Supernanny is a reality show for parents who are having a difficult time raising their children. The show stars Jo Frost, a professional nanny who has a strong background in childcare. On each new episode of the show, Jo, the Supernanny, enters a new home with a new family. She will stay with the family for several days in order to help them solve their problems.

On the first day of her stay, Jo simply observes the family. She watches the parents and children as they go about their daily routines and interact together. She also consults the parents and children, asking them what they believe the problems are and how they feel about each situation. Jo then comes up with plans to begin correcting certain behavioral problems.

On the next day of her stay, Jo shows the family her ideas and helps them begin implementing new rules or routines that will make life easier for the entire family. Although Jo is typically asked to deal with children who will not obey rules, she always takes the children's views and issues into consideration. Her plans usually offer fair sets of rules with both rewards for good behavior and fair punishments for bad behavior. This helps to ensure that the children want to act well. Jo also helps the parents understand what will work and how they should change their childcare approach.

After the new rules are implemented, Jo leaves the family for a day or two. The cameras keep rolling, though, so that Jo can see how the family works with her new plans while she is not there. Jo then returns to the family and goes over the footage with them. She then helps them correct their mistakes so that they can work together even more efficiently.

When Jo believes the family is ready to begin implementing the new rules on their own, she leaves to move on to her next case. Usually, Jo will have completely changed how the family thinks and acts towards each other. Families are often very grateful for the assistance Jo has given them.

7 Seasons, 120 Episodes
January 17, 2005
Reality, Drama
Cast: Jo Frost, Nick Frost

Supernanny Full Episode Guide

  • On the series finale of Supernanny, Jo Frost travels to Houston, Texas, to help a family who lost their mother to breast cancer, establish order and peace in their home.

  • Sylvia and Michael Federico have three boys, ages 2, 3 and 5. With Sylvia wanting to be more of a friend than the mom, the boys have no boundaries and are out of control.

  • Erich and Beverly Froebrich have five disrespectful children. They are desperate for Jo to teach them how to establish order and peace.

  • A New Jersey policeman and his wife are desperate for Jo to help them control their four-year-old triplets and son, Timmy, who's 11.

  • While Marine Major Chris Merrill is stationed overseas for a year in Afghanistan, Mom Beckie, 33, is fighting their four young children at home.

  • The Potter family desperately needs Jo's help. The father of four claims "that his life sucks" because of the kids' misbehavior and disrespect.

  • Stay-at-home mom Danielle, 33, is overwhelmed with dealing with her misbehaving two boys, while still trying to do her best with one-year-old Julia. While husband Joe works long hours, Danielle endures J.J.'s, hitting, kicking, slapping and pinching, and Carlo's picky eating and ear piercing scream.

  • The combination of a pushover mom, an exasperated dad and their six undisciplined kids all contribute to the mayhem in the Miller home. Traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, Jo Frost must help this family.

  • This San Antonio family is bursting at the seams with kids, conflict and aggression. Stay-at-home mom Joey-Lynn and her husband, Glenn, have five spirited daughters and a granddaughter all living under the same roof, and the exhausted couple have abdicated discipline.

  • The Fernandez family is falling apart. Jerald and Marla married young and now their relationship is in trouble due to their defiant and aggressive children. Mom's completely exhausted from trying to do it all, while Dad's frustrated and often unwilling to step up to the plate. Their daughter has a bad attitude and is getting poor grades and the two young boys are learning that kicking, screaming and crying pay off to get what they want.

  • Dylan rules the roost in the Van Ackers' Oak View, California, home, and his parents, Jessica and Kevin, need to be liberated from his relentless tantrums and disrespect. Now three years old, Dylan refuses to be potty-trained and is anemic due to his diet. Supernanny Jo Frost embarks on a family revolution to instill parental discipline for the benefit of all, including six-year-old Emma, who can't even have quiet homework time with Mom without the distractions of her little brother's constant crying and complaining.

  • Jo heads off to a secluded island in Seattle to meet the Young Family. Jenye and Rikki have 3 young sons who are completely out of control. They often forego discipline in a misguided attempt to compensate for constantly uprooting the family because of Rikki's sales job. A fifth move is looming for this year alone. But the parents are at the end of their ropes and desperately need Jo's help.

  • The Swift Family has five children ranging from 11-years-old to 9-months. Jenny is a stay-at-home who enlists the help of her mother, who is very strict, and a nanny, Kadie, who is confused with how to discipline the children. With so many different authorities, the kids act differently with each one and are often unruly and dangerous. Can Super Nanny help this situation?

  • Jo tries to help a couple who are so overwhelmed with tending to their three older children that they are neglecting their newborn.

  • Jo attempts to help a family in Illinois with their defiant teenager and a 4-year-old with severe separation anxiety.

  • Jo revisits some of her favorite families and catches up with them.

  • A single mother of two needs help from Jo. She is a a student and works full time at a bank and ndeds more control of her household.

  • The Johnsons run a family business, but their children are disrespectful to the customers and staff.

  • Jo tries to help two parents learn how to discipline their 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old triplets.

  • A mother of two who spends her time surfing the Web, watching TV and texting friends expects her mother to raise her children.

  • A father preaches physical strength and overall fitness for his sons, aged 10 and 8, who fight daily; the house is filled with yelling and empty threats, allowing the boys to continue their bad behavior.

  • Jo helps a family that has four kids under the age of five and both parents work full-time.

  • Jo tries to guide and teach restraint to the sons of a man who works full time and a woman who works part time and is a full-time student.

  • Mike Ruggles tries to help Roberta and Allan.

  • Jo helps two parents regain control of their family after they learn their 5-year-old son has a serious disease.

  • A tantrum-prone four-year-old creates conflict in a family of six.

  • Jo tries to help an Alabama family whose mother defends her right to spank her three boisterous boys; the issue brings the family to a breaking point.

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