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St. Elsewhere is an ensemble set in a fictional hospital in the south end of Boston. The actual name of the hospital in the show is Saint Eligius. The name St. Elsewhere is a derogatory term used by outsiders and staff describe the somewhat less than stellar nature of the facility. The nickname is used to indicate the that the media in the city have come to think of the hospital as a dumping ground for the patients who cannot afford to go to a more prestigious facility. Most people consider this a hospital of last resort for those with no other choice.

The hospital is so poorly thought of that neither patients nor staff feel badly about defaming the hospitals namesake of St. Eligius and making derogatory comments about him. Even the people of the community that surrounds the hospital are at best indifferent to it.

The ensemble cast is diverse in nature. The characters include interns and residents just beginning their medical careers and older somewhat jaded doctors who sometimes feel trapped by their surroundings. The medical stories are serious and hard hitting. Much of the humor in the series is very dark and often revolves around the interaction of the hospital staff.

No character is safe from the barbs and dark humor that pervades this hospital. Life, death and everything in between is on display at St. Elsewhere. You see the good, bad and indifferent attitudes of the human race on display.

The personal trials and tribulations of the characters who populate the hospital are often more important to episodes than the medical problems portrayed. The list of actors who got their early start on this series is a whose who of episodic television.

The visual style borders on a documentary form that will be easily recognized by fans of reality type programs. The visual style of this series has influenced other television done by the same producers and others.

6 Seasons, 137 Episodes
October 26, 1982
Cast: Ed Begley Jr., Howie Mandel, David Morse, Christina Pickles
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St. Elsewhere Full Episode Guide

  • Lives and careers are in the balance as Auschlander labours mightily to keep St Eligius from closing and promises a major announcement. The Craigs' reconciliations is jeopardised when…

  • The annual awards dinner for Doctor of the Year has the medicos sorting out their towering dreams and infernal failures when a fire breaks out and strands them forty two stories high.

  • A renewed Craig, returning to work with a vengeance, defies Gideon and arranges multi-organ transplants from a single donor, which endangers the lives of the three recipients.

  • A suspended Craig isn't around to help Axelrod whose life is threatened by a severe heart attack. Ellen breaks off her romance with Gideon.

  • Some of the doctors shyly agree to an experimental surgery procedure which requires them to work unclothes. A dewy-eyed Auschlander greets the son he never knew.

  • Dr Westphall, who left St Eligius to set up a simple practice in a quaint new Hampshire community, is visited by the feuding Craigs, Novino and his daughter Lizzie.

  • Craig's life becomes a shambles when Gideon temporarily kicks him out of St Eligius during a malpractice suit, his divorcing wife kicks him out of his home and a thieving bum just plain…

  • Novino is touched by the devotion of a chivalrous elderly man who brings in his childhood sleeping beauty in the hope that the doctors can magically snap her out of a sixty year 'spell'.

  • Morrison must inform a patient that she has incurable Huntington's disease, and her children must decide if they want to be tested.

  • Kiem brushes aside the threats of gang members as she struggles to save one of their rivals who was shot.

  • After discontinuing his own chemotherapy, Auschlander defies Gideon and tries to stave off death for a fellow cancer patient by enrolling her in a controversial and experimental treatment…

  • Craig uncharacteristically refuses to bask in the limelight after installing the hospital's first artificial heart and its elderly recipient curses Craig's name for prolonging his agony.

  • A sizable media contingent waits as doctors gently prod the first artificial heart's recipient to walk, roll or even crawl before the camera, but he refuses to budge.

  • Time seems to be ticking everyone off as Craig laces up the gloves and enters the square circle to reclaim some of his lost and bloodied youth.

  • Craig's decision to implant his newly designed artificial heart in a less-than- willing patient is questioned when complications arise during surgery and the recipient's quality of life is…

  • Craig must play God when he interviews a field of needy cardiac candidates; one will receive his new artificial heart, the others will die.

  • Newlywed Ehrlich feels pangs of conscience when he is invited with Craig to the traditionally all-male Cushing Society convention, and is paired off with a high-priced call girl.

  • It's a wild 'n' wooly Halloween when Craig performs the hospital's first artificial heart transplant on a cuddly sheep who captures his sympathy.

  • Just as the progressive Dr Gideon battens down the hatches for a strike by orderlies, Auschlander's interest in maintaining the hospital's old values seems to ebb.

  • Dr Westphall's resolve to push Ecumena to provide an Aids patient programme may instead push him out the door of St Eligius forever, and the hospital staff is dismayed at the prospect of…

  • Dr Westphall is put out by Dr Gideon whilst imminent divorce, ex-husbands and weddings create staff problems.

  • St Eligius is spared the final fury of the wrecker's ball and, after a huge conglomerate company comes to the rescue, the doctors and staff return to a refurbished, shiny new hospital.

  • Dr Westphall tries desperately to stave off the wrecker's ball by making eleventh hour pitches to historical commissions and anyone else who might provide a stay of execution for his…

  • Dr and Mrs Craig's worst nightmare is realised when the mother of their baby grand-daughter recovers. Luther plays detective to help police find a mercy killer haunting St Eligius.

  • The representative of a foreign medical group interested in the hospital visits to absorb the psychic 'aura' of the place (via flashbacks) but collapses from a heart attack before he can…

  • St Eligius teeters on the brink of being sold to rival, Boston General, which would convert it into a giant office building. Westphall and Auschlander resent the dismal assessment of the…

  • Things are tough for Elliot when his gruff father checks in to the hospital for cancer tests and his old flame returns with her husband. Meanwhile, Fiscus has the pleasure of dealing with…

  • Dr Auschlander learns some shocking news from his past when his former flame returns for eye surgery, and Dr Carol Novino risks a reprimand when she tries to shelter a wounded, blind…

  • An angry Dr Craig becomes a kind of heat-seeking "missile" with one target - John Doe Number Six - when the psychiatric patient who stole his manuscript uses it to become a best-selling…

  • Ehrlich wants to be loved by the strange couple who claim to be his long-lost parents, as well as CIA spies, but first he submits them to a barrage of questions, check-ups and finger print…

  • Dr Craig crosses scalpels with his maid's husband, a Russian surgeon who advocates laser surgery which could make Craig's cutting obsolete and Dr Ehrlich is speechless when a mystery…

  • Dr Craig pitches hard to reinstate his maid's husband, a Soviet doctor, so as to get them out of his house and Richard Clarendon, Nurse Rosenthal's balding 'paramour', considers drastic…

  • Dr Westphall tries to help his new friend, an alcoholic poet who refuses to admit his life is in danger. In addition Dr Craig sees red when he takes on the Soviet medical system and ends…

  • Fiscus' father comes to visit him and they talk about the past and the acrimony between them. Dr Craig attacks Dr Auschlander about the role of auxiliaries in the hospital especially over…

  • Dr Craig and the frantic staff race to save Dr Fiscus' life after he is shot by the furious wife of a patient. Unaware of the efforts to save his life, the unconscious Fiscus visits…

  • Dr Morrison continues to remember about his rape whilst on duty in prison, and is questioned by Dr Westphall about deterioration in his work. The issue of testing for drug abuse amongst…

  • Dr Craig's life is thrown into a tizzy when the elusive Dr John Doe begins thinking he's Craig. Luther returns to St Eligius as a paramedic and is frustrated about a neglected, abusive bag…

  • Dr Craig's sweet dream of saving Dr Auschlander's life turns into a nightmare. John Doe No 6 assists Dr Craig in writing his memoirs.

  • A dying boy, with the aid of Dr Westphall, helps his parents come to terms with his fatal illness. Meanwhile, Dr Craig begins writing his memoirs urged by his harried wife.

  • Ellen Craig's patience wears thin with a convalescing Dr Craig and a sympathetic maid compounds the problem.

  • Vietnamese surgeon Paulette Kiem replaces the injured and angry Dr Craig. An apartment dweller across from the hospital spies on the staff from her window - and takes pity on the…

  • Dr Craig attempts his first surgery since injuring his hand. Dr Morrison tries to deal with his new wife's two children and Dr Wade is very troubled by her husband's request for a divorce.

  • Ninety-two year old Father McCabe, founder of St Eligius, returns to the hospital in ill health and prepares for death.

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