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The Black Donnelly's is an American television series that falls into the genre of drama. This television show was created by and produced by both Paul Haggis and Robert Moresco. Also, it was developed by the outstanding Scott Corwon and Paul Haggis. The Black Donnelly's is broadcast on the NBC channel in 480i and 1080i picture format, and it has an approximate running time of 46 minutes long per episode. This dramtic television show star's many well known actor's and actresses such as Kevin Conway, Michael Rispoli, Peter Greene, Kate Mulgrew, Keith Nobbs, Kirk Acevedo, Michael Stahl David, Bill Lush, Olivia Wilde, Thomas Guiry, and Jonathan Tucker.

This show is mainly focused around four young brother's Kevin, Jimmy, Tommy, and Sean who are Roman Catholic, Irish Americans. The show takes place in the city of New York inside of a small New York neighborhood. These four brothers get involved in many various petty crimes, as well as several organized crimes, and begin to spiral deeper into the lifestyle. Unfortunately, the deeper that these four brother get into the criminal world, the more it begins to test the loyalty to family, friends, and even between the brothers themselves. Each episode is narrated by a man named Joey, also known as Ice Cream, who happened to be their childhood friend. The Black Donnelly's is shown in the present day era, but it also implaments Irish American history. Within this television series it shows you the battle and conflict that raged through the Irish American community and the Italian community.

This show will show its viewers the fighting, crimes, and criminal activities that took place between the Irish American community and the Italian community, including the four brothers as they begin to lack trust and loyalty to each other, and everyone around them that they care about. An action packed television series that shows the under belly of a world riddled with crime, dishonesty, and much more.

1 Season, 13 Episodes
February 26, 2007
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The Black Donnellys Full Episode Guide

  • Tommy deals with Sean losing his health coverage and the hospital shoving him into the mentally disturbed ward.

  • Tommy and Jimmy both have their own ideas on how to save the family. Tommy hatches a plan to get the family, along with Jenny and Joanie, out of town. Jimmy and Joey Ice Cream track down Dokey and his thugs and unsuccessfully attempt to blow them up. Jenny is forced to sleep with Samson in order to keep him from harming her father, but later attacks him with a pipe. Dokey cuts the family off before they are able to escape. He forces Tommy to admit to killing Huey. Dokey shoots Helen in the neck and Kevin shoots Dokey as they speed out. Nicky poisons Alo, but is also forced to poison himself in the process, and is in a race against time to the hospital.

  • Reilly asks Tommy for help after he is ordered to vacate his building. Both Dokey and Helen warn Tommy to stay away from looking into it, but he persists. His research leads him into the past, where he learns that his father was once in a neighborhood real estate partnership with Huey and the Italians. The day he tried to get out was the day that he was beaten to death by Dokey and some Italians. After seeing that Samson's threats have started to affect Jenny, Reilly takes matters into his own hands. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Joanie struggle with what to do with Whitey's body.

  • Reilly asks Tommy for help after he is ordered to vacate his building.

  • Dokey asks Tommy and his brothers to clear out a building of junkies, in order to test his fledgling partnership with the brothers. After one of the tenants, a war vet, gets into a fight with Kevin, Tommy is forced to come to his brother's rescue and inadvertently kills the war vet. Jenny's dad acknowledges his Alzheimer's for the first time, after a misunderstanding at the diner leads to a fight. Jimmy goes after Whitey after learning that the cops had taken him and suspects him of ratting him out. Whitey denies this, but the two fight and Jimmy kills Whitey. Tommy, believing Dokey's guys have used him and his brothers, sets the building on fire.

  • Tommy helps a woman who wants to get rid of the drug dealers in her apartment building, but ends up finding that doing so will be harder than he thought. Meanwhile, Jimmy tries to take over the neighborhood, but hits an all-time low when he has to get a payment from Jenny. Elsewhere, Nicky finds out the truth behind what really happened to Louie Downtown.

  • As Tommy and Kevin collect payments, Jimmy repaints the bar and tries to keep Sean away from the business they've been working. Meanwhile, a flashback makes Kevin think he's a lucky gambler. Elsewhere, Jenny tends to her ailing father while keeping up the family business.

  • A guilt-ridden Tommy is shocked when Kate, Huey's widow, asks him to hold Huey's wake at the Firecracker. At the wake, the brothers discover that their taps are dry, which sends Kevin and Joey Ice Cream out to find alcohol. However, the best they can come up with is kosher wine. Jimmy arrives to pay his respects and Dokey begins to think that Huey may have been killed by Jimmy, leading to a standoff.

  • While the Donnellys await on word surrounding Sean's condition, Jimmy sits in a police holding cell. Tommy and Kevin have trouble accepting their role in what happened as they sit at Sean's bedside. Tommy turns to longtime friend Jenny Reilly for support, leading to their relationship growing to one that's more than just friends. Meanwhile, the brothers ultimately tie up loose ends and pay their debt to the mob. Elsewhere, Nicky Cottero gains control of the Italian mob.

  • The Donnellys are four young, working-class Irish brothers involved in New York City's organized crime. Detectives investigate Joey Ice Cream, a life-long friend of the Donnellys who introduces the four brothers, setting the scene for the series. Kevin Donnelly feels that he's on a hot streak, but when his gambling begins to add up, the eldest Donnelly brother, Jimmy, is forced to kidnap the bookie that Kevin owes money to. When the news of the kidnapping spreads around the neighborhood, connecting the Donnellys to the incident, the youngest brother, Sean, pays the price for having the Donnelly name. Meanwhile, Tommy Donnelly, the most reliable of the brothers, has to sacrifice for his family when Jimmy's plan lands Sean in the hospital.

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