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seaQuest DSV is a science fiction, action-adventure series about a futuristic sub that travels Earth's oceans to protect the explosion of underwater colonies. The show premiered on NBC in September of 1993. The year is 2018 and Earth is recovering from a recent altercation between numerous nations. In order to maintain peace above and under the water, the newly formed United Earth Oceans Organization (UEO) enlists Captain Nathan Bridger to take over command the ship he designed, the Deep Submergence Vehicle (DSV) known as seaQuest. He is joined by first officer Commander Jonathan Ford (Don Franklin), Chief Medical Officer Kristin Westphalen (Stephanie Beacham), and teenage computer genius Lucas Wolenczak (Jonathan Brandis). Bridger also recruits his dolphin friend Darwin, who is able to communicate with the crew through technology.

There were many changes throughout the three season history of seaQuest DSV. The first season mixed futuristic political and military encounters with stories involving ecology and exploration of the oceans. After the original seaQuest was destroyed in the 1st season finale, a smaller version of the ship returned to duty in the second season. Along with this came a number of cast changes, including the addition of Rosalind Allen as the telepathic Dr. Wendy Smith and Peter DeLuise as the genetically-engineered human known as Dagwood. The second season's episodes were based more in the science fiction and fantasy realms.

In the third season, the ship and crew are transported to a future where a new Macronesian Alliance threatens the world. Due to this change, Captain Bridger leaves the show and is replaced by Captain Oliver Hudson (Michael Ironside). Despite steering the program back to the first season's themes, seaQuest was canceled by the network in 1996.

3 Seasons, 58 Episodes
September 12, 1993
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Cast: Jonathan Brandis, Don Franklin, Ted Raimi, Roy Scheider
seaQuest DSV

seaQuest DSV Full Episode Guide

  • On their final voyage, the crew learns that O'Neill's cyber-friend is a defector of the Chaodai, a powerful Asian force with anti-sub weapons. Drawn into dangerous waters, the seaQuest crew unites in a life-or-death battle against the Chaodai.

  • During a stopover at a penal colony, Lt. Henderson learns her former lover is a prisoner there and unwittingly instigates a riot. Henderson's ex escapes with Larry Deon's partner, Mason Freeman, and the two desperados seize hostages.

  • When the UEO's charter comes up for renewal, corrupt businessman Larry Deon teams up with President Bourne to control the outcome. The duo's deadly plot involves turning Lt. Fredericks into an assassin. Michael York guest stars.

  • A mechanical malfunction sends the seaQuest back in time to 1962, where the crew gets caught in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis. As the clock ticks down, the seaQuest team attempts to prevent nuclear war. Brittany Murphy guest stars.

  • Determined to get their hands on top secret information that could ruin their lives, Bridger and Ford head up a mission to retrieve data crystals from a UEO base that is now under Macronesian control. Roy Scheider guest stars.

  • When Max Scully returns, Hudson is charged with accompanying the extreme environmentalist to an underwater ecological paradise. But can Scully, who faked his own death twice, really be trusted? Jonathan Banks guest stars.

  • Lucas finds he is at odds with his former Captain, Nathan Bridger, when an ocean borne organism threatens to kill all ocean life. Lucas and Bridger differ on the correct solution to this world wide impending threat, and know that only one solution is the correct one. However, which solution is the correct one? Both strongly believe they have the correct answer which will save the world.

  • On a mission that leads Brody into a life-or-death situation, Capt. Hudson and the rest of the seaQuest crew set out to save Lt. Henderson from a death sentence decreed by her captor, President Bourne. Michael York guest stars.

  • Nuclear war looms on the horizon after power-hungry Adm. Vanalden fires missiles at an encampment in Macronesia. The UOE orders seaQuest's Capt. Hudson and his crew to take control of Vanalden's heavily fortified underwater base.

  • When Lucas is asked to help on the maiden voyage of an underwater hyper-speed tube train system, Ford and Henderson use the train's maiden voyage to go on a secret romantic trip. However, the corporation in competition with the train plans to sabotage its maiden voyage, putting Lucas, Ford and Henderson's life at risk, if they can't foil the plot.

  • The seaQuest crew is charged with unraveling a mystery when the United Earth Oceans Organization's hauling vessels begin disappearing in the Free Zone. During the mission, Capt. Hudson is reunited with a former flame.

  • On his first official job as commander of the seaQuest, Capt. Oliver Hudson must stop greedy businessman Larry Deon from flooding part of Saudi Arabia. Deon gains the upper hand by strategically placing civilians in harm's way.

  • It's been ten years since the seaQuest's mysterious disappearance, but now the massive sub has been found in the middle of a wheat field. Then the old crew also start reappearing in different places.A tough minded military officer, who had been assigned to figure out what happened to seaQuest, is put in charge of getting her back in the ocean, and then to commanding her and the new crew, as the boat is sorely needed in the current troubled times.

  • Commander Keller from the Mars expedition appears in an image to seaQuest, asking seaQuest to go to the Christmas Tree Trench. The alien ship hiding there captures and transports seaQuest across the galaxy to a world mostly containing water. There they find Keller and Tobias, as the previously known alien is known to the crew, on this water world, which is entangled in a massive civil war. Tobias' side is losing, so his race had decided to transport the seaQuest to his planet, to help them in their battle.The seaQuest crew reluctantly agrees to help Tobias people in what appears to be a lost cause. However things go from bad to worse and Bridger sees only one possible solution to the conflict, which may be the last decision he will ever make.

  • Piccolo survives a plane crash into the South American jungle, but he's soon taken prisoner by a terrible dictator who, unbeknownst to the rest of the world, has started producing artificial life forms.

  • When Dr. Smith learns that two crew members, Piccolo and Dagwood, experienced the same nightmare, she seeks help from her former boyfriend and parapsychology expert Clay Marshall, a man hiding his own dark secrets.

  • With the help of the dangerous Mariah, a computer hacker known as "The Marauder" sets out to destroy the seaQuest. The two kidnap O'Neill, who was on a personal leave of absence from the ship, and use him as a bargaining chip against the crew.

  • When a group of researchers discover an ancient chest in an abandoned mining outpost in the Mediterranean, the seaQuest team arrives to provide protection. But once the chest is opened, an evil demon escapes and wreaks havoc.

  • When the seaQuest is reluctantly tasked to transport a pop singer to a U.E.O. island military base, they encounter an apparition that takes control of the pop star and Henderson, as the apparition believes they are the mythical figures Minerva and Medusa.

  • NASA commander Scott Keller boards the seaQuest in order to study a comet that's about to land in the ocean. After the comet disintegrates, the crew discovers a hostile alien has boarded the ship and begun attacking people.

  • The seaQuest makes a miraculous discovery of a ancient warriors helmet. The problem is where they found it; far from where it should have been in the Mediterranean region. Bridger brings aboard two experts to try and solve this apparent mystery. Bridger then learns the two experts have been repudiating each others research and findings for many years.To make matters worse, everyone who has tried on the helmet has become psychotic, and a danger to the rest of the crew and boat.

  • Lt. Ford is reunited with his father and brother while they are on a scientific expedition to an Island. Ford's contentious relationship with his father flairs up just as a prehistoric mammoth crocodile creature is revived from being frozen nearby. The meltdown, caused by the recent warming of the Atlantic Ocean due to human activity, puts the Earth's aquatic life in peril. The seaQuest must rescue Ford, his father and brother, and find a way to defeat the massive beast before it moves on to more populated areas of the ocean.

  • A strong underwater current drags a shuttle containing Henderson, Lucas, Brody and O'Neill into a labyrinth of ancient caves. With their vehicle damaged, the stranded crew members must find a new way to escape.

  • Dagwood is accused of the murder of his creator; the creator of all the Gelphs. He professes his innocence, but video evidence seems to prove his guilt. Can the seaQuest crew unravel the mystery surrounding the man's murder, and clear Dagwood from the charges?

  • When Brody meets a ravishing woman, he becomes smitten; but all of a sudden someone tries to kill this newly met woman. When Brody tries to protect her, she disappears. It turns out the woman has a connection to Brody, and a dark secret that has put her in peril.Can Brody and the seaQuest crew figure out this strange mystery in time to save this woman from her assassin?

  • The seaQuest receives a distress call from an underwater horticultural habitat, leading them to discover everyone is missing when they get there. Can the crew solve the matter of their disappearance, and find where they have gone?

  • The seaQuest must stop or destroy an unmanned A.I. controlled attack submarine, which has escaped from its berth. Bridger knows this menacing attack submarine, as he helped develop it.The attack sub appears to be intent on launching its nuclear missiles at New Cape Quest. Can seaQuest and Bridger stop the artificial mind aboard the attack sub in time, before it launches its deadly weapons?

  • The seaQuest is drawn into an mysterious underwater vortex after hearing the strange pleading calls of a small girl that they can't see. The vortex takes the seaQuest 250 years into Earth's future.The crew investigates a nearby advanced metropolis, but discovers that there is no one there except for two children playing a battle game in large mechanical battle bots. Their game is real, and the crew is at risk from all the laser cannon shots being fired by the bots.About this time, the crew also learns who, or what, is controlling the city's infrastructure.They soon learn why they were brought here, into mankinds future, but can they fix what has gone wrong in the future? And, even if they can, will they be able to find their own way back to their own time?

  • When Piccolo's estranged father contacts him about his mother's medical situation, Piccolo drags his friends into finding out what is going on. What they find is she is using a new drug that can make you look younger.However, are the side effects even worse?

  • Bridger responds to a plea received from an old flame, asking for help. The utopian underwater habitat she lives in, with her husband, has turned strangely violent. The normally docile inhabitants are now killing each other, and rioting.Can seaQuest find the cause of this strange behavior, and stop the riotous actions going on there? Both the inhabitants and seaQuest crew's lives hang in the balance.

  • The amazing arrival of extraterrestrials to Earth, who want to meet the seaQuest crew and all humans, is marred by the UEO's desire to extract all the information they can from them, and deciding to keep them incognito to Earth's population. The seaQuest crew must try to set things right, before the aliens take matters into their own hands.

  • Part 2 of the series season 2 premiere starts with the premise that a genetic revolution has lead to human created beings that the population now feels need to be kept segregated from society. However, these human creations, known as Daggers, who are being interned in a prison camp, make a prison break. The seaQuest must try to recapture the Daggers before they exact their vengeance on the government the imprisoned them.

  • The series season 2 starts with the premise that a genetic revolution has lead to human beings created in a lab, that the population now feels need to be kept segregated from society. However, these human creations, known as Daggers, who are being interned in a prison camp, make a prison break. The seaQuest must try to recapture the Daggers before they exact their vengeance on the government the imprisoned them.

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