Soy Tu Duena

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Soy Tu Duena (I Am Your Dream) is a popular telenovela. The main actors include Fernando Colunga, David Zepeda, Gabriela Spanic and Lucero. Although it is a Spanish-language program it can be watched on video with English subtitles. The show centers around Valentina. She has inherited a fortune from her late parents. Some relatives come to live with her, but Ivana, Valentina's jealous cousin, has an affair with Valentina's fiance Alonso. Alonso leaves her for Ivana. To get away from her family, Valentina goes to her country estate and meets Miguel Jose, a well-to-do landowner, and tries to find happiness.

1 Season, 14 Episodes
November 13, 2014
Drama, Latino
Cast: Lucero
Soy Tu Duena

Soy Tu Duena Full Episode Guide

  • Valentina is sick and Leonor confesses to Jose Miguel that she knew where Valentina was hidden.

  • Valentina and Gaby are stranded on the road due to a suspicious truck. Valentina is kidnapped and Jose Miguel and Alonso try to rescue her.

  • Isabel takes the blame for Oscar's murder. Jose Miguel confronts Rosendo and finds out who was his father's real murderer.

  • The doctor tells Sabino that the cattle was poisoned with cyanide. Ivana finds out that she is pregnant.

  • Alonso and Jose Miguel have a fist fight and Valentina leaves them. Arcelia asks Leonor for money.

  • Jose Miguel finds Valentina's ring in his father's cabin and is convinced that she was the one who caused the fire.

  • Jose Miguel formalizes his engagement with Valentina in front of their friends and family. Arcelia goes to Valentina's house to give her news about her son.

  • Valentina confesses to Jose Miguel the love and jealousy she feels when she sees him with Ivana. Ivana finds out that Valentina is Jose Miguel's girlfriend and vows to exact revenge.

  • Jose Miguel and Valentina kiss passionately, but she stops and leaves him alone in the cabin. Rosendo abuses Iluminada.

  • Leonor questions Ivana about her relationship with her son. Leonor gives Jose Miguel the tragic news that his father has little time to live.

  • Valentina meets Jose Miguel and offers to buy his ranch. While there, she is bitten by a rattlesnake.

  • Valentina works at a major publishing company and is about to marry the love of her life. Gabriela gives Valentina shocking news about her fiance Alonso.