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Kim Joo Won has the dream that many and nearly all women have: Won is popular, very young, extremely rich, handsome, he is also known for his education and he became the C.E.O. of a huge department store. The problems that he had been being extremely bossy, mean and way to arrogant; he also couldn't protect his heart from love that was unlikely and not expected.

Gil Ra Im (Jo-Won Ha) is a well-known professional stunt actress: she loved to talk like a man, her favorite hobbies were driving and fighting. Won, found her the opposite of what he looked for in a female: very poor, not educated and he didn't like the fact that she was 30 years old and had a problem with her family.

Won decided to try to do a small favor to one of his cousins that happened to be the singer Oska (Yoon Sang Hyun). In return Oska would give won a more profitable business. The big mistake he made was the fact that the leading actress was Gil Ra Im. After they meet Im(GRI) takes over his life, by taking his comfortable and luxurious life style and the shrill love for this regular woman.

As the series story goes on and makes progress, fate, several love triangles and a potion that happens to be magical starts and the potion makes them switch into the other ones bodies. The potion makes their lives more and more complicated throughout the show. The reason the switch was so difficult, is because they lived in two entirely different worlds. The good thing about the switch is eventually the release the mistakes the made and their characters begin to slowly grow up.

The dramatic series is extremely interesting and has a unique style that audiences will love. Its a show that is a must see and will have audiences glued to their TV's.

1 Season, 20 Episodes
November 13, 2010
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Secret Garden Full Episode Guide

  • Joo Won's memory returns and he runs back to Ra Im. Things are starting to improve for Oska both personally and professionally with Seul.

  • After learning the truth from Joo Won's mother Ra Im tries to break up with him. Ra Im gets the starring role in Dark Blood.

  • Ra Im misses her audition for Dark Blood when she rushes to Joo Won's side during his claustrophobia attack.

  • Ra Im and Joo Won divulge their secret to Oska and Jong Soo because they have no alternative choice. Joo Won auditions for Dark Blood in the place of Ra Im.

  • A romance starts to develop between Ra Im and Joo Won. Ra Im and Joo Won switch bodies when it rains causing a series of mix-ups.

  • During a mountain retreat with the action school Ra Im realizes she is very attracted to Joo Won . Oska discovers who leaked his plagiarized song.

  • Joo Won and Ra Im break up even though they still have feelings for each other. Oska and Seul have a confrontation.

  • Unable to forget Ra Im, Joo Won decides to see her for three months, which garners his mother and Oska's disapproval.

  • A rainstorm allows Ra Im and Joo Won to switch back to their lives, but remnants of the other's presence still remain. Oska is rocked by a plagiarism scandal.

  • Ra Im and Joo Won use their new-found positions to annoy each other and play with Oska and Seul's feelings.

  • Still stuck in each other's bodies, Joo Won and Ra Im have to live out each other's lives, but their differing personalities confuse the people around them.

  • Joo Won and Ra Im try to figure out how to switch back without arousing suspicion from others.

  • Oska isn't pleased to find that his ex Seul is the director of his music video. A bike race gone wrong leads to surprising consequences for Joo Won and Ra Im.

  • Joo Won insults Ra Im for her lack of wealth, but he can't get her out of his mind. Oska tries to recruit singer-composer Tae Sun to be his protegee.

  • Ra Im's colleagues are surprised that she has connections with Joo Won, but she dislikes the scrutiny. Jong Soo keeps his feelings for Ra Im under wraps.

  • Joo Won is intrigued by Ra Im and her job. He decides to join her action school so that he can see her more often.

  • Gil Ra Im stars in a high-profile action film as the stunt woman for actress Park Chae Rin, who is singer Oska's latest fling. When Chae Rin blackmails Oska with photos, Joo Won is asked to step in and defuse the situation.

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