The F.B.I

Realistic retelling of actual cases from the FBI files is what pulls you in to The F.B.I. With J.Edgar Hoover himself as a consultant the stories are spot on. Played by Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Lewis Erskine is an agent for the F.B.I. He answers to Arthur Ward, played by Philip Abbott, who is the assistant director to J.Edgar Hoover.

The cases are real, but the characters are fictitious. They tell stories that are similar to true crimes. The romance between Special Agent Jim Rhodes, played by Stephen Brooks, Erskine's assistant and Erskine's daughter Barbara, played by Lynn Loring, was short lived. Agent Jim Rhodes was soon replaced by Special Agent Tom Colby, played by William Reynolds. Eventually women's lib came to The F.B.I. and Agent Chris Daniels, played by Shelly Novack joined the team.

Some episodes ended with Efrem Zimbalist Jr. telling Ameria about someone on the most wanted list.

9 Seasons, 240 Episodes
September 19, 1965
Cast: Efrem Zimbalist Jr., Philip Abbott, William Reynolds
The F.B.I

The F.B.I Full Episode Guide

  • Erskine's partner becomes critically injured while searching for an escaped convict in the wilderness.

  • When a college sorority seems to be the target of a psychotic killer, the agents are sent to hunt the murderer down.

  • Erskine hunts down a mobster who is out for revenge against his brother's girlfriend, who he believes caused his siblings death.

  • An escaped Federal prisoner wants to exact revenge on his partner of a blackmail scheme in which he agreed to go down for after being caught, since finding out that his friend is spending all the cash.

  • A cocky young hoodlum and his friends use the explosives they stole from the National Guard, in order to heist an armored car.

  • An amateur diamond thief takes a young blind woman hostage while he searches for someone to buy his stolen gems and dodges the FBI and a private detective.

  • A group of thieves find themselves double crossed by the man who was to fence money to Hong Kong, after a caper goes wrong.

  • Erskine and Rhodes are on the hunt for five escapees in New Mexico, one who is wanted for the murder of two policemen.

  • An escaped convict decides to turn against the mob in order to create financial security for the daughter he feels he's neglected.

  • An ex-Army officer wants to get his revenge against the Army by breaking two men out of the stockade and training them for a mission to rob the payroll.

  • A pair of brothers turn to crime when they start hijacking trucks for the mob for a price.

  • A spiteful young woman wants to take advantage of her parents when she asks her kidnappers to raise her ransom price.

  • The son of a man who was sent to prison is hunting down the Federal judge who convicted him.

  • A fugitive is forcing his former prison cell mate to get back into the life of crime.

  • A witness against the mob is being set up for a hit by the son of the syndicate boss.

  • A bank robber makes a visit to his hometown, where the citizens are unaware of what he does for a living or that he is wanted by the FBI.

  • The agents race against time after a man announces he has planted a bomb in a high rise building, but didn't give a location.

  • A robbery at a race track leads the agents to capture the thief in the act, but he reveals that he was forced to do so to protect his kidnapped wife from being murdered by the masterminds.

  • The syndicate has bribed a witness to act on their behalf, but now believe he would be better off dead.

  • A million dollar bank robbery is committed by an escaped convict and his family.

  • The manager of a selfish, spoiled nightclub entertainer has kidnapped her daughter as a means of revenge.

  • An armored car heist, resembling the precision of a military assignment, ends with a $4,000,000 payoff for the thieves.

  • Kidnappers snatch the son of a wealthy land developer. This puts the FBI on their trail.

  • Once again, Erskine goes undercover. This time he's a caterer at a Mob wedding where there's rumors that a hit will take place.

  • This time, Erskine and company are on the tail of a father-son burglar team.

  • The FBI goes after a 1970's version of desperadoes Bonnie and Clyde.

  • The FBI goes after a hit man who refuses to quit even after his contract gets cancelled.

  • The FBI's target this time is a female crime boss who now says she wants to go straight.

  • A con artist swindles a rich man then he double-crosses his accomplices.

  • Erskine and Colby are involved in a plane crash which frees their prisoner.

  • A disabled miner's son seeks revenge against the mining company for his father's condition.

  • Erskine poses as a golfer to apprehend diamond thieves.

  • An extortionist has the FBI on his trail thanks to the bunglings of his accomplice son.

  • A man becomes the target of a hired killer on Christmas day.

  • After meeting a good woman, a man gives up his life of crime but it seems as though some of his former compadres don't want him to go quietly into the night.

  • A criminal mastermind has his newest scheme worked out but then he starts having problems with one of his associates.

  • Kidnappers manage to fool their none too bright victim. She thinks she's on a weekend vacation.

  • The FBI pursues a gang of jewel thieves down a river.

  • A hardcore criminal, on the run from the FBI, amazingly falls for a barmaid who warms his cold heart.

  • An embezzler just made off with $80,000 and now he's planning a multi-million dollar heist.

  • Erskine goes undercover again this time as a blind chess grand master. Object: break-up a spy ring.

  • After losing his job, an aerospace engineer turns to crime. This puts him in the FBI's crosshairs.

  • The FBI tries to capture an escaped convict before he can get revenge upon those responsible for his incarceration.

  • Erskine searches for a man who stole a ledger in order to break up a loan sharking ring.

  • A con woman and her bunk hunk try to sell forged historical documents about Ben Franklin to a historian.

  • Erskine goes after a gang that robbed a New York City art auction.

  • The target this time is a businessman who masterminded his own kidnapping and fled with the ransom money he obtained from his father-in-law.

  • An escaped Federal prisoner abducts a hot chick and heads for the Oregon wilderness. Erskine, as usual, is in hot pursuit.

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