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The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo follow two-time Olympic silver medalist Danny Kass and snowboarder personality The Dingo, around the globe. In this episode, Danny & The Dingo glacier shred in Italy with fellow snowboarders Eero Nemela, Dustin Craven, and Louie Vito during their summer Gypsy Tour. After the tram ride up, they reach the top of the park. The Dingo refers to this particular stop as the best park they have seen since they have been on the tour.

The pro level jumps are high. One of the jumps reaches 70 feet into the air, the other 100 feet. The height isn't the only issue to consider. It is summer and the jumping speed is hard to read. It is easy to overshoot or undershoot a jump. The Dingo expresses his fears saying he made it this far and didn't want to die today in Italy. Regardless, Eero decides to take on the challenge and starts his flight through the sky, traveling 150-160 feet high. He ends up confirming their fears by overshooting a 3-turn jump. Even with these odds, the group starts to attack their jumps.

A major incentive to land jumps on this tour is the cash reward payouts for hitting tricks on the gypsy list. The list is full of trick opportunities and Eero takes them on. During his attempts, he begins to land jumps, starts to check off a couple from the list, and wins cash. The first jump that sticks is a front side 1080" worth $25. The next jump he lands is a spin to win worth $15. The sun sets with Eero being the big winner.

5 Seasons, 49 Episodes
September 30, 2008
Comedy, Sports
Cast: Jon Lovitz, Nick Jameson, Maurice LaMarche, Nancy Cartwright
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The Adventures of Danny & The Dingo Full Episode Guide

  • Danny and The Dingo recount their favorite adventures traveling and snowboarding with their friends, including behind-the-scenes moments from through the season. Some of their wildest topics include Dingo's dangerous desire to interact with wild animals

  • Danny, Dingo and the crew arrive in Argentina where they meet their local guide, Diego, who takes them to an authentic Argentine ranch to learn the "Gaucho" lifestyle. The boys participate in a "bone on bone" polo match, and later, they invent the new game, "skate polo," at a local skate park in Buenos Aires. Later that night the crew takes over a restaurant and prepares dishes inspired by their adventures snowboarding and traveling around the world.

  • The adventure continues further south, below the equator, and into the Andes Mountains of Chile. The gang meets up with a local shredder, just in time to make him late for his competition. At lunch Dingo is tired and a bit cranky, which makes it a great time for a "beer shower." The next day the boys continue shredding the Andes at beautiful Valle Nevado, and then head into Buenos Aires to celebrate Chile's independence at The Fonda.

  • Danny, The Dingo and crew board a boat to head into the ocean to go shark diving, but Dingo gets separated and finds himself surrounded! Back on land, the boys head into town to put their new salsa-dancing skills to the test at a local ladies night, and take advantage of one of Costa Rica's premiere surf spots. Later on, they head into the jungle for their last chance of catching a Costa Rican crocodile -- but can they conquer they prey before they're eaten alive?

  • Danny, Dingo and the gang arrive in Costa Rica in search of the indigenous "Crab People," the Ticos. The tribe lives on a remote island, deep in the Costa Rican swamps, and the boys must learn basic survival skills, including hunting and cooking. To make things even tougher, a tropical storm moves in, and threatens to maroon them in the wilderness.

  • Being in the middle of the desert doesn't stop the gang from snowboarding. Despite Dingos questionable promotion, a big crowd of locals turns out to compete in the first-ever Grenade Games Dubai -- an event unlike anything they'd ever seen.

  • Danny and The Dingo head to the Arctic Circle to snowboard with the Nike team. However, Dingo's mistake causes him and Tom-Tom to end up in Norway. Danny and the gang hits the mountain and participate in the first ever Silver Bullet competition. While experiencing the local cultural, Dingo and Tom-Tom discover that the World Beard and Moustache Championships is taking place nearby, so they decide to enter a crew member to compete.

  • The crew returns to their tipi to find that wild dogs had ransacked their possessions. The cultural exchange continues and the team is given their Indian name, The Ich Kunakatsiiks or Society of Comrades. The boys participate in a sweat lodge, which causes Eddie significant anxiety. Afterwards, the boys learn traditional Indian games, like run 'n' scream and black stick. That evening the Tribe gathers together for a pow-wow, where the Grenade Team participates in traditional costume.

  • The fifth season premiere opens with the Danny and the Dingo beginning their mission to "Spread the Shred" across the globe by living with the Blackfeet Indian tribe in Montana. Upon arriving they learn the culture of the Blackfeet and struggle to build their own tipi. The boys learn traditional arts and crafts by building drums and Dingo sews a parfletch (an Indian purse). Danny teaches a young tribe member how to shred the local mountain.

  • It's the last day of the trip and everyone wakes up to a day of wakeboarding. Dingo, Tom and Dustin are targets for paintball-wakeboarding. On the final day of snowboarding they get to the glacier late and end up just relaxing and taking it easy. They have a final dinner and toast to the season's end.

  • The team finds the biggest jumps of the trip on a glacier in Italy where Eero goes huge. Dingo milks a goat in Switzerland and the boys say goodbye to Louie Vito and Eero Niemela.

  • The Dingo pulls a frontside 720 melon in Dachstein, which earns him $500. Danny Kass joins a party to celebrate National Lederhosen Day.

  • While Danny is showing the Grenade line at the Bright Trade Show in Berlin, Dingo decides to go to Poland. Danny gives the crew a Gypsy List of objectives to complete to win cash. They kidnap a Japanese photographer Rip Zinger so he can give them directions to the Berlin Wall. They tag the Wall and afterward join a parade.

  • The crew visits Germany, where they meet up with Louie Vito and their tour guide Klaus. Klaus takes the crew on a bus tour of the city. During the tour they play the game UP! and upset the tour guide and the others on the bus. After the tour, Danny lets Eero cut his hair in the local snowboard shop. Dingo and Louie both buy lederhosen and go surfing in a local river.

  • It's the morning of the Kumi Yama snowboard competition and Dingo is nowhere to be found, leaving his team without a rider. After a couple runs, Dingo eventually shows up and both teams compete in the contest. While hitting the jumps after the competition, Danny suffers a bad injury.

  • The Grenade Team kicks off their European Vacation by flying to the French Alps for the Kumi Yama snowboard competition. The team meets up with the newest member of Grenade, Eero Niemela. Dingo throws down the gauntlet saying he's going to pull off a front side 720 in the competition. A huge fight erupts when Danny throws water on the Dingo while he's sleeping.

  • Danny and the Dingo go to Texas to compete in a trophy truck race. When they get there they find out how dangerous this kind of racing is and that their driver has a bad history of wrecking.

  • Things start to go better for the guys as they check into their 5-star hotel. With some time to kill, they have a Grenade vs. 8-Mile paintball tournament. Grenade Games kicks off with exclusive events like the dual mogul slalom, jam format super-pipe and piƱata. Stakes are high with the largest cash prize in Grenade Games history and a new Chevy Camaro up for grabs.

  • The guys enter Canada on their way to Grenade games and stop for sled dog racing. Things get delayed when Danny abandons Dingo on the side of the road and the trailer flies off the RV.

  • In the fourth season premiere, the gang kicks off with a 3,000-mile trip to Tailgate Alaska. The Grenade team is rounded up and the boys stop along the way to pick up supplies. This consists of snowmobiles, rope and a shotgun. When they arrive, it becomes apparent that everyone is underequipped and underqualified to ride the Alaskan backcountry, where the risks, death or serious injury, are very real.

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