Road Rules

Road Rules is a very popular television reality show that ran for 14 seasons on MTV. The series was started with a concept similar to the other MTV reality show that was airing at the time, The Real World. The two shows were created by the same production team of Jonathan Murray and Mary-Ellis Bunim. The seeds were planted for Road Rules during the second season of the Real World. For that edition, set in Los Angeles, several cast members traveled to the shooting location in an RV. During some of the seasons, the casts of both shows would intermingle as a part of different challenges and tasks.

The first season consisted of five contestants who were set up to live and travel together in a RV. All of the contestants had to surrender all of their cash. The goal was to travel around to certain specified locations and complete challenges and perform different jobs for money. If they were able to successfully complete the journey, they would be rewarded with handsome prize. Over the course of the series some of the grand prizes included overseas trips, vehicles, cash, and various high tech gadgets.

The cast of season one included Kit Hoover, Allison Jones, Shelly Spottedhorse, and Mark Long. Long appeared on The Real World: San Francisco. He interviewed with the cast to try and earn a spot in the house when David Puck Rainey was evicted from the house. He failed to impress the cast enough to earn the spot.

The show continued to evolve from season to season. Season 3 was the first season to venture outside of the US, when the show was produced in Europe. Season 4 saw the cast leave the RV at home and travel to the Caribbean. Season 9 saw a major overhaul of the show. Road Rules abandoned the documentary style reality show to a game show type of format. The cast of that season would need to team up to complete challenges. If they completed them successfully they would win prize money and if they failed to complete the challenge, they would lose money from their prize pool. Season 10 evolved further, adding a stipulation that they would need to vote a cast member off of the show after losing two challenges. Season 14 was the final season of the show. That cast included viewers that were at home.

After stopping production, Road Rules spun off onto a competition show where former cast members would battle with ex cast members from The Real World in the show Road Rules/Real World challenge.

14 Seasons, 226 Episodes
July 19, 1995
Cast: Adam Larson, Shane Landrum, Susie Meister, Veronica Portillo
Road Rules

Road Rules Full Episode Guide

  • A surprise last minute ejection keeps one Road Ruler from earning the final reward, just as Adam and Tori are sent to fight for their safety in the Pit. At the last Pit Stop, the Road Rulers encounter one of the most dangerous, high-speed missions yet.

  • David returns to the RV and swears he's never going back in again. The Road Rulers travel to Vegas where their mission is to audition for a Cirque Du Soleil show.

  • "œStone Cold" Steve Austin hands the Road Rulers their next mission. The alumni and Tori continue to create tension with their voting strategy for the Pit.

  • In hopes to return to the RV, Susie and Derek face the Pit together. The Road Rulers become honorary San Diego Chargers in a full-on brawl against the Pit Crew. Tension reaches an exciting climax when Ivory voices her true feelings.

  • After failing their last mission, the Road Rulers must succeed at an intense skate- and bike-trick mission or else they have to vote two people into the Pit. One member of the team gets injured and the group reevaluates how the voting process should work

  • David fights to save himself in the Pit. Two of the Road Rulers have an all-out scream fest on the RV when someone's feelings are hurt by last week's episode. An adrenaline-fueled mission tests the cast's driving ability in the desert.

  • Dan returns to the Pit to prove he's worthy of his spot on the RV. David gets confrontational when he learns what the Road Rules alumni have planned for him. The Road Rulers get down and dirty working at a farm

  • Angel and Shane need to work together as a team in the Pit to secure their spots. The Road Rulers team up with the Marines for a survival mission that tests everyone's limits. Tori's flirtation with Dan causes a huge blow-up between the two.

  • Monte has a second attempt to get on the RV in this week's Pit competition. The rift between Angel and the rest of the cast continues to grow as their volunteer system is tested.

  • Susie takes a gamble in the Pit competition. The Road Rulers are faced with their second Pit Stop, which involves a strong man competition and a surprise visit from "The Real World: Denver's" Brooke and Davis.

  • Kina faces off against Angel in the Pit, and things turn downright ugly between the ladies in a war of words and fists. The excited group of Road Rulers struggles with their mission racing cars on a speedway.

  • A swift-water-rescue challenge is held.

  • Tori moves onto the RV and struggles with her first challenge (a rapids rescue mission). During deliberations tempers rise to boiling point and one Road Ruler is sent home after starting a fight.

  • Road Rules follows the adventures of six 18-25 year olds who travel across the United States in an RV guided by a set of clues given by their "Roadmaster."

  • The Roadies arrive at their final mission in Bariloche, Argentina and learn they must use two bridges to cross a gorge. Oh, did we mention they are "trick" bridges? Anything can happen at any time! And if anyone is foiled by the "trick" bridge and falls, the team will have a second chance to cross. Once they have completed each stage of the mission, they will have earned their last extreme key and will be given further instructions on where to go to collect their handsome reward. Could this be the first Road Rules team in history to be unsuccessful winning their handsome reward?!Patrick navigates the first bridge and does well until he steps on a board that breaks. A few more break and suddenly what seems like an easy task becomes hard. Jodi is the first girl to cross and she doesn't listen to Derrick when he tells her to wrap the rope around her hand so she doesn't fall. She either can't hear or doesn't listen and ends up falling right before she comes to the end of the bridge. This

  • As Jillian and Patrick brush each other's teeth, Jillian narrates that at first their relationship was purely sexual, but now that she has gotten to know him, she is falling in love with him. "We have good sex, but it's mostly all psychical," Patrick contradicts.Derrick explains to Jillian that Patrick has a girl back home and it's very possible Jillian will end up getting her heartbroken. Jillian is aware of this, but gosh, golly, gee, Patrick is too irresistible.The Roadies' mission this time around is to perform a Gondola rescue high up in the air on a cold and rainy day. The challenge part of this mission is that one of their strongest team members will be rendered helpless. Patrick is chosen to be the "victim" and he, along with his teammates, worry that his talents are going to be wasted in this role. The Roadies take the Gondola up into the clouds and when it stops, Derrick is the first one to traverse the rope to the other Gondola. He comes very close to letting go because hi

  • The night before their next mission, Derrick gets a little tipsy. Angela senses that he's a lost soul who needs to be found.When the Roadies meet up with their mission mayors, they learn they will be competing in a "face off" with Road Rules 12 cast members. The two casts meet and greet and Angela blurts out that Jillian and Patrick have already had sex. Mary Beth thinks Patrick is hottie and Dave reveals that he and Cara from his show are dating and in love. The team with the most points at the end of the competition will win $12,000. The first challenge involves running and it appears that Derrick's drinking and smoking prevent him from doing well at that challenge. Road Rules South America pulls ahead and finishes first, which gives them 10 points. Angela opens up to Chris about Derrick's wild life and asks Chris, since he has been in a similar place, to try and talk to him about getting on the right track and stopping drugs. While they rest, Chris takes some time to talk to Derric

  • Derrick is getting increasingly annoyed with Nick, apparently because of Nick's "stupid comments." No longer the newest person on the team, Nick still feels like an outsider. He feels ganged up on and is defensive and that has apparently made him persona non grata. When the gang goes that night, Nick is the designated driver for the second time in a row. Poor guy just can't catch a break. Desperately trying to gain acceptance in the group, Nick offers to drive to Buenos Aries.In the Falling at Your Feet mission, the Roadies learn they must once again pair off into three teams of two. Each team of two must stand on an eight foot pillar, which is attached to a truck by a chain. The pillar is pulled out from under their feet as the truck zooms by. When the pillar is yanked from under them, the two Roadies must land on their feet in the designated area. No other part of their body must touch the ground.Angela and Ibis go first and fail miserably. Nick and Patrick complete the jump succes

  • The Roadies are in the midst of drawing names from a hat to decide who will go home. Kina's name is pulled twice, so she will be headed home. Kina feels good about the decision and keeps a strong face in front of her roommates, but when she retreats to the X-RV by herself, she has a good cry. Poor Derrick wonders who his cuddle monkey is gonna be now that Kina's off the team.Meanwhile, Jodi feels guilty because she thinks she would have been voted off if they didn't pull names from a hat. The rest of the Roadies now worry about how their team chemistry will be affected. Jodi declares she will help fix the communication problem her teammates feel exists. Patrick isn't going to cut Jodi anymore slack. "If we don't win this next mission, it's Jodi's ass," he warns.The Roadies pack up the X-RV and head for Argentina and await the arrival of their new teammate. Angela, a girly-girl who has a real job back home, arrives at the RV and hopes to meet some down-to earth chicks and a guy who do

  • We start off with the roadies driving from Santiago to Calamana. They see beautiful sites along the way. They find some girls in a car driving along side them that recognize the Road Rules logos and they play with eachother leading to Danny mooning them through the window. Danny feels that he is finally comfortable with his fellow roadies and he is happy to be on the trip.They receive their next clue saying to meet in the desert and wear long pants and sneakers. They all think that they have to run or something. They all know they must pass this mission or someone will be voted off. Danny is worried that he might be the one voted off and feels he needs to show all that he's got in the next mission.They arrive at their mission where Filepe and Ximera tell them that they will be "Blind Driving". In teams of two they will have to make 3 laps in a dune buggy as fast as they can. The catch is the passenger is blindfolded and will be controlling the gas and break while the driver c

  • We start off with the roadies talking about how dissapointed they are with Danny's performance in the previous mission.At the beach, Danny talks about how he has a poster of a Playgirl model on his wall. Derrick immediately says "Earmuffs" and places his hands over his ears. Derrick explains that he does this whenever Danny talks about his homosexuality that Derrick doesn't want to hear. Danny explains that he is insulted cause noone sees him do that when Derrick talks about his girls.They receive their next clue that says it will have something to do with a plane and pictures and they must go to the Aero Club de Santiago.On the way to the next mission, a sudden crash halts the RV. It seems that Derrick was driving and hit a tree that was hanging over the street. It ripped opened the top of the RV aswell as breaking the windshield. As the tree was hit it also ripped it out of the groung having it land on two other cars. One of the other drivers calls the police which arrive a

  • We start off with the roadies in Santiago, they are out on the town when they receive their next clue. It tells them that they will be walking to their next mission so get a "Moo" on. Kina gets all happy cause she believes it's a mission that has something to do with cows. That night Derrick and Kina take a walk. Derrick really likes Kina and wants to take it to the next level but is still hesitant. Kina really loves Derrick alot but mainly in a flirtation way.The following day Kina tells Ibis that Derrick tried to kiss her again. Ibis tells her that she is afraid of intimacy but Kina just wants to go through this trip without a relationship.They arrive at their mission where they are greeted by Carolina & Cristobal. They tell the roadies that their next mission is "Don't have a Cow". They are told they will be eating all parts of a cow. They will have to pair up and feed their partner. They must finish their whole plate in 5 minutes, whatever is left over after the time is

  • Still in Puco, Patrick talks about how he knows how he really wants to marry his girlfriend - Courtney. He says he has made some mistakes in the past but willing to try harder to treat her the way she deserves to be treated.They receive their next clue that says "What do you call a guy with no loegs and no arms that hangs on a wall?". They think it might have something to do with rock climbing.Patrick and Derrick decide to wrestle out in the lawn. They wrestle several times and Patrick seems to beat Derrick all around. Derrick being so wound up picks up Kina and ends up falling on his back twisting a knee that has had past trouble. Derrick is in extreme pain as Kina places ice on his already swelling knee. He wonders how he will compete in the next days mission or any further mission.The following morning, they head out to their next city and mission. Derrick is resting with ice on his knee.They arrive and greeted by their mission mayors- Christobal and Carolina. They annou

Road Rules News

Police Release Details About Danny Dias' Death

There is no foul play suspected at the moment.

MTV Reality Star Found Dead

Danny Dias' cause of death is unknown at this point.

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