s-Cry-ed is about the story of a bizarre environmental mysterious that took place 22 years ago. This event split the land and transformed it into a land now known to many as "The Lost Ground", located in the Kanazawa prefecture. A young man named Kazuma, who is a mercenary, lives inside this area. He spends his days trying to look for whatever work he can find in the area so he can maintain the condition of his home.

Kazuma also has been granted the ability to alter his arm and torso areas with a metallic piece by plastering it onto parts of his body, known as the Alter ability.

One day, during Kazuma's journey, he meets a group called HOLY, which is an organization that captures people that possess alter uses-like abilities.

He then encounters a man named Ryuho, an elite member of this group. As soon as they meet, they fight each other in an epic long battle.

2 Seasons, 27 Episodes
May 28, 2005
Cast: Steve Blum, Melissa Fahn, Barbara Goodson, Tony Oliver

s-Cry-ed Full Episode Guide

  • While the rest of the Lost Ground rebuilds, Kazuma and Ryuho realize that they are finally able to fight each other, free from any distractions.

  • Revived, Ryuho resumes his fight with the Alter from the Other Side, while Kazuma fights Mujo.

  • While Cougar fights Mujo, Ryuho battles the Alter from the Other Side with Scheris being an onlooker.

  • Kazuma and Ryuho attack the Alter Fortress to rescue the young Kanami. While Kazuma fights Biff, Zigmarl confronts Ryuho.

  • Enraged by Kanami's capture, Kazuma and Ryuho want to rush in, guns blazing, but Cougar forces them to cool their heads first. But when Mujo uses the Holy Eye Satellite to attack them, Kazuma and Ryuho are forced to once again open a portal to the Other Side.

  • Kazuma and Kanami are finally reunited and do some catching up while others begin to figure out their next move.

  • Kigetsuki and Darths attack the village being protected by Scheris.

  • While Kanami and Ryuho set search of Kazuma, Tachibana and Mimori are attacked by Biff, who has been brainwashed by HOLY. Meanwhile Kazuma and Cougar fight to determine their destiny.

  • Kazuma is forced to fight is one-time ally -- Ayase Terada, who has been sent by the Mainland to capture him.

  • Unkei and Kigetsuki combine both their deceptive Alter powers to exploit Ryuho's memory loss in an effort to convince him to return to HOLY.

  • Hoping to find Ryuho, Tachibana and Mimori visit an underground arena, but instead find Kazuma battling in gladiator Alter fights.

  • The Lost Ground is in ruins following the second seismic upheaval triggered between Ryuho and Kazuma. Doubting Zigmarl's ability to control the situation, the mainland sends Kyoji Mujo to oversee opertaions. Meanwhile Kanami is forced to toil in a labor camp run by a tyrannical Alter user.

  • Kazuma is on a rampage, attacking any member of HOLD or HOLY he can find. But when he attacks Scheris, Ryuho unleashes his own enraged power in a battle that shakes the entire land, but for what purpose?

  • When they find Kanami safe at home, Kazuma and Kimishima are attacked by several Darths. Despite Kazuma's attempt at buying them escape time, Kanami and Kimishima are imprisoned with other townspeople. Can Kazuma defeat the real Darths?

  • When Mimori discovers that Native Alters sent to the mainland are used for Alter experiments, Martin Zigmarl has Mimori imprisoned. While locked away Mimori recounts the history of the Lost Ground. But can she escape?

  • An impatient Kazuma goes looking for HOLY to use his new Alter power, but he encounters Max Emergy handing out toys to children. What's worse is that Max won't fight back, even as he goads Kazuma on. What is Max Emergy hiding?

  • Kazuma, rejected by his failure to save the other Native Alters, delves deep into the Alters Forest, a place rumored to give birth to Alter powers. In order to increase his own power he'll have to fight a mysterious Alter--that six years ago, killed Ryuho's parents.

  • Kazuma decides to infiltrate HOLY to save the Native Alters captured in the ambush. But he goes with a crazy idea to join HOLY! Although suspicious of his true intentions Zigmarl accepts him...but he's way ahead of Kazuma's game, he uses an Alter user named Unekei to make sure Kazuma accepts beign apart of HOLY.

  • Trapped in an underground cavern, Kazuma and Asuka call a truce to work towards getting out. During the caves they encounter a very strange Alter master.

  • Under pressure by the politicians who controls the Lost Ground, Martin Zigmarl goes on the offense against the Native Alters. When Kimishima and Kazuma lead a team of Native Alters against a routine HOLY patrol, they fall neatly into Ryuho's trap. And even though Ryuho's brought out Zetsuei's true form against the Native Alters, that doesn't stop the injured Asuka Tachibana from stepping in to get his revenge, still seething from his defeat at the hands of Kazuma.

  • When Mimori volunteers for a medical detachment in the northern territory, Ryuho tries to talk her out of it, to no avail. Meanwhile Kanami collapses from a viral infection while Kazuma is fighting against HOLY and the only people who can help her are the doctors from Mimori's medical unit.

  • Captured by HOLY, Kazuma is forced to endure grueling test and interrogations. Can he escape from HOLY headquesters?

  • The night before Kazuma's fight with Ryuho, Mimori arrives to take her new job at HOLY, reminiscing about her last visit to the Lost Ground and her previous association with Ryuho. He has definitely changed from the boy she once knew, which becomes more evident when she watches him battle the native Alter, Kazuma.

  • So when Kimishima offers Kazuma a job paying peanuts, he can't really turn it down, even if he ends up having to butt heads with HOLY and their ace Alter user, Ryuho.

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