Thank God You're Here

Thank God You

3 Seasons, 31 Episodes
September 24, 2006
Cast: Shane Bourne, Tom Gleisner, Daniel Cordeaux, Ed Kavalee
Thank God You're Here

Thank God You're Here Full Episode Guide

  • Angus Sampson back for the final episode of the season along with Hamish Blake, Shaun Micallef, Julia Zemiro and Anh Do.

  • Cal Wilson;A guest staying at a Health Retreat being questioned by the staff.Arj Barker;A contestant in the 'hotseat' on a game show titled Making Millions (a la Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?).Sean Choolburra;As a manager of a children's play centre. ^Merrick Watts;As a hoon on trial in court for being caught in possession of a large amount of stolen goods.During the week;Vita Boost, School Assembly.Group Scene;Reporters covering the first day of the 2007 ASEAP Games.

  • Thank God Peter Helliar, Peter Rowsthorn, Ryan Shelton & Rebel Wilson are here.

  • Dave Hughes, Kate Jenkinson, Anh Do and Hamish Blake improv their way through the blue door.

  • Tony Martin, Cal Wilson, Carl Barron and Stephen Curry give the door a try.

  • Merrick Watts, Nish ,Bob Franklin and Fifi Box star...

  • Akmal Saleh, Rebel Wilson, Dave Hughes, and Josh Lawson have a go at the door.

  • Tony Martin is dressed in black with a mysterious scarf. Eddie Ifft comes out in his national uniform, a full cowboy get-up. Julia Morris gets pushed through the door carrying armloads of shopping. And Shaun Micallef looks like quite a dapper gent.

  • Merrick Watts was looking smooth in a velvet jacket. Kate Langbroek looked peppy; Hamish Blake looked preppy. And Nish looked sharp in a sweater and suit. For the all-in challenge, Kate, Hamish and Merrick looked lovely in their dresses. (That's right... dresses for all three.) And Nish had on a white doctor's coat.

  • Peter Helliar looked totally groovy in a 70s-style outfit. Stephen Curry was looking flamboyant in a flowered jacket. Cal Wilson said she looked the person her parents were afraid she'd turn into with fishnet stockings and long black dreads. And Josh Lawson looked out of this world in his alien make-up.For the all-group challenge, they took a trip to NASA.

  • The Season 2 Grand Finale sees five of the most popular performers grace the Thank God You're Here stage.Shaun Micallef looks ready for the outdoors. Julia Zemiro is wearing a nice sparkling dress. Hamish Blake is wearing his weight in special-effects make-up and looks very much like an old man. Tony Martin appears to be part of a SWAT team. And Frank Woodley is ready to sail the high seas.The all-in group challenge sees the performers dressed for a day at the races with Tony Martin as a jockey.

  • Glenn Robbins is a disheveled Santa Claus. Matthew Newton is in a pilot's uniform. Jo Stanley is looking fashionable. And Merrick Watts is dressed in a very plain 'librarian-like' outfit. The all in challenge sees the performers suited up for some television coverage.

  • Peter Rowsthorn is nicely suited up. Jimeoin is in khaki with binoculars and a lantern. Robyn Butler is dressed nicely after a big night out. And Stephen K Amos just looks very casual.The all in challenge sees the performers as a bunch of environment loving hippies.

  • Tahir BilgiƧ seems to have had a big day at work. Tony Martin is an unfashionable superhero. Cal Wilson taking part in a beauty pagent. And Arj Barker is dressed extremely casually.The all in challenge sees the performers in non-specific dress and enter onto a TV set.

  • Josh Lawson is quite official in a blue uniform. Alan Brough looks like an authentic World War I soldier. Andrew G is put in shorts and polo shirt with a whistle or two around the neck. And Jo Stanley gets sent through the door in pajamas.For the all-in challenge, each of the contestants are put in a nun's habit.

  • Akmal Saleh is dressed in an ethnic outfit of some sort. Hamish Blake has a tie and white lab coat. First-timer Anthony Field is put in a martial arts uniform. And Kate Jenkinson looks most ladylike in her corsetted dress and petticoat.

  • Bob Franklin looks ready to hit the golfcourse. Fifi Box is a true fairie princess. Angus Sampson is put in a loud hawaiian-print shirt. And Tahir Bilgic looks quite official in a tie and judge-like robe. As a group, they don uniforms for a fast food restaurant.

  • Julia Zemiro shows up in a school uniform. Matthew Newton gets put in a pair of stonewashed jeans and a racing jacket. Russell Gilbert makes his first TGYH appearance in a spacesuit. Ryan Shelton also makes takes his first step through the door in a spandex outfit complete with ski boots, a hoop, and a lovely assistant.As a group, they were challenged to play the part of a mechanic and an airline pilot. For the group challenge they are dressed in seemingly unrelated outfits.

  • This week Shaun Micallef is dressed in a snowsuit complete with fake snow. Dailan Evans dons a pinstriped jacket and pink plaid shirt. Bianca Dye finds herself wearing a telephone headset and a uniform shirt with the letters "ITA" emblazoned across the breast pocket. And Josh Lawson looks very dapper as a mustachioed gentleman in a top hat and overcoat. As a group, they are put into khaki scout uniforms. The scenarios are a surprise, but much fun ensues!

  • Hamish Blake looks like he stepped out of the 1950s. Anh Do tries on a chef's hat. Cal Wilson gets gussied up in a formal gown. And Tony Martin ties out the hipster look. For the group challenge, they all don suits of armor.

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