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1 Season, 24 Episodes
April 11, 2017
Cast: Marilyn Schreffler
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Scooby's All Star Laff-A-Lympics Full Episode Guide

  • Teams compete in Sampan racing, three-way soccer, rocket racing, and an obstacle course. Then they visit the moon where everyone is awarded a gold medal.

  • Teams compete in the capture the robot contest, dog sled racing, freestyle pole vaulting, and pogostick racing

  • Blue Falcon's scooter is stopped by a vat of couscous, then Fondoo's inept magic nearly allows Yakky to win a road rally!

  • Teams compete in flight competition, Chinese dragon racing, sea horse racing, and mermaid rescuing.

  • Teams compete in a soapbox derby, kite flying, ostrich racing, and mud puddle tug-of-war

  • A wild raft ride down the Amazon River and a scavenger hunt in spooky Transylvania are among the events in today's contest.

  • The three teams attempt to win events ranging from a carriage ride through New York's Central Park to a wacky unicycle race through the streets of Istanbul!

  • Teams compete in Siberian Moose marathon, Dancing Race through Moscow, Porpoise Race around The Island, Bleubeard's treasure hunt.

  • Today's wacky contests include tree cutting in Canada and a flying carpet race in Baghdad!

  • The scenic locales for today's crazy contests include rustic Rustler's Gulch, Arizona and picturesque Holland.

  • The teams' crazy contests occur in the disparate climates of tropical Tahiti and the frigid North Pole!

  • The teams' wild events occur in the disparate climates of tropical Hawaii and icy Norway.

  • Teams compete in mule racing, tightrope racing, Catch the Leprechaun, and hole-in-one golf contest.

  • Teams compete in jungle boat racing, vine swinging, rollerskating, and fishing.

  • Exotic locales in India's lush Bengal Jungle and historic Israel's Negev Desert provide the backdrops for today's exciting events.

  • Teams compete in bullfighting, gypsy wagon race, hang the bell on the Abominable Snowman, relay racing to the top of Everest.

  • Teams compete in Touch the Tip of the Pyramid race, camel racing, knight racing, and a rescue contest.

  • Teams compete in motor scooter racing, canal boat racing, hang gliding, skydiving, and hot-air balloon racing.

  • Teams compete in pole vaulting, discus, rail cart racing, and keelboat racing.

  • Teams compete in the Tour De France, Eiffel Tower climbing, boomerang throwing, and kangaroo racing.

  • Teams compete in swamp buggy racing, waterskiing, track raceing, rickshaw racing, ping pong, and gymnastics.

  • Teams compete in dune buggy racing, Fill Up The Oasis race, Lochness Photograph race, and three-legged kilt racing.

  • Teams compete in cliff diving, underwater relays, speed boat racing, climbing Big Ben, fox hunting, and skateboard polo.

  • The teams compete in downhill skiing, ice skating, tobagganing, sumo wrestling, tennis, and batting.

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