The Best Years

The television show The Best Years is all about Samantha Best and her college experience. Samantha has been a foster kid for years, and her only escape from her harsh reality was school. She worked hard and earned a scholarship to college to get away. Once at Charles University, Samantha learns what friendship means, falls in love for the first time, and deals with more drama and heartache than she'd like.

Right off the bat, Samantha, played by Charity Shea, and her roommate Kat do not get along in the least. However, as time goes by they become less like enemies and more like friends. She becomes close with a guy named Noah who likes her, but she doesn't like him back. Samantha has another guy in her sights, the athlete who lives down the hall in her dorm named Devon.

Dealing with friends, boyfriends, and others during school prove to be tough. She wants to live the full college life, but being on scholarship means her grades have to be top-notch, and it is hard to keep up. Not to mention she has to get a job to pay for her meal plan and anything else the scholarship money doesn't cover.

School and friends aren't the only things on Samantha's mind. The search for her birth mother takes up a good portion of her time. After being in foster care for more than 10 years, Samantha thought it was time to start looking now that she was able to do so.

The Best Years shows that just because you go from high school to college, doesn't mean you're any more ready to be a grown up than before. You're still trying to figure out what you want out of life, and who you want to be, just like Samantha quickly finds out.

2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
May 22, 2007
Cast: Charity Shea, Jennifer Miller, Randal Edwards, Sherry Miller
The Best Years

The Best Years Full Episode Guide

  • Sam makes a pact with her friends that they'll all do something they're afraid of and make a leap into happiness.

  • Sam helps Poppi hand out condoms to the student body, and shares an unexpected connection with Jake, Alicia's ex.

  • Sam organizes a Canadian Thanksgiving for Noah, which brings the dorm family together, but drives her and Rich apart.

  • Relationships crumble during a campus-wide prank war.

  • When Sam casts a play about her innermost feelings, Robyn seizes the chance to rebel. Del and Kat psychoanalyze their friends.

  • Sam's literature professor makes her life hell; Noah shoots his first documentary.

  • After an eight-month detour to South America capped by a disastrous romantic fling, Sam returns to Charles University to rebuild her life.

  • New relationships are forming just as classes are ending for the holidays; Kathryn's father returns to bring her home. Also, Samantha has to come to terms with someone from her past.

  • Samantha's uncle, Patrick, returns and shares some information with Sam; Sam also learns some shocking information about Dorothy. Things aren't looking good for Dawn's and Devon's relationship , especially when Dawn discovers that Devon still loves Sam.

  • Trent seems like perfect boyfriend material, until Sam meets his family and discovers his secret.

  • Sam sheds some clothing and some dignity trying to win a trip to Cabo.

  • Devon freaks out when he learns that Trent kissed Sam.

  • Sam learns that her uncle's life might depend on her, just when Devon's depending on her to say three little words.

  • Sam's birthday is around the corner and Devon is trying to find the perfect way to celebrate the day with her. When he and Dawn surprise Sam with the perfect birthday weekend, a ghost out of Sam's past comes back for a visit. After she takes Devon's advice to find out why her uncle came back into her life, Sam gets a surprise she wasn't expecting for, especially after her uncle was telling her some lies about his life. Also, Dawn decides to take her relationship with Trent to the next level and Noah tries to find a way to deal with a rival.

  • Midterms are rapidly approaching and Sam is having a hard time studying in the dorms with all the noise. As a result, Dorothy invites her to spend some time at her mansion so she can have enough time to study quietly. During this time when Sam discovers several secrets, one about Dorothy's past and the other is about what's going on with Cynthia's home life. Meanwhile, Dawn's diva attitude causes her cast mates to quit the play. It is only after calling her agent to do damage control that Dawn does her best to change her superstar ways.

  • Just when it looks like Devon and Samantha are going to be able to spend some time together now that they're dating, Cynthia unknowingly makes herself a third wheel. When Samantha puts her foot down about her behavior, Cynthia starts drinking to deal with her problems. Things get stickier when the drunken Cynthia crashes Sam and Devon's date at Colony and she then takes drastic steps to stay out of Sam's life for good.

  • When their professor assigns the class a big project to determine who has to drop the course, Samantha and Noah decide to team up for it. However, at learning they have to sell a calendar with Devon in it, Samantha has to find the courage to ask him for help in completing it.

  • Samantha and Kathryn both rush the same sorority, Gamma Kappa Nu, only to find that there is only one spot open. As a result, Samantha and Kathryn decide to do whatever it takes to be pledged by the sorority.

  • Samantha gets to stay at college, but Kathryn turns the whole dorm against her after Samantha "narcs" on her, which causes parties to be banned in the dorms. Meanwhile, Dawn finds out she still has a lot to learn about acting.

  • Samantha arrives at college and risks getting expelled after just one night.

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