She Spies

She Spies is an action-adventure comedy series about three former convicts who now work for the U.S. Government. The show began its run on the American television network NBC, then moved into syndication for the remainder of its time on the air. The series starts with three female career criminals being paroled from prison - Cassie McBaine (Natasha Henstridge), D.D. Cummings (Kristen Miller), and Shane Phillips (Natashia Williams). With charges of con tricks, electronic crime, and battery now dropped, the trio is selected to work as secret government operatives under the ComCent branch of the ISD. A clandestine organization whose goal is to rid the world of evil-doers, the She Spies first boss is Jack Wilde (Carlos Jacott). He's followed up in the second season of the series by Quentin Cross (Cameron Daddo).

She Spies relied as much on comedy as it did action and adventure. Many of the episodes of the first season featured the characters breaking television's fourth wall to speak to the viewing audience. The rest of the humor came from the situations the trio got themselves into. For instance, the premiere of She Spies found the ladies protecting a failed Presidential candidate from being assassinated before the first installment of his own talk show. In another installment the trio goes undercover at a comedy club to capture a spy-murdering serial killer. In yet another example of comedic plots, one episode features D.D.'s work with a very annoying, yet charming, British MI-5 agent.

She Spies was created by Joe Livecchi, Steven Long Mitchell, Vince Manze, and Craig W. Van Sickle. It was produced by the National Broadcasting Company (NBC) as well as MGM Television. The show premiered in 2002 and ran for two seasons in syndication with a total of 40, 60-minutes episodes.

2 Seasons, 40 Episodes
July 20, 2002
Action & Adventure
Cast: Natasha Henstridge, Kristen Miller, Natashia Williams, Carlos Jacott
She Spies

She Spies Full Episode Guide

  • Shane is slipped a memory-loss drug, so the rest of the team recruit a replacement while she recovers - but are surprised by the newcomer's unorthodox methods of working.

  • DD saves a man from being assassinated and develops a crush on him - but is disappointed to learn he is engaged to be married later that day.

  • The team protects witnesses, a father and his unruly son, who stay at the She Spies beach house.

  • The team's plane crashes with a fugitive aboard and strands them on a desert island with few provisions and an escaped prisoner.

  • DD works undercover with a MI-5 agent that she finds both annoying and charming.

  • The team works with a psychic, in order to prevent stealth technology from going astray.

  • The team gets involved with soccer when asked to reunite a Cuban-exiled scientist with his daughter.

  • The team seeks a gymnast, who's being held hostage in exchange for classified information hidden by her father.

  • The team's assigned to capture an assassin, who turns out to be a relative of Cassie and was believed to have died 20 years before.

  • The team goes undercover during spring break to find Duncan's new girlfriend, a princess who's been abducted.

  • The team tries to reunite a mathematician with a long-lost love.

  • On Cassie's birthday, former KGB agents place a bomb necklace on her; Shane and D.D. must figure out how to save their friend.

  • Cassie and Cross pose as a married couple at an exclusive workshop, in order to find husband-and-wife assassins.

  • Casie learns she has a double who has been killed and goes undercover to learn why.

  • Cross is accused of murdering the Chairman and the team tries to prove he is innocent.

  • Terrorists hold a studio audience hostage; included are D.D., Shane and Duncan. Mr. Cross and Cassie work to free them.

  • Cassie and D.D. suspect that Shane has gone back to being a thief, thereby jeopardizing the team.

  • The team works at a dating agency to check out the kidnapping of a female tech.

  • Mr. Cross (Cameron Daddo) finds himself a target for revenge after his last mission in the field.

  • The team gets a new boss in Mr. Cross (Cameron Daddo), and goes undercover as music executives in order to protect an obnoxious teen pop star.

  • The girls try to stop Shane's best friend from having herself cryogenically frozen so she can be with her deceased lover.

  • The ladies hit the skies as airline employees to protect a convict from an assassin who's out to keep him from testifying in a big-league trial.

  • As the girls hunt down an elusive assassin, Jack falls prey to a foe's mind-control trap and begins spilling the team's secrets.

  • A jewel thief uses an abducted Cassie (Natasha Henstridge) as bait to lure the team into pulling off a heist.

  • Jack takes the team to a top-secret spa for some R&R, which is promptly undone once they learn a mad bomber is running loose at the retreat.

  • The team is sent to protect corporate executives from an anarchist group of evil secretaries.

  • The team targets a technology company after Jack begins to fear it's dealing software that could cripple the nation's defense systems.

  • After being brainwashed by an evil doctor, Jack (Carlos Jacott) tries to kill the girls.

  • A case of mistaken identity sends the team after an international spy who just so happens to be keeping close company with Cassie's ex beau.

  • The She Spies team is torn apart after Jack (Carlos Jacott) drops a bombshell about one of the members being a double-agent.

  • At death's door (because of bio toxin exposure), Cassie, D.D. and Shane reminisce about how they met.

  • Someone is gunning for the She Spies team after Jack's old Government buddy hires them to work security at his daughter's wedding.

  • In a real-time episode, Cassie and the crew have an hour to disarm the explosive booby traps set all over their condo by a madman with revenge on his mind.

  • The gals tap into their inner nannies to protect an abandoned baby from her arms-dealing father, who's about to pull a desperate act to get himself out of the country.

  • Cassie (Natasha Henstridge) and the team go undercover to catch a serial killer with a less-than-laughable link to a comedy club.

  • Cassie and Shane pose as Arena Football League cheerleaders and go undercover at a singles apartment complex. Their mission: ferret out a spy from Icelandic Intelligence.

  • The team winds up on baby-sitting duty after kidnappers target the spoiled daughter of Jack's friend.

  • Cassie poses as a socialite to attract the attentions of two brothers (Louis and Costas Mandylor) tied to a bogus charity. Meanwhile, D.D. and Shane work behind the scenes to dig up dirt on the shady siblings and raise the suspicions of a sexy, single doctor (Dylan Neal).

  • Cassie (Natasha Henstridge) poses as a model to nab an oily international businessman named Martini (James DiStefano) who's stealing fashion designers' creations and knocking them off in sweatshops around the world. She'd better watch out: Her two supermodel colleagues (Mim Drew, Oz Perkins) might be in cahoots with Martini.

  • Natasha Henstridge leads a trio of sexy ex-cons paying their debt to society as Federal agents in this cheeky action series. First up: They protect a politician turned talk-show host from an assassin.

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