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Soap is a parody of all the popular soap opera shows on daytime TV. The show is overemphasizes the drama and pokes fun at the outrageous ways soap opera characters have affairs and end up related to each other. The show follows the story of a central couple known as Jessica and Chester Tate. The Tates have a lavish lifestyle where they reside in a beautiful mansion and have a servant named Benson. The Tates are mature adults who have grown children. Many of the stories revolve around the love interests of the Tates and their children, with both Jessica and Chester having several affairs.

Jessica has a sister named Mary who is married to Burt. They have a modest lifestyle which balances out the wealth of the Tates. Jessica and Mary often spend time discussing their family problems, which include a son who walks around with a dummy he talks to and a daughter who falls in love with a priest. The stories are often far fetched with people being involved in the mob and a lot of scenes designed as pure comedy. Even the Tates' butler Benson shoots off wise cracks about all the strange members in the family. Relationships come and go and stories become intertwined to add interest to each episode.

As with most daytime soap operas, soap is a show which runs a continuous story from one show to the next. Because there are so many different people on the show, each episode usually focuses on two or three stories. One story might be about how Mary suspects Burt of cheating on her when in fact he is involved in a plot with her son from a previous marriage. The stories also poke fun at different topics including religious cults and aliens. The show uses adult humor and is not intended to be taken seriously. From murder to adultery, every topic is approached from a lighthearted comedic point of view.

4 Seasons, 90 Episodes
September 13, 1977
Soaps, Drama, Comedy
Cast: Katherine Helmond, Robert Mandan, Cathryn Damon, Robert Guillaume, Jimmy Baio

Soap Full Episode Guide

  • During a round of golf, Burt receives an unexpected offer from the governor, while Danny's infatuation with his stepmother, Annie, erupts into a full-fledged affair.

  • Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 17.

  • Part 1 of 2. As sex with Jessica proves unsettling to El, the news that Chester and Annie are married provokes a confrontation; Jodie asks a psychiatrist to use hypnosis to help him with his indecision over marrying Maggie.

  • Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 15.

  • Part 1 of 2. As Mary accuses him of changing as a result of his newfound celebrity, Burt worries that Danny's plans to marry a hooker will damage his reputation.

  • Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 13.

  • Part 1 of 2. After telling Burt the truth about Danny's real father, Mary recalls the day that Jessica and Chester announced their engagement; meanwhile, awaiting their fate in the ninja dungeon, Jodie proposes to Maggie after they have sex.

  • The search for Wendy leads Jodie and Maggie to a martial arts compound; Burt struggles to explain his crackdown on a crime syndicate; and Danny learns that Chester is both his organ donor and his real father.

  • Mary shocks everyone with the identity of Danny's real father; Burt looks to avenge Danny's shooting by crashing a mob syndicate meeting; and Jessica's romance with El is threatened by a prostitute.

  • Romance and violence are equally a part of Jessica's homecoming as new couples begin to form and death stalks at least three of this extended family.

  • Adrift in a rowboat, Jessica and fleeing guerilla leader El Puerco face certain death until Billy puts in a hilarious appearance with the biggest fish story of all time; and call girl Gwen is under Danny's special brand of police protection.

  • Unable to bring himself to kill Burt, Danny goes into hiding from the mob; Bob, the ventriloquist's dummy, continues to make life horrible for the Campbells and Tates.

  • The Major kidnaps a neighbor; Claire fails to convince Jessica that Chester is cheating; Danny traps Burt in a cabin with intent to kill.

  • Corinne moves out of the Tate house; Burt announces the return of son Chuck, the ventriloquist; Danny gets one last chance to kill Burt.

  • There is chaos in the skies when Jessica, airbound for a tropical vacation, releases a condemned revolutionary from his chains, who then tells her that she will be joining his band of guerrillas; and Chester, ever the womanizer, disrupts Dutch.

  • Jessica comes home from the hospital to find her family's lives in hilarious chaos as Dutch and Eunice provoke Chester to mayhem by announcing marriage plans; and a shocked Mary reveals the scandalous photos she has found of Burt.

  • Jessica has startling news for all the men in her life; Danny receives some bad news from Polly; Corinne tells Jessica that she is leaving for California; and baby Wendy has been kidnapped.

  • Part 2 of Season 4: Episode 1.

  • Part 1 of 2. Billy's life is spared, but Saunders receives a surprise; Mary has her baby; Burt and Danny receive some startling photos; Eunice wins Dutch from Corinne; and a judge decides Jodie's custody case.

  • Part 2 of 2

  • Will Jessica die? Will Leslie shoot Billy? Will Jodie lose his baby to Carol? Will Mary's baby be Burt's or the creation of an alien? Will Dutch choose Eunice or Corinne? Will Polly marry Danny?

  • Burt faces his first challenge as sheriff; Jodie battles for custody of his baby; Leslie wires herself with a bomb to kill the Tates; and Jessica's doctor gives her some devastating news.

  • Jessica's family gathers at the hospital to await her diagnosis; the surprising results of the local sheriff's election cause havoc; and Jodie engages in a court battle for custody of Wendy.

  • Bigots are making life miserable for Danny and Polly; the Tates hire a new butler; Burt awaits the election results; and an ambulance is called when Jessica suddenly collapses.

  • Burt decides to run for sheriff; Mary wonders if she is her baby is an alien; Jessica's psychiatrist comes to meet the family; and Jodie hires a lawyer for his child custody case -- E. Ronald Mallu!

  • The minister's daughter dumps Chester; Danny and Polly contemplate an important move; and Jessica visits a psychiatrist about her problems.

  • Carol returns; Burt gets more shocking news from his doctor; Billy grows impatient with Leslie's demands; and Jessica and Corinne lament their lack of relationships with men.

  • The dying Burt Campbell wants to "leave his mark" in the Guinness Book of Records; Det. Donohue's wedding night is interrupted by a visit from Jessica.

  • When Jessica finds out that Chester's group therapy has turned into a twosome between her husband and the minister's sexy daughter, she throws him out, while a race riot brews at the Campbell house.

  • Danny and Polly express their love in a laundromat; meanwhile, the Campbells are thrilled about Mary's pregnancy -- except Mary, who suddenly realizes that she may be carrying an alien's baby.

  • Jodie is back home with the baby, and the Campbells would be perfectly happy except for some good news and bad news: Mary is pregnant and Burt has a fatal disease.

  • Jessica has finally caught up with her philandering husband, and while Chester is temporarily locked out of her bedroom, it seems that Billy, who just turned 18, is about to get into Leslie's.

  • Jessica finally corners Chester with one of his many other women; Mary and Burt get physical exams; and Danny tries to find the pretty black widow he met briefly at the cemetery.

  • Billy tells Jessica he is having an affair with his teacher; Burt tries to convince Mary she has been living with an alien; and Dutch attacks Eunice with a bowl of oatmeal.

  • While ex-con Dutch cooks up a storm in the Tate kitchen, Eunice steps out; Corinne threatens to expose Chester's philandering; and the two Burts try to work things out.

  • After viewing the Tate-Campbell craziness in action, Millie decides that she no longer wants to marry Danny; and Mary, with two Burts in her life, doubts her sanity.

  • Jessica wonders if Chester is up to his old extramarital tricks; Billy and his attractive teacher have some close encounters in a roadhouse; and Corinne and Tim have a confrontation of their own.

  • Dutch is out of prison; Danny brings home a new lover -- one of his kidnappers; Jodie learns about being a single parent; and Billy is getting some very private lessons from his teacher.

  • While the real Burt junkets recklessly through time and space, his insatiable double keeps Mary awake; Chester encounters a former paramour; a surprise ally saves Danny's life.

  • The Major leads a commando-style raid to rescue Billy from the Sunnies; Jodie must choose between his child and Alice.

  • Jessica chooses between Chester and Det. Donohue; Burt is held captive by spacemen; Jodie meets his infant daughter; and Benson visits with some bad news

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