Red Eagle

Doctor Peter Husak introduces his friend Jack Carver to his friend Kate, who happens to be a nurse. It just happens to be love at first sight. But after she goes through a traumatic accident she learns that Jack is a CIA agent. Upon hearing this she leaves Jack and goes to marry her doctor friend Peter instead. The two of them than venture into a war area to help out with a relief organization in Nagonry Karabach.

It's during this relief mission that she begins to learn that her doctor friend and husband is willingly cooperating with KGB. When she learns of this she leaves Peter and seeks out Jack. Jack is trying to get a businessman out of the country at the time. And when she seeks him out she asks Jack to let her and her child come with him on the dangerous flight.

5 Seasons, 69 Episodes
February 19, 2009
Action & Adventure, Drama, Latino
Cast: David Janer, Javier Gutiérrez, Santiago Molero, Guillermo Campra
Red Eagle

Red Eagle Full Episode Guide

  • Gonzalo is forced to make a crushing decision--saving Margarita or his mother. Plus, the former marquise of Santiillana returns.

  • As Margarita's wedding draws near, her hopes for escape grow smaller and smaller. When Gonzalo escapes, Alonso's life is at risk.

  • Gonzalo liberates a very dangerous man to get information, putting the entire village at risk. Meanwhile, Margarita and Irene plot their escape.

  • Captain Patrick Walcott goes after what he wants and so does the English king. Plus, someone wants Gonzalo dead.

  • When the English king comes to the village, the kingdoms engage in a friendly game of jousting. But will either side play fair?

  • Sagrario entertains the king with a traditional Roman circus, complete with battles to the death. When some familiar faces end up in the ring, will their lives be spared?

  • Could a deadly beast that's stalking the forest have something to do with the queen's disapperance? Plus, Gonzalo falls prey to the charms of a mysterious woman.

  • Cardinal Mendoza sets in motion an elaborate plan to take down the pope. And when Gonzalo and Margarita leave town to attend a wedding, Alonso stays by himself for the first time--and the predicament he finds himself in is no small tangle.

  • S'átur is crushed when Estuarda forbids him from attending Gabi's communion. Blinded by pain, he makes an irreversible mistake. With Nuño still missing, Hern'án plans a treacherous journey overseas to find him.

  • Juan is sentenced to death for his wife's murder, but will the truth come out before it's too late? And will Gonzalo's plans to run away with Claudia unravel with the return of Richard Blake?

  • When Alonso goes missing, Gonzalo sets out on a desperate search to find him. Plus, is Juan capable of murder?

  • After discovering the crushing news about Juan, Margarita seeks a greater purpose in life--one that may take her far away from the village. Will Gonzalo and S'átur escape their latest predicament to convince her otherwise?

  • The queen of Spain does everything within her power to ensure that her child will remain the sole heir to the crown. Plus, Gonzalo prepares a proposal.

  • S'átur catches a glimpse of what he believes to be the Holy Virgin. When Gonzalo tries to convince him otherwise, he accidentally attracts the attention of the Holy Inquisition.

  • When a celebrated bullfighter comes to town, Lucrecia comes up with an elaborate plan to clear her name of recent gossip. Margarita becomes the unintended and innocent victim of this doomed plot.

  • When a valuable diamond is stolen from the English and smuggled into Spanish territory, the king of Spain must do everything in his power to return the stone and repair relations. Plus, S'átur's folly causes someone grievous injuries.

  • After a sudden and tragic death, Gonzalo realizes he's in possession of an object of great worth. But how far are others willing to go to obtain it? Plus, an important figure from Irene's path reappears.

  • A black panther is stalking the forests around the village in search of live prey. Meanwhile, Hern'án enacts a cruel revenge plot, and the village's new sheriff has his eyes on Margarita.

  • With countless enemies across the village, Hern'án falls prey to a terrible riding accident that raises suspicion. Alonso and Gabi seek adventure beyond the city limits, while S'átur dons a new role with the duke of Alba.

  • When S'átur is given the opportunity of a lifetime, new beginnings are paired with heartbreaking goodbyes.

  • A love from Gonzalo's past reappears, while a love from his present is about to disappear.

  • As the marquis of Santillana sets out on her move to Vienna, the sheriff will go to any length to prevent his son from leaving. Gonzalo, on the other hand, fails to do enough to keep Margarita by his side.

  • His life at stake, S'átur becomes the victim of familial sabotage. Plus, the marquis of Santillana's move to Vienna severs many ties and many loves.

  • A figure from Red Eagle's past returns to enact vengeance upon him. Plus, Hern'án becomes a pawn in Cardinal Mendoza's plot to ascend to the papacy.

  • A close relative of the marquis of Santillana, whom she believed to be dead, shows up unannounced and with dangerous demands.

  • While continuing to search for his mother, Red Eagle suffers a debilitating accident. Meanwhile, the Spanish crown brings back captives from "New Spain."

  • Growing into his manhood, Nuño commits to serving the king at war, while his inconsolable mother can only cope by numbing her pain. Meanwhile, the devil's grip takes hold on six expectant mothers in the village.

  • The Marquise of Santillana is unknowingly taken captive and is en route to Mongolia. Meanwhile, eight figures of holy saints mysteriously disappear in what turns out to be a massive hunt for the Holy Grail.

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