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The Teletubbies is an educational show geared towards preschoolers. The main characters are four different colored alien friends that have little TVs on their stomachs. Whimsical adventures abound in this colorful show as the Teletubbies, known as Twinky Winky, Dipsy, La-La and Po, perform their daily rituals designed to stimulate young viewers.

8 Seasons, 243 Episodes
July 10, 1997
Cast: Jessica Smith, John Simmit, Nikky Smedley, Pui Fan Lee
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Teletubbies Full Episode Guide

  • Dipsy fetches the others to watch Andy Brown and some children looking at Peacocks. The magical tree appears in Teletubbyland. A voice trumpet rises, and Laa-Laa and Po march to the music.

  • The Teletubbies love dancing. They watch a group of children perform the Boom Boom Dance, to some drum music. The Teletubbies think it looks so much fun, so they dance the Boom Boom dance too.

  • Po invites Tinky Winky to dance, and they dance all around Home Hill. Tamzin Griffin pretends to be Funny Lady and tells the story of the very proud crown. Laa-Laa invites Dipsy to go for a walk over the hills.

  • The Tubbies watch some children who march and twirl their batons to music. The Teletubbies march with their favorite things, and the animals march through Teletubbyland.

  • Five voice trumpets rise and play some lovely music for the Teletubbies, who dance around Home Hill. Two girls have brought some new tropical fish.They tell us all about the fish in their tank.

  • Dipsy jumps indoors, then runs off to watch Annie and her dad land yachting on a beach. The Teletubbies sing 'Come Back Everything' song when a big wind blows their favorite things away.

  • Po jumps out from behind Tinky Winky, and they run off to watch Andy Brown and some children looking for creatures. They find some woodlice under a log. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Laa-Laa go in, out, and roundabout Home Hill.

  • Laa-Laa fetches the others to watch Brian Cant tell some children a story about a teddy bear called Cuddles. In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Po wonder where Laa-Laa is.

  • Tinky Winky plays a there and back game on the path. Some children visit a clog shop and watch some clogs being made. They try some on and find they are very noisy.

  • The Teletubbies watch a girl a called Rebecca, who shows us her dogs doing some tricks. A swing appears in Teletubbyland, and Laa-Laa plays on the swing. Po has a go, but she keeps falling off. So Laa-Laa shows Po how to play.

  • A voice trumpet rises and counts five. Tinky Winky jumps five times, and some children learn about the number five. Five voice trumpets rise and play some lovely music for the Teletubbies.

  • Laa-Laa and Dipsy hug and run off to watch some children making some fancy dress clothes. A crown appears in Teletubbyland, and when Tinky Winky wears the crown, he becomes King Tinky Winky.

  • Po loves jumping. She jumps inside Home Hill, then jumps off to watch some children go blackberry picking. Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Po play a hiding game. Laa-Laa can't see them, so she decides to play a game with her ball.

  • The Teletubbies are feeling tired. Andy Brown and a little girl look for spiders in a garden. Two voice trumpets rise and tell Tinky Winky the nursery rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider.'

  • The Teletubbies giggle as they stand up and sit down to some music. They watch some children perform a 'Jack in the Box' dance. A pair of curtains appear, and Dipsy and Laa-Laa have great fun as the curtains open and close.

  • Some children explore the colors purple. In Teletubbyland, a big beautiful purple flower grows. Laa-Laa and Dipsy think the big purple flower smells horrible, but Tinky Winky thinks it smells lovely!

  • Laa-Laa makes some adjustments on the switch panel. The Teletubbies watch Sam and his mom blow some long horns. The Lion and Bear play their Hide and Seek game in Teletubbyland.

  • Dipsy has no time for Tubby Custard, before watching a little girl help feed her baby sister. Po makes some Tubby Custard for Dipsy, but every time she comes to the table, she forgets and eats it all herself.

  • Andy Brown and two children watch a robin in the garden. The Teletubbies are 'Calling Out!' Laa-Laa calls to Dipsy who is very far away, then they call to Tinky Winky.

  • Dipsy's hat blows away and disappears into Home Hill, but Dipsy doesn't know where it has gone. Noo Noo blows the hat back out of Home Hill to Dipsy, who is very happy. The Teletubbies watch some boys collecting eggs.

  • Bryony loves to play the violin. She talks about her violin, and they plays 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'. The Teletubbies sit down to listen to some lovely music, but the Noo Noo is making too much noise.

  • Dipsy and Laa-Laa are out for a walk, and Po is riding her scooter, but where is Tinky Winky? When the other Tubbies see him, they chase him all over Teletubbyland. The Teletubbies watch three children build a giant jigsaw.

  • In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky was asleep, Dipsy was making some adjustments, and Laa-Laa was eating Tubby Toast. But nobody knew what Po was doing. The Tubbies watch some children doing funny walks.

  • Teletubbies Classic: A voice trumpet rises to say "Meow." The Tubbies watch three boys play with their new kittens. A voice trumpet rises and announces that it is 'time to get up.' But the Teletubbies are too tired and go back to bed.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Tubbies watch a little girl have her hair braided by her mom. They put different colored bands in her hair. In Teletubbyland, Tinky Winky can't sleep. So Dipsy sings a song, and the song helps all the Tubbies go to sleep.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies take turns to stand - on a hill, in front of the house, next to a tree, and under a cloud. But each time they stand under the cloud, it begins to rain. Gregory and Matthew show the Tubbies their windmill.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies run indoors and then run out again to watch Andy Brown and Georgina wash a baby elephant. Laa-Laa and Dipsy have a messy accident. They both tread in some Tubby Custard, so the Noo Noo tidies up, again and again!

  • Teletubbies Classic: Laa-Laa says "Eh-oh" and then runs off to join the others watch some children learn about the number ten. The Teletubbies love to play games. Today, they play a sitting and standing game.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies watch Mark go for a ride on his pony Topus. Po goes on a journey. She says goodbye to Tinky Winky, Dipsy, and Laa-Laa and sets off on her scooter.

  • Teletubbies Classic: Dipsy is out for a walk in his hat. He joins the other Tubbies to watch two girls have their hands painted by their auntie. Po puts her hand in her Tubby Custard. She makes handprint decorations all over Home Hill.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies are feeling hungry, so they sit down to eat some Tubby Toast, but the Tubby Toaster isn't working. They watch a little girl called Becky make chocolate flake cakes for her friend Mark,

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies dance a figure of 8 round the hills and then watch as some children visit a pier. The children look at the sea and watch some men fishing from the end of the pier. They each buy a postcard as a souvenir.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The farmyard boys feed their cows and calves and watch them grazing in a field.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies run across the hills to say "Eh-oh" and watch some children playing tennis. Laa-Laa and Po love to play with the ball. They roll, throw, and kick it to each other.

  • Teletubbies Classic: Tinky Winky sings a song about his bag, and it appears. Dipsy sings a song about his hat, and it appears. Laa-Laa sings a song about her ball, and it appears. Po sings a song about a cloud, and it appears.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Tubbies watch two boys having their hair cut. A mirror appears in Teletubbyland. Laa-Laa, Dipsy, and Tinky Winky liked looking at their reflection in the mirror.

  • Teletubbies Classic: Some children learn about the number four, and the Teletubbies decide to go into the house. One by one, they leave. So, who is in the house? The magical house with four windows appears in Teletubbyland.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Tubbies love to dance. They watch some children perform in a Ballet Show. Dipsy dances in his bed, and Laa-Laa dances whilst making Tubby Custard. Tinky Winky and Po dance, and then all the Teletubbies dance together.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies run out of the house to find their favorite things. Then they run off to watch some children flying kites. A special cloud falls on Tinky Winky's head.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Tubbies love to run round and round Teletubbyland, but they stop to watch three children make some modelling dough to play with.

  • Teletubbies Classic: A magic watering can appears in Teletubbyland, and Po has fun watering everything and watching them grow. The Teletubbies watch two children make ice cream sundaes with jelly, ice cream, and other nice foods.

  • Teletubbies Classic: Laa-Laa and Po make some adjustments on the switch panel and laugh at the funny noises. The Tubbies watch Tamzin Griffin pretend to be Funny Lady and tell the story of the naughty duck.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies dance a twisty dance, then they watch two children rollerblading in New York. The Noo Noo tidies up Tinky Winky's Tubby Toast, so Tinky Winky chases him round and round Home Hill.

  • Teletubbies Classic: The Teletubbies play a hiding game. Dipsy shuts his eyes, and the other Tubbies hide from him. But Dipsy can't find them, so the Noo Noo helps him. Then the Teletubbies watch some children visit statues.

  • Teletubbies Classic: Po say's "Eh-oh" and runs off to join the other Tubbies. They watch Andy Brown and some children go on a boat trip to feed some sea lions. The Tubbies are very busy at the switch panel, pressing buttons and pushing levers.

  • Teletubbies Classic: A balloon appears in Teletubbyland. It floats in the air. The Teletubbies follow the balloon all over Teletubbyland, but they can't catch it. They watch some girls visit a tulip field and pick the colorful flowers.

  • Teletubbies Classic: A dog appears in Teletubbyland. Dipsy is a little surprised by the dog's barking, but soon realizes it is a friendly dog, and he and Tinky Winky pat the dog.

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This Is What the Teletubbies Sun Baby Looks Like Now

Jess Smith, now 19, has come out as the face behind the Teletubbies sun.

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