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The Sesame Street address sign is probably one of the most recognized landmarks in the Television world. The show is seen in at least 140 countries and is translated into many languages. This educational show has lasted over 40 years and is still going strong. Children around the world start to experience the learning effect of Sesame Street at a very early age. Over the past 40 years, millions of people have experienced the Sesame Street style of learning. Started in 1969 this New York based companies method of teaching young people was started by Joan Ganz Cooney and Lloyd Morrisett developing one of televisions greatest success stories. The song introducing the show is world famous, people young and old have no difficulty remembering the words written by Joe Raposo, Jan Store and Bruce Hart. The famed question," Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street" is easy for millions of people to recall.

With 8 Grammys and a host of other awards, this children's television show has not wavered. Sesame Street is one of the longest running educational shows in the history of television. Favorite characters of the show are Big Bird Oscar the Grouch and Cookie Monster, Children throughout the world have developed a love for these characters and the television show they represent. The effect it has on the education of children is phenomenal. The show has early learning skills down to a science.

Sesame Street has evolved, as other Medias have over the years. The television show now has a Web presence where children can continue learning and interacting with their favorite characters. Children play games, and use a variety of learning tools. Financed originally by outside sources the show is now, financially independent, benefiting from a number of revenue producing avenues developed through the show over the years.

Teaching through games songs and stories, this for some children is their first school like learning experience. Sesame Street is as real to a child as the street where you live. The characters bring learning to life for kids of all ages.

Weekdays 7:00 AM et/pt on PBS
49 Seasons, 1630 Episodes
November 10, 1969
Children, Animation & Cartoons
Cast: Caroll Spinney, Frank Oz, Jerry Nelson, Martin P. Robinson
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Sesame Street Full Episode Guide

  • The paintings at the brand-new Museum of Modern Cookie disappeared and Cookie Monster, Chris and Elmo try to find out what happened.

  • Slimey participates in the Squirmadega car race.

  • Grover volunteers to assist the Amazing Mumford with his suspension act.

  • Baby Bear, Elmo and Abby play restaurant. Baby Bear pretends to be a chef and cooks the food, Elmo pretends to be the host and seats the guests, and Abby pretends to be a server and brings the food. Goldilocks, their first guest, will decide if everything is "just right."

  • To make food shopping more fun, Alan turns it into a game. Elmo, Abby and Cookie Monster need to find three foods that start with the letter C from different sections of the grocery store.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Counting Critters.' Bert and Ernie need help when the six animals they are watching sneak outside onto Sesame Street.

  • Someone has taken Oscar's trash can! With Abby and Rudy's help, Oscar finds out that it was a sanitation worker who took his trash can.

  • Grover, Elmo, and Rosita are imagining that they are paleontologists, a scientist who digs through dirt and stones to find fossils.

  • Elmo and Telly help Little Bo Peep find her cow.

  • "Wild Nature Survivor Guy" tries to survive in the wilds of Sesame Street.

  • Big Bird leads a cast of characters teaching children numbers, colors, and the alphabet.

  • Telly, Abby and Elmo want to pretend to be their favorite superheroes: The Furry Four.

  • It's Earth Day on Sesame Street, and Rudy learns to be kind to the Earth after he sees what it would be like if everyone acted like him and threw their trash on the street.

  • There's a strange noise on Sesame Street, and Rudy, Zoe and Rosita suspect it's a dinosaur. With the help of Bill Nye, they become scientists to observe, ask questions and investigate the mystery.

  • Elmo, Abby and Alan play hair salon and pretend to be hair stylists to help Julia feel less scared about getting a haircut.

  • Elmo and his dad become engineers as they design a device to help Elmo put away his toys.

  • Elmo wants to be a dog walker just like dog walker Grover; his friends help him practice by pretending to be different kinds of dogs.

  • Elmo helps Professor Buck Awe teach a class of chickens using strategies he learned in preschool.

  • Big Bird and Snuffy are the hosts of “The Letter of the Day Show” on Sesame Street and learn all about how the letter "X" can come at the end of a word.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Mechanics in Space.' Rudy is pretending to be a space alien. When his spaceship won’t start, Abby and Elmo play mechanics and fix it.

  • Rudy pretends to be a space alien. When his spaceship won't start, Abby and Elmo play mechanics and fix it.

  • Big Bird builds a tall block castle, but it accidentally gets knocked down. Big Bird thinks Snuffy did it and doesn't let him explain. Alan and Nina help them learn to stand up for themselves, listen to each other and apologize.

  • Bert learns how to use his imagination and pretend-play a saxophone so that he can join his friends in their pretend band and play in a concert.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Elmo's Happy Little Train.' Elmo, Rosita, and Zoe play train and pretend to be the driver, conductor and passenger.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Honk If You Love Libraries.' Librarian Grover helps Nina and Elmo find the books they need while looking through the library.

  • Rosita, Elmo and Abby pretend to be astronauts and use their imaginations to go into space; with help from Chris, they figure out which "space tool" to use to fix their ripped spaceship.

  • Abby brings Rudy to the laundromat to wash his stinky blanky. Grover is the new laundromat attendant, but doesn't know how to use the machines. Luckily, Chris brings in his dirty clothes too, and shows them all how to use a washing machine and dryer.

  • Nina, Elmo, Abby, Big Bird and Chris put on a play about Little Miss Muffet. With the actor, narrator, costume designer and set designer jobs already planned out, Nina helps Big Bird find his role as playwright when he comes up with the idea of changing the ending to the story.

  • It’s New Year’s Eve on Sesame Street! Rosita and Telly try to help Elmo stay awake until midnight so he can celebrate with his friends.

  • Max the Magician amazes Rosita, Big Bird and Elmo with his magical mathematical tricks.

  • Elmo has a lot of anything holders to make, so Chris helps Elmo put together his own factory. Elmo's friends work as a team and each takes on a different job to help make the anything holders more quickly

  • [HBO] HD. 'So You Think You Can Choreograph.' Elmo and his friends are making a music video and they ask Zoe to be the choreographer.

  • Chris's belt buckle is missing! Newspaper journalist Cookie Monster solves the mystery by asking the five W questions: who, what, where, when, why.

  • Alan gives Elmo, Rosita and Abby his old cameras to play with and suggests they can be photographers for the day; Abby, Rosita and Elmo go around Sesame Street learning how to use their cameras and taking pictures of things like sports and fashion.

  • [HBO] HD. 'When You're a Vet.' Abby and Elmo play veterinarians and try to figure out what's wrong with their pretend patients.

  • Dreams come true after a mysterious Wish Pickle is delivered to Sesame Street, and Elmo finds himself switching bodies with Chris so he can run Hooper's store, while Abby gets to solve mysteries with her favorite literary detective, and Bert winds up on TV as a meteorologist.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Surfin' Sesame Street.' When Alan can't go on vacation, Elmo, Grover and Chris surprise him by bringing the beach to Sesame Street!

  • [HBO] HD. 'Rosita and Elmo Teach Yoga.' Telly practices balancing his weight during yoga class.

  • Nina teaches Abby and Zoe all about karate, and after learning how to practice and focus, Abby and Zoe are able to kick a ball off a stand with a special kick.

  • Chris, Elmo and Abby help Fido feel proud that he's a frog and find the right habitat in which to live.

  • Telly turns into Texas Telly the explorer in search of the rarest, most beautiful triangle of all.

  • Alan and Chris introduce Sesame Street's first-ever Bubble Fest! Elmo, Abby, Telly and the kids gather for the festivities. Telly is excited, as he's never blown a bubble before, and neither has Abby (her mommy's always made them with magic).

  • Oscar gets sick, and instead of feeling grouchy he feels kind, and he shows Elmo and Baby Bear how easy and fun it is to be nice to others.

  • Old MacDonald's animals don't want to sing their song anymore because it's always sung the same way, so Nina and the gang figure out how they could sing the song in a fun new way.

  • Hooper's Store throws a special party for kids and their grandparents.

  • Nina cleans out the bike shop and Oscar wants everything for his trash collection, so the Three Pigs Movers figure out how to use wheels to help them move the heavy stuff to Oscar's can.

  • Telly and Zoe help Leela celebrate the Indian holiday Rakhi.

  • Big Bird feels bad about himself after being teased, but Abby reminds him that he is special.

  • Elmo and Grover help Floatie the Cloud try to find a job on Sesame Street, but Chris helps Floatie realize that she already has a very important job: being a cloud in the sky; bringing rain to help plants and flowers grow; and giving shade to keep everyone cool on hot sunny days.

  • Everyone looks around Sesame Street to find the shapes on their list.

  • Elmo and Telly learn how a caterpillar turns into a butterfly through metamorphosis.

  • Cookie Monster defends his identity when rumors start swirling that he's really Veggie Monster.

  • It's Dance Your Favorite Dance Day on Sesame Street. Nina, who knows lots of dances from around the world, teaches everyone the moves to their favorite dances.

  • Elmo helps Zoe find just the right play date for her pet rock, Rocco.

  • Lily, a four-year-old tiger cub from China, joins Chamki, Zuzu and all their new friends for an international food festival on Sesame Street, and they learn about traditional dishes from Japan, South Africa, India and China. Rudy is reluctant to try the unfamiliar foods, but is pleasantly surprised when Elmo, Abby and Chris encourage him to taste a few. Guest: Padma Lakshmi.

  • It's Chinese New Year on Sesame Street! To learn how some people celebrate the holiday in China and around the world, Nina helps Elmo, Abby Cadabby, Cookie Monster and Grover build their own dragon costume. (Guest: John Legend).

  • Elmo's friend ZuZu is visiting Sesame Street from South Africa, and he wants to make her feel welcome. Alan takes Elmo to the Book Nook, where Elmo learns about South Africa from books, and he creates a welcome party with South African food, music and clothing.

  • Gabrielle and Prairie don't think they can dance together because their hair doesn't move the same way, but Nina helps them realize it would be cool to just let their hair do what it wants to do. Later, Elmo and Big Bird join their dance and let their fur and feathers do what they want to do.

  • When a lost kitten gets discovered on Sesame Street, Chris and Elmo put up signs to try and find its owner; Grover and Cookie Monster help look after the kitten and learn how to take care of it.

  • Bert searches for a quiet place to nap after Ernie makes too much noise; after spending time apart, Bert and Ernie apologize to each other and learn that even though they had a fight, they can still be friends.

  • Abby's family has dinner at Elmo's house, where they find out that even though their families do things differently, everybody had fun working together to get dinner ready.

  • Abby tries to help Chris after he loses a sock while doing laundry, but her efforts create chaos when she conjures up dancing socks.

  • The letter M goes missing all over Sesame Street, and it is up to Nina and the gang to find it.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Clothing Drive.' Rudy's favorite sweater doesn't fit him anymore so Nina suggests having a clothing drive in the neighborhood.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Martian Mission.' Martians have landed on Sesame Street to find out what Earth people are like--so Elmo shows them!

  • [HBO] HD. 'Rapunzel Gets a Haircut.' Abby and Elmo help Rapunzel figure out how to keep her hair from getting in the way so she can be a gymnast.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Elmo's Nursery Rhyme.' Mother Goose (Kate McKinnon) tries to write a nursery rhyme for Elmo, but she doesn't know anything about him.

  • [HBO] HD. 'Rosita's Sneaky Sneakers.' Rosita helps Cinderella realize that she can be a princess and play...with new sneakers.

  • [HBO] HD. 'A Sesame Street Thanksgiving.' Elmo, Big Bird, Rosita and the rest of the neighborhood gather for Thanksgiving.

Sesame Street News

'Sesame Street' Sues Melissa McCarthy

The dispute hinges on McCarthy's upcoming raunchy puppet movie.

Elmo Resigns From 'Sesame Street'

After facing heat for possibly participating in sexual relationships with minors, Kevin Clash, the man behind Elmo, has resigned.

Elmo Accused of Sexual Abuse... UPDATE

The man behind the red puppet, Kevin Clash, is being accused of participating in a sexual relationship with an underage boy.

'Sesame Street' Disapproves of Obama Ad

"Sesame Street" producers are not pleased that the Obama campaign is making free use of their character.

'Sesame Street' Makers To Romney: 'Everyone Likes Big Bird'

Where's the love, Mitt Romney? The Republican presidential candidate made a talking point Wednesday of eliminating federal public-broadcasting subsidies if he's elected president this matter how much he "loves Big Bird." Thursday, Sesame Workshop was not only fielding some big-time television appearance requests, but politely staying out of Romney's agenda.

Bob Ross Gets A Happy Little Autotune

Master painter Bob Ross has a whisper of a voice and mellow, tranquil demeanor that's aural Ambien on even an ordinary day. Filter it through Autotune, though? Somehow, that makes it pure ear-candy.

Best Parody Yet: Cookie Monster Drastically Improves 'Call Me, Maybe'

I think I see why PBS shows make for such great mash-ups and parodies: not because they're worthy of mockery, but because they're parts of everybody's childhood that we just can't help but like. Who really hates "Reading Rainbow" or Mister Rogers or "Sesame Street?" Nobody, that's who. Proof-positive: Cookie Monster can take a really badly written song and actually improve it ten-fold.

Watch Elvis Costello on 'Sesame Street'

Legendary rock singer Elvis Costello made an appearance on "Sesame Street" this week, clad, of course in one of his gaudy bespoke suits, signature bowlers, and Costello-esque rims. In the skit, Costello's red number two has been unceremoniously eaten by the dastardly Cookie Monster, which makes it darn hard to count to ten.

Bert and Ernie: The Gay Marriage Controversy?!

As New York State allow gay marriage, and the movement continues to pick up steam across the country, an online group is petitioning Sesame Street to have two of its most famous puppet characters join in gay matrimony. A new online petition begs the folks at "Sesame Street" to out Bert and Ernie as a gay couple, then have them get married.

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