimate ruse-make over the man, find the couple a new home and plan the ultimate surprise proposal? Tune-in to see if our heroine will be swept off her feet!

  • ?Queer Eye? becomes a virtual Freaky Friday of fabulousness when the Fab Five trade places and switch roles! The scientists in the Fab Lab swap Carson with Thom, Thom with Kyan, Kyan with Ted, Ted with Jai, and Jai with Carson. The lucky guy to partake in the Fabber's Freaky Friday is Ryan Vause, a happy newlywed and line cook at an upscale New York City Zagat-rated restaurant. Playing Mr. Mom during the day to his two children while his workaholic wife holds down two jobs as a personal trainer and realtor assistant, Ryan feels lost and would love to take the lead in his life. Ryan's inner turmoil is reflected outwardly in his ill kept house that seems to be decorated in "hobo chic," but that's all about to change when the Fab Five take over and help to transform him into the man he knows he could be.

  • The Fab Five go back to high school. Sporty 18 year-old, Ronnie is a high school senior at Sleepy Hollow High and with football, lacrosse, wrestling and dance to worry about, taking care of himself hasn't been a huge priority. The Fab Five come to the rescue just in time, on the day of his Senior Prom and right before he heads off to college. In order to make prom night perfect for his girlfriend, Liz, and to go to college a polished athlete, Ronnie needs to make some big changes. Will the Fab Five be able to take this scruffy teen to the next level?

  • Eric is a small town boy from Denver, who grew tired of trying to meet women in the Denver bar scene and turned to online dating. He met Tracie, a city girl from New York on After six months of emails and phone calls the two are finally going to unite in person. Eric flies to New York City to meet the Fab Five and get ready for his big date with Tracie. With his tired look and small town attitude, Eric is in desperate need of an updated look and a little added confidence. The Fab Five come to the rescue and get these two ready for their big night. Will sparks fly or will this date be a dud?

  • The Emmy Award-winning reality series "Queer Eye" kicks off the final season with a "Straight Guy Pageant" hosted by the legendary Susan Lucci. The pageant will reunite the Fab Five - Ted Allen, Kyan Douglas, Thom Filicia, Carson Kressley and Jai Rodriguez - with former cast members of "Queer Eye" to see who has kept up, slacked off and who has gone beyond the Fabbers wildest expectations. Tune-in to find out who can throw together an outfit, shave with no blood, style a room and decorate a cake all while being gracious, funny and hot...and who will win the "Ultimate Straight Guy" crown.

  • The Fab Five reflect on the series, unveil behind-the-scenes secrets and discuss what's been happening in their lives since the series ended.

  • "Queer Eye" brings the romance back to primetime with Ron and Jodi, newlyweds who seem to have forgotten what love and tenderness really mean.

  • Jim Mumford, a physician working at a hospital for the poor, lost his wife Loren to breast cancer 11 months ago. He loved her more than anything and sat at her bedside holding her hand until the end. When Hanne, his mother-in-law, promised his wife that she would take care of the kids, his wife finally let go and died. Since then, the family has kept it together, but they haven't healed. Hanne stepped in to fill the void left by Loren she has actually moved into the family's apartment and so because she acts as a kind of surrogate wife and mother, the Mumford's haven't truly figured out how to be a family without mom, a vital step to starting anew. The arrangement has been detrimental to Hanne's own life. While she is thrilled to baby-sit every day for her grandkids, to continue living with them means that her career and interests will fall by the wayside. Right now she runs a performance space and art gallery, and the business is beginning to show signs of her neglect. Hanne called the Fab Five because they are the only ones who can truly help Jim transform making him ready for a new life, and, most importantly, helping him see that he can do it. So the Fabbers will help Jim throw an event at Hanne's performance space to celebrate a new beginning. Unveiled there will be a tribute to his late wife, (a surprise to Jim) that symbolizes the need to memorialize her, while moving on. But the most important step in the evening will be when Jim packs the family up and goes home.

  • Todd and Dave Easton are twin brothers who live together, but that?s where their similarities end. While Dave is a trim 155-pound Ivy League educated lawyer, Todd is tipping the scales at 290 pounds -- and just can't seem to get his life together. For as long as they both can remember, Dave was always thin and ?successful,? while Todd was labeled the ?funny fat kid.? Tired of being known as the ?bigger? twin, he wants to lose the excess weight, break out on his own, and pursue his dream of a career in sports broadcasting. What better rite of passage to get him started than Fab Five triathlon training!! The Fab 5 turn this fat man into an iron man when he trains for and competes in a beginner?s triathlon race (200 yard swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run). He will be the envy of all his friends and family, including his twin brother Dave, as he crosses the finish line in one of sport?s most difficult races.

  • Erik and Khadijah are soul mates that love to laugh and make each other laugh. They finish each other's sentences?but they also finish each other's dinner plates. One of the products of their love and contentment is the bulge in their bellies. After one year of marriage, they are ready to get back into shape. This charismatic duo needs help, and the Fab Five pledge to help Erik and Khadijah get their lives back on track-from an apartment they can love, to bodies they can be proud of and the dance moves they have always wanted to have. After five months of going through "Queer Eye's" weight loss boot camp, this lazy, chunky couple becomes a sleek and energetic duo. The Fab Five give them the one-year anniversary celebration of their dreams.

  • "Queer Eye's" Fab Five combine their powers to help a truly deserving couple. Anne Marie and straight guy Michael are life long friends turned lovers who became the ultimate all-American couple. When Anne Marie's cancer diagnosis troubles their fairy tale romance shortly after the honeymoon, Michael stays by her side and remains her rock through her seven months of chemotherapy. Anne Marie, now cancer-free and healthy, is looking to repay her husband with a "Queer Eye" makeover specially designed for the man that has sacrificed it all for love. In an effort to take the attention away from her illness and their challenging year-and-a-half, the Fab Five help her celebrate her incredible husband Michael and their true love with a makeover, topped off with a very special second honeymoon.

  • The Fab Five travel back in time to come to the aid of Eric Zseller, a man whose passion is fighting in reenacted medieval battles. This self-confessed nerd had given up on love?until now. Eric has fallen hard for his girlfriend Tanii and wants her to know he'd like to spend the rest of his life with her. The Fab Five are challenged to help this romantic Straight Guy pop the question to his girlfriend during the middle of a 13th Century banquet. It is time for Eric to become the man he knows he can be, get down on one knee in front of the whole medieval court and ask the woman in his life to be his bride.

  • Jesan is a 25-year-old bicycle messenger by day and Domino's deliveryman by night. He even spends his weekends delivering Subway sandwiches, yet he can barely make ends meet. With aspirations of becoming a successful model, the 6'2" hunk doesn't have a clue how to get started. He enlists the help of the Fab Five, who then recruit successful male model and guest star Tyson Beckford. Together, this dynamic six-some will help Jesan prepare for the hectic world of a male model as they turn his life around and give him a fresh new supermodel look. With test photos in hand and a top agency representing him, Jesan will book his first real modeling gig. In this "hot" new episode, Jesan will then surprise his girlfriend and family with news of his new career.

  • In the third installment of "Queer Eye" Vegas, viewers will meet Ed Miller, a professional poker player and accomplished author of a well-known "how to" poker-strategy book series. He has all the skills of the game but none of the panache. The Fab Five will help Ed to become a successful and well-known poker guru by having him teach one of them to play in a Texas Hold ?em poker match with classic Vegas performers who are currently performing on the strip, including Susan Anton, Penn Jillette, David Brenner, and George Wallace. The prize is meaningful to Ed, who grew up in New Orleans where his parents divorced and lived around the corner from each other until Hurricane Katrina destroyed both of their homes. Watch one of the Fabbers compete with Vegas royalty for a $10,000 prize to be donated to Habitat for Humanity in New Orleans.

  • The second installment of "Queer Eye" Vegas features Asher and Tsiliana, a New York couple, who met on a dating website and instantly fell in love. They were engaged after three months, and now this fun loving duo is struggling to please his family, who wants an Orthodox wedding with hundreds of guests from their synagogue, as well as her family, who prefers something glamorous and secular. Enter the Fab Five, who will give Asher and Tsiliana the dream elopement of a lifetime as they are whisked off to a fantasy location where they will undergo a transformation that will take them from average to stunning. In typical Vegas fashion, Carson Kressley will officiate and Rita Rudner will do a reading offering marriage advice.

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