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Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil is a Korean television series that tells the story of a woman who works hard to keep herself and her family happy and carefree, even in the face of disaster. The series focuses on the main character, Mrs. Go Bong Shil, played by the famous Korean actress Kim Hae Suk. Go Bong Shil and her family live a happy life in a rural countryside town in Korea. However, the happy family life begins to slide when Go Bong Shil's husband suddenly passes away. Go Bong Shil's husband was the one who supported the family. After his death, Go Bong Shil's family faces a financial crisis.

Go Bong Shil quickly makes the decision to move her entire family to the large city of Seoul. Suddenly, Go Bong Shil, who has spent most of her fifty-odd years living a quiet country life, is thrust into the noise and bustle of the huge city. It takes some time for Go Bong Shil and her family to get used to the many differences of city life.

Slowly, the family begins to settle into their new lifestyle. However, Go Bong Shil is still worried. There is very little money coming in and her family is facing bankruptcy. Despite the dire circumstances, Go Bong Shil decides to keep up her hope and do what she can to support her family. To earn a little bit of extra money, Go Bong Shil begins writing stories. Her work becomes popular, and Go Bong Shil is soon on the fast track to becoming a famous writer.

Things are looking up for Go Bong Shil and her family, but there are still many things that the simple country people must become used to. Go Bong Shil is determined to make her career work in order to support her family. She is also determined to maintain her cheerful personality, despite the many daily stresses she encounters.

Saturday & Sunday 7:50 PM et/pt on DramaFever
1 Season, 36 Episodes
December 16, 2011
Family, Korean Drama
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Saving Mrs. Go Bong Shil Full Episode Guide

  • Go Bong Shil continues with her business and keeps busy. Yoon Young appreciates the simple life style back at her home town. Soo Ae is going to college. Geum Shil is the president of Han Nam and Man Deuk remains busy with the grandchildren and life.

  • Yoon Young is weak but has made some resolutions for the past and future. Go Bong Shil makes a final decision about David Kim. Soo Ae and Dong Shik are being as honest as possible and facing their situation.

  • Soo Ae comes to terms with the reality of her situation. Yoon Young faces a health crisis. Bong Shil makes some tough choices and brings in a person from her husband's past.

  • David Kim and Bong Shil spend alone time together. Grace and Kyung Soo reunite and celebrate with their friends and family. In Young supports Nicky's venture. Guem Shil and Man Deuk live in domestic bliss. Soo Ae, however, runs into some trouble.

  • Bong Shil is met with a business proposal. David Kim is skeptical but offers his help. Grace connects with her newly reunited family. In Young makes grown up decisions.

  • David Kim plans a surprise for Bong Shil. Soo Ae puts out all the moves to impress her new interest. Won Sook lives in bliss as she has reunited with her son.

  • Kyung Soo copes with his new discovery. Bong Shil and David Kim recouncil. Yoon Young begins to feel the effects of overworking.

  • David Kim is puzzled by Bong Shil. Man Duek starts taking dance lessons. Won Sook faces her troubled past.

  • Bong Shil and David Kim are attacked. Oh Jin Cheol is arrested and Bong Shil tells her family the truth behind her late husband's death.

  • David Kim and Bong Shil grow closer. Yoon Young and Kyung Soo face their pasts. In Young and Nicky spend more time together.

  • Kyung Soo hears some shocking news. Yoon Young stands by her husband at a difficult time. Nicky auditions for his dream role.

  • Bong Shil discovered the truth behind her husband's death. New love is in the air amongst the members. Soo Ae developes a crush.

  • Bong Shil is troubled and surprised by the David Kim's action. Mi Ja celebrates her big day but encounters a few difficulties along the way. In Young and Nicky recouncil.

  • In Young's world is turned upside down. Soo Ae and Man Deuk rebuild their relationship. Bong Shil recieves some shocking news about her late husband.

  • The crew goes on a wild chase for the missing dresser. Bong Shil rallies up friends and family to begin her new venture. Some shocking news about In Young is delivered to everyone.

  • David Kim surprises Bong Shil with an unconventional idea. Yoon Young is confronted by her mother's attacker.

  • Won Sook has some uncomfortable encounters in her own home. In Young also runs into some trouble at school. An unexpected visitor goes to Bong Shil's home and causes quite a stir.

  • Just as things begin to look up, Bong Shil was confronted by David Kim's ex-girlfriend in a very aggressive matter. In Young made a promise to her pursuer.

  • In Young becomes smitten over a young man. Kyung Soo grows increasingly uneasy with Yoon Young's co-worker. Everyone celebrates Bong Shil

  • Bong Shil meets David Kim's disgruntled ex-girlfriend. Won Sook and Bong Shil have a heart to heart, with everything from her late ex-husband and her unhappiness.

  • Yoon Young's career is picking up, but she over works and falls ill. Bong Shil's late husband has unresolved business and may involve some violent characters.

  • An invitation from David Kim resolves some of Bong Shil's financial problems, but things get complicated between them

  • Bong Shil is shaken but finds support in her new groups of friends. An unexpected guest from the old town arrives.

  • Bong Shil opens up her own place with the help of her new friends, but some unexpected guest show up and brings chaos.

  • Bong Shil discovers Soo Ae's real identity, familiar faces from her home town start coming into the big city.

  • Bong Shil meets her daughters In Young, remembers moments with her late husband.

  • Bong Shil struggles to make a living in the big city, but despite her problems, she keeps trying her best.

  • After her situation takes a turn for the worst, Bong Shil meets some unexpectedly kind new friends.

  • Bong Shil takes an adventurous trip to Seoul where she finds herself a bit overwhelmed by the change of scenery.

  • Mrs. Go Bong Shil starts up her greenhouse with the help of her friend.

  • Bong Shil works hard at her new job to try to make ends meet.

  • In an attempt to begin to tackle her large debt, Bong Shil tries to turn to a well-off neighbor to try to borrow money.

  • Bong Shil discovers that her husband wasn't really the man she thought he was when she meets with his mistress.

  • Go Bong Shil struggles to make ends meet by selling flowers on the street.

  • In the wake of her husband's death, Bong Shil is left with grief and numerous debts he left behind.

  • Go Bong Shil lives a comfortable life in the countryside until her husband disappears during his welcome home party from a business trip.

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