Riese: Kingdom Falling

Beginning its production life as a series of short web episodes the science fiction series Riese: Kigndom Falling was transferred to television in the same short format by the U.S. cable network Syfy. First broadcast on Syfy in 2010 and 2011 the single season of the show consisted of ten episodes filmes on location around vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The webseries, known as Riese: The Series is based on characters created by Ryan Copple and Kaleena Kiff; the show is one of the first examples of an attempt to transfer the popular steampunk genre of science fiction literature and comic books to the television screens of North America. The series stars actors from various science fiction television series, such as Stargate and Smallville.

Riese: Kingdom Falling focuses on the trip undertaken by the daughter of a deposed monarchy of the fictional land of Eleysia; Riese, the daughter of the deposed King and Queen travels the land persued by the members of a fanatical religious group known as The Sect. Responsible for the coup that deposed her parents, The Sect send a series of assassins, often in the form of hybrid creatures the group has attempted to create in their secretive experiments. Whilst searcing for a safe land to remain free from The Sect Riese begins to investigate the activities of The Sect under the protection and comradeship of her wolf, Fenrir.

The series of ten minute episodes begin with Riese being injured during an attack by The Sect's assassins; she reaches the small village of Helmkin and is admitted to hospiptal. In the hospital Riese discovers rooms full of newborn babies that do not appear to have parents to care for them; Riese discovers The Sect are transporting the babies out of the hospital and tracks them to another settlement called Vidar. Riese hopes to carry on her journey in search of a safe haven after discovering what The Sect are doing with the large numbers of babies acquired by the group.

Tuesday 11:55 PM et/pt on Syfy
1 Season, 11 Episodes
October 26, 2010
Science Fiction
Cast: Christine Chatelain, Patrick Gilmore, Amanda Tapping, Sharon Taylor
Riese: Kingdom Falling

Riese: Kingdom Falling Full Episode Guide

  • The fate of Eleysia hangs in the balance as Riese learns of her brother's fate.

  • The fate of Eleysia hangs in the balance as Riese learns of her brother's fate.

  • Riese faces the darkest depth of the Sect's insanity.

  • The Sect's foul experiments lead Riese down a dangerous path.

  • Amara realizes the Sect's deception while Riese uncovers the dark secrets of Vidar.

  • Riese tracks the Sect's shipments...and finds a deeper mystery.

  • Herrick's actions in Helmkin set the rebellion and Riese in motion.

  • Riese uncovers the Sect's plans while pressure on Amara grows.

  • Empire and rebellion begin closing in on Riese.

  • Journey through a dying kingdom with the enigmatic Riese in this online series.

  • Journey through a dying kingdom with the enigmatic Riese in this online series.

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