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The series is based on the DC comics franchise and tells the story of Superman's cousin, Kara Zor-El aka Supergirl. The show was created by Ali Alder and is connected to other shows, The Flash and Arrow. All of these series take place within the same universe, leading up to a crossover between the three superheroes.

The story focuses on a twenty four year old version of the heroine finally coming out of hiding and using her powers to prevent a disaster from devastating the Earth. The origin story in this adaptation is a different retelling of the character's upbringing. In the comic Supergirl is a teenager; in this version she was taken taken in at the age of 13 by the Danvers family and is forced to hide her powers until later in life.

Many other superheroes from the DC universe will make smaller recurring appearances throughout the show. They will serve as potential allies or archenemies. However the star of the show is still Supergirl. The main supervillain is Ben Krull aka Reactor, an enemy of Superman who seeks revenge by killing Supergirl.

The series will be broadcast on CBS and is produced by both conglomerate companies; DC entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. Despite being produced by the same parent companies, the show did not make it to the same network as Arrow and The Flash, which is The CW. Cross overs between the series and networks are planned.

Monday 8:00 PM et/pt on The CW
2 Seasons, 42 Episodes
October 26, 2015
Action & Adventure, Superhero
Cast: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan
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Supergirl Full Episode Guide

  • Lillian comes up with the ultimate weapon to drive the Daxamites off of Earth, but Supergirl is reluctant to make the sacrifice necessary. Instead she challenges Rhea to a ritual trial by combat.

  • Alex takes over as Acting Director of the DEO as the Daxamites take over National City, open fire on Air Force One, and recruit a familiar face to their side. Meanwhile, Cat Grant returns to National City to inspire Supergirl and the populace.

  • Alien refugees, the Phorians, trigger telekinetic quakes every time that Lena and Rhea activate the portal. While James tries to get through to one alien boy who knows where the others are, the DEO tries to find the portal before it's too late for National City.

  • A man abducts Alex and threatens to kill her unless Kara helps a supermax prisoner escape... and the abductor knows that Kara is Supergirl. Meanwhile, Rhea approaches Lena with an offer.

  • Lena’s ex-boyfriend, Jack Spheer, arrives at National City to reveal his big breakthrough in nano-technology, which has the potential to abolish all illness. Lena invites Kara to go to Jack’s conference with her for support.

  • A big bounty is placed on Supergirl and aliens from far and near strike National City bent on extinguishing the woman of steel.

  • A new villain comes to National City, putting Supergirl on high alert. Meanwhile, Winn's girlfriend, Lyra, gets Winn in trouble with the law. Maggie attempts to help Winn but old loyalties get in the way. The Music Meister attacks Supergirl.

  • As Alex looks for Jeremiah and Kara examines a series of alien kidnappings, the sisters learn they must break the rules to hinder a new Cadmus plot.

  • When Jeremiah Danvers is recovered from Cadmus, Alex and Kara are excited to have their dad back. The Danvers plan a family dinner to celebrate but things go wrong when a skeptical Mon-El begins to question Jeremiah about his quick return.

  • When Mr. Mxyzptlk, a magical imp, appears on Earth and reveals his love for Kara, she attempts to let him down easy, thinking him harmless. However, he perceives it as a challenge and begins to wreak havoc on National City.

  • After Metallo escapes from prison and frees Lillian Luthor, the authorities blame Lena for getting him out and arrest her.

  • Armek, a White Martian, plummets on National City determined to take M'gann back to Mars to face her retribution as a traitor. Hank and Supergirl decide the best move to keep M'gann safe is to bring her to the DEO.

  • After Livewire seemingly escapes from prison, Supergirl is bent on recapturing her. After coaching Mon-El, Supergirl brings him with her when she sees Livewire attack the NCPD but things go wrong when Mon-El places Supergirl before the people of National City.

  • The title of the episode is a nod to the script Smith wrote for the unproduced movie Superman Lives.

  • Eliza comes to town to spend Thanksgiving with her daughters. Alex determines it's time to come out to her mom; Kara is surprised when Eliza suggests Mon-El has feelings for her, and Winn and James think about telling Kara the truth about the Guardian.

  • The Guardian offers assistance after a parasite alien depletes Supergirl of her power. Mon-El considers accepting a less than desirable new job which makes him question his motives. Alex battles with a new reality.

  • Supergirl has to defeat a ruthless new gang who has been provided with dangerous new alien technology. When Cadmus sends a video to the DEO, the crew discovers Cadmus is the one staffing the criminals for a secret mission.

  • A strike is made on the President as hot-button, alien vs. human rights concerns heat up in National City. Supergirl and the DEO are recruited to protect the President and retrieve the responsible party. Alex pairs up with Detective Maggie Sawyer to examine the case while Kara seeks out a recently escaped Mon-El, who she worries might be the alien behind the assault.

  • CADMUS raids National City with a Kryptonite powered enemy who ends up seriously injuring Supergirl. Superman faults Hank because the Kryptonite was taken from the DEO. Meanwhile, Kara's first day at her new employment doesn't go as hoped after she meets her new boss, Snapper Carr.

  • When a new threat emerges in National City, Kara teams up with her cousin, Clark Kent, to stop it. Kara is thrilled to have family in town but it leaves Alex feeling a bit left out. Meanwhile, Hank and Supergirl are stunned by the pod that came crashing to Earth.

  • Supergirl is forced to do battle with an unexpected foe and must risk everything – including her life – to prevent Non and Indigo from destroying every person on the planet.

  • Kara must find a way to free her friends when Non and Indigo use mind control to turn National City’s citizens into their own army.

  • Kara gains a new ally when the lightning-fast superhero The Flash suddenly appears from an alternate universe and helps Kara battle Siobhan, aka Silver Banshee, and Livewire in exchange for her help in finding a way to return him home.

  • J’onn J’onzz reveals the details of meeting Kara and Alex’s father, Dr. Jeremiah Danvers, and assuming Hank Henshaw’s identity. Also, Kara debates trusting someone new with her secret identity and Siobhan plots against Kara.

  • Kara turns on her friends and the citizens of National City after being exposed to Red Kryptonite makes her malicious and dangerous. Also, Cat appears on THE TALK to discuss Supergirl.

  • Kara travels to Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in hopes of learning how to defeat Indigo, a dangerous being who can transport via the Internet and who has a connection to Kara’s past. Also, James’s relationship with Lucy reaches a crossroads.

  • Kate comes up against her Doppelganger when Bizarro, a messed up version of Supergirl, is on a quest to destroy her. In addition, Kara draws nearer to Cat's son, Adam.

  • Kara has to help Hank come to grips with his hurtful past. Meanwhile, White Martian, part of the alien race that killed Hanks people, abducts Senator Miranda Crane, who is against aliens. In addition, Cat's estranged son, Adam, shows up in National City.

  • Kara works hard to help Winn when his dad, the megavillain Toyman, escapes from prison and looks for his son. In addition, Lucy is asked by Cat to work at CatCo and Alex requests Hank to use his powers to find out Maxwell Lord's plans.

  • Non apprehends Hank while his wife Astra is being held at the DEO, causing an intense draw between the opposing sides. In addition, Kara keeps disputing Cat about his assumptions that she is Supergirl.

  • Kara goes neck-and-neck with Astra when her aunt tests Kara's beliefs about her mom. In addition, Cat is in danger of loosing her position as the CEO of CatCo after a hacker reveals her personal and damaging emails.

  • Kara and her pals have to use their inner strength and bravery when an earthquake hits National City. In addition, Alex's doubts of Hank break when they are stuck in the DEO with Jemm, a powerful alien deserter.

  • Kara's two identities are put to the test when Supergirl has to protect National City from a string of explosions and Kara is in charge of watching Cat's boy, Carter. In addition, James is at odds when his old girlfriend Lucy Lane wants to restart their relationship.

  • Kara's Thanksgiving could be disastrous when her foster mother comes for a tense visit and a volatile CatCo employee is transformed.

  • Supergirl's abilities are put to the test when Reactron shows up in National City and goes after her. In addition, Cat intends to do a reveal piece on Supergirl.

  • Kara tries to help National City, but it doesn't go well. She has to set aside her fears and the city's negative media so that she can catch a fugitive who fled the Kryptonian prison, Fort Rozz. In addition, Cat tries to persuade James to use his acquaintance with Superman to arrange and interview with Supergirl.

  • After arriving on Earth years after her cousin Kal-El, who has become the hero known as Superman, Kara Zor-El is raised by the Danvers and seeks to find a place for herself in the world. Kara finds her destiny when her foster sister Alex's plane goes down and Kara must use her Kryptonian powers to save it... and become a hero.

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