The Five

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The Five is a talk show that airs on the Fox News channel on weekdays. It is a show that began airing in 2010 and has been among the top shows in television. On this show a panel of five hosts discuss current political and general issues that take place. Viewers will listen to the hosts discuss the issues in detail and express their own perspective. This show is likely to appeal to those who enjoy talk shows and hear about current events. By watching this show viewers will have yet another fine show to watch during the day.

On this show the hosts discuss about five topics of current events. These range from legal cases, elections, scandals and also recent entertainment events such as sports. They also talk about economic issues as well. In the beginning of the show one of the hosts gives a preview of what will be discusses on the show and then they begin talking about the first topic. As stated earlier these topics include politics, economics, entertainment, legal cases and other current events that may come up. This show has about five segments so you will hear the hosts discuss each topic for about ten minutes and then they will begin discussing the next topic. On this show the hosts discuss the topics and then they will make one last comment before they commence the show for the day.

Watching The Five is an intriguing experience for many television viewers. On this show people will get to learn about a variety of things through current events and therefore gain more insight in what is going on around them. For those who enjoy watching the news and getting as much insight on current events as possible, this show will be among the best that they can watch. The hosts are quite knowledgeable about the topics and have their own unique insight so that makes the show quite interesting. People who like to hear about current events and learn more about them will also find this show quite intriguing as well. When watching The Five viewers will get to see a rotating panel of hosts so they will get to see new ones during the week. This make the show more diverse and also more interesting as the viewer will get more perspectives each day. Watching this show will be quite popular among those who like to hear about unique opinions as well as news facts.

Weekdays 4:00 PM et/pt on Fox News
July 12, 2011
Talk & Interview
Cast: Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Kimberly Guilfoyle, Eric Bolling
The Five